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  1. This is true, but every character can craft toothtraps or recruit followers. We’re talking about what Wes can potentially bring to the table when compared to any other character.
  2. Pretty sure this topic is about player griefers... EDIT:
  3. Everyone hyping up the wormwood skin. Then comes hallowed nights and wormwood gets no skin.
  4. If they brought shipwrecked and hamlet to DST for free, who would buy the DLCs for single player? Additionally, how would we separate these worlds? How would we do Hamlet instances?
  5. If you’re on PC, there are mods that allow you to play gorge and forge developed by the community. Klei has said that the forge/gorge haven’t been profitable, so that’s why they haven’t come back.
  6. I just want to say that klei made a grotesque horror mod about a bloody half-man half-owl who had a row of teeth that extended in the middle of his chest. Said mod came with the original game, was free to install, had jumpscares, and multiple corpses with all the victim’s flesh torn off. I don’t think Klei is going to shy away from these grotesque mobs.
  7. Probably just relocate your berry fields into a place without buzzards
  8. The thing is with every mob in any game that is to be “feared” and “respected” is that eventually people will get accustomed to that mob’s existence. I can tell you for a fact that deerclops was designed to be one of those “uh oh” mobs where the players fear him strolling up to their base and casually destroy it, with high damage and health to boot. Nowadays, people are more scared of someone eating the deerclops eyeball instead of deerclops himself. He’s the Day 30 piñata party. I can promise you that the same thing is going to happen with the warden, initially he’s gonna be super frightening to encounter, but once you get accustomed to him, you will find ways to either dispose of him or outright ignore him. It’s theoretically hard, or nigh-impossible to create this type of mob in any survival game. For reference, you can also look at the cannibals in The Forest, and most horror games people play on YouTube. After hitting the 59th jumpscare, players tend to get more annoyed rather than scared.