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  1. Can confirm, base at oasis no matter what, even if it’s in the corner of the world surrounded by mosaic biomes.
  2. He’s done with everyone pushing him around, so he’s taking his revenge.
  3. Hmm, I’m guessing skins are harder to make than I originally believed then. Thank you for the insight though.
  4. Now, I know this is probably the most first-world problem thread I’ve ever made, but it’s something I wanted to bring-up. Character skins come too little. The only time we seem to consistently get new skins is during Halloween, Christmas, and Lunar New Year. The exception of course is when a character is reworked/refreshed, and get 1-3 skins alongside their release. We use to have the Verdant skinline, but it seems like production for them has stopped. We also had the Guest of Honor, Survivor, Roseate, and Shadow collection of skins for each of the original survivors and Winona. So it makes me wonder, why hasn’t klei done more skins for characters? It seems like a good way to make profit for all the free stuff they’ve been giving away lately, and it would be cool to see new themes arise, like Lunar Mutations for the monster cast of survivors.
  5. Do you mean when you first start following the tracks, or if the tracks end in an oasis area? Because I can imagine it being incredibly frustrating trying to find a volt goat, only for: A: The track leading outside the oasis B: Having the rain stop while you’re following the tracks C: Losing the footprint because the ground is wet.
  6. I’m not sure if the developers are even aware of this, so @JoeW, is there any progress being made of this issue? If they don’t reply, I’m gonna assume that they can’t really say anything. Or his inbox is packed like a junk mail filter and he didn’t see the ping.
  7. Walter: *shoots birds with slingshot* Big Woby:
  8. Honestly, I like Walter because of his passive no-sanity drain. I can devote my time elsewhere instead of worrying about sanity management
  9. Everyone in this game will have a different definition of cheesing because people will do whatever it takes to scratch their back on this game because for some reason, this game attracts a ton of elitists. “Oh, you survived for a full year? Did you do it with a cheese character like Wolfgang?” ”Oh, you defeated Bee Queen? Come back when you’ve soloed her without any help.” ”You soloed Fuelweaver? Did you spam pierogies the whole time? How long did it take you?” “You survived 200 days? Do it without eating food and I’ll be impressed.”
  10. That’s exactly the point. The 10 rounds you start with should be plenty enough for you to survive the scavenging days until you can transition into gold rounds.
  11. Atop of other reasons listed, they’re also good for killing gobblers and aground koalaphants early-game.