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  1. I think that Wanda should receive some sort of damage nerf when she is young. Keep her current stats the same for mid-age and old, but make it so when you’re playing “safe” as Wanda that you are given a disadvantage for playing safe on the “high-risk” character.
  2. Klei can’t just snap their fingers and copy + paste shipwrecked and hamlet into the game, especially hamlet with how shards work. I’d rather have new content then recycled old content.
  3. Oh hell naw WX got the sweeper from league of legends
  4. Oh boy, I wonder who is going to get their designated gothic skin set this year... Honestly, it would probably print $ so why shouldn’t Klei.
  5. Okay, but why does a koalaphant trunk cost more then a walrus tusk. That’s the real sin here.
  6. I didn’t need to read this I don’t like this this triggers my fight or flight reaction
  7. I mean, better texture is better texture. Don’t see why we need an entire discussion about it.