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  1. Honestly, looking at the thread you were being passive-aggressive towards a person giving you valid criticism. I believe the warning is justified.
  2. You can use this same logic for Wortox though, some people struggle to deal with sanity and some people struggle to survive without followers. Whether or not people can deal with insanity or not, Wortox’s downside is that he needs to attend to his sanity more often than other characters. Also people need to stop treating this game with tier lists and how some characters are pay-to-win and other nonsense. It’s a survival game, not a pvp game.
  3. Is there a “meh” option? Like, I like the designs of the horror mobs, but I won’t lose sleep knowing that there won’t be anymore added.
  4. Fire hounds come in summer and autumn, never winter or spring.
  5. Fire Hounds do not spawn in winter during hound waves.
  6. Walter is actually the very first to actually have such an animation. When he’s holding his head and shaking it, that’s a sign that he’s low on HP. I have seen this in multiple different cases on many different servers.
  7. To be fair, Beard tried to upload a guide on every distinguishable thing on don’t starve. Regardless though, he is scum.