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  1. I chose base building but i would have chosen beefalo domestication/combat if i could . Rushing an Ornery days before the first deerclops of the world arrives is a lot of fun for me and ive gotten quite proficient at it. As Wormwood specifically. I cant imagine playing Wormwood without a beefalo anymore theyre the perfect match and it makes the gameplay a lot more interesting for me.
  2. i would like a mangrove/cedar swamp biome to transition land to sea with exclusive mobs and plants not entirely unlike Shipwrecked but less tropical. i also really love the idea of the hooded forest biome that the Uncompromising Mode mod adds
  3. ^ this is kinda how i feel about it too. the visuals are cute and the little decorations r nice for base building (not all though, majority of the stuff doesnt seem applicable to non-carnival builds if you know what i mean) I was expecting something that was more intricately connected to Summer as a season and not just new mini games that arent connected to anything else in the world. Winter's feast adds the klaus sack spawner and no eyed-deer etc which introduce new elements and points of interest to seek out in the world. The carnival in comparison seems like optional fluff like the Chinese new year mini games. the fact that it didnt come with skins also feels really odd
  4. I use it as wormwood when fighting dfly and klaus on my beef: protection against fire without losing durability i also use it when fighting other mobs with fire staff while attacking on beef like ewecus and ruins clockworks
  5. i thought poms could also be used in a recipe that reverses/cancels the sanity drain from caves for a long time. In reference to persephone eating a pom seed in the underworld pom-grenade is also obviously a very fitting idea
  6. try reconnecting ur steam-klei accounts that fixed it for me with the trident
  7. I think the sound of the flies should just get lowered. its unnaturally loud compared to everything else. I personally really like getting poop from my beef and count on it as my main fire fuel in the first winter. getting all my manure from my beef means i dont have to go out of my way to get it from a werepig or whatever.
  8. im inclined to believe AF's shadow magics would be completely nullified or at the very least severely crippled in the presence of the celestial champion resulting in an easy K.O. on AF for the Champion. the Moon successfully colonized the caves where the shadows are strongest meanwhile the shadows are completely helpless near the dominion of the Moon, the Lunar island. And when they do face off the grotto remains ever impenetrable to the shadows, which says a lot since i think the caves can be rightfully considered the Shadow's "home turf". (at least as close as possible to the ruins) Either that or its an 'eternal battle between light vs dark' and neither can fully eliminate the other etc etc etc, the cliché trope.
  9. +1 on the eel suggestion. If you drop the dead eels in the ocean off the shore they'll rot super quickly. Be careful not to drop near Wobster dens though, they will eat the fish.
  10. i initially thought he was made out of chocolate.. now that i know its supposed to be polished wood he looks like some kind of enchanted furniture out of beauty and the beast lol definitely weird to have a Wormwood skin that doesnt look like a living plant. its interesting though
  11. What an interesting and unexpected Wormwood skin! makes him look uncharacteristically smart and wise the lureplant wormhole looks so cool
  12. if ur not playing warly, garlic, onion and peppers are just straight up the most useless produce imo. even worse than pomegranate, durian and watermelon. My favorite combo to grow is Pumpkin, Eggplant and Corn. I do a few tiles of this in autumn and they cover my hunger needs until like mid spring. Id say corn and eggplant are under-appreciated tbh. They both give 25 hunger raw and Eggplant even gives 20 HP when cooked and they both last a really long time in a Salt Box. Asparagus is also really quite good. Grows super easily: feeds on rot and grows in the two seasons where you barely have to manually water (winter/spring). They make one of the best sanity foods and cooked they give 25 hunger. their downside is that they rot kinda quickly and the recipe for Asparagus Soup got completely reduced to uselessness when it got ported to DST.
  13. did you draw that? looks awesome and it would fit so perfectly!!