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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ so many rude comments in this thread its shocking.
  2. What are you suggesting though? For everything u need to be right there next to the portal? Or ur entire map to be revealed as soon as you spawn so you know where everything is? If ur on PC u can spend some time generating worlds until u find one that u like and use that for every playthrough if u dont like random map gen. Randomness is at the core of dst.. especially when it comes to world generation its what keeps the game replayable and somewhat fresh. The last thing world gen needs is to be (even) more predictable and stale. Yes not immediately finding something ur looking for can be annoying sometimes if ur in a rush but thats like a defining feature of the game and other games like dst.
  3. A meter that counts how many posts uve made with ur linked klei account on the klei forums in the past two weeks and subtracts 15 max hp/hunger/sanity and 5% movement speed for each one.
  4. i wish theyde given woby to a dedicated beastmaster survivor. I think there are so many possibilities for that trope in DST. Woby could start out meek and cowardly but with some kind of training questline/ progression system turn into an awesome and unique battle mount with unique saddles and other accessories etc That seems way out of the scope for the character that walter ended up being though sadly
  5. rude her books cover more than ur letting on and are more impactful. You should play with them some more. Superficially what they all do seems basic and one dimensional but with some creativity you’ll find u can do a lot with them. Applied Silviculture+woodie for example can raise a massive tree guard army in record time. Which u can then sic on toadstool among other things… Her books are quirky but fun. They’re basically sandbox/admin tools for u to play around with and manipulate the game’s mechanics. They require some ingenuity and set up to get the most out of them which is a unique playstyle in the game. End is nigh really is mostly useless though. But yes more books please . Celestial tier, ancient tier, all the books!
  6. Wickerbottom has to be up there. 5 On Tentacles, a bunch of grass walls and enough weaponry to get the 5 spots and fend off shadows while casting the books, some armor for safety, sanity food and thats it. And a lil healing ofc
  7. Between this and ur psycho-analysing tirade of me in the bottomless pit thread, you really are a piece of work mods must be asleep whenever ur up posting?
  8. Yes, not needing a hoe to plant is a very nice perk like i mentioned. Tending with blooming is more cute than game-changing since one-man bands are cheap like u said and more convenient in my experience. Unless u have a lot of bottles and choose to bloom 24/7 . Interpreting plant needs without the hat is also cute and useful for beginners i imagine. And crops planted by ww last slightly longer on the vine before rotting. Wormwood’s bundle of farming perks are fun and cute i never denied this. But they dont need to be expanded upon further especially when other areas of his original design are still lacking in DST. Survivors that can heal with food can more freely use the AOE damage on hit in combat compared to Wormwood who has to spend more time to acquire healing. Hence, the husk is better on wilson etc than on ww. A way to ‘fix’ this for example would be to make the husk trigger periodically while worn by wormwood in combat in addition to current functionality. Wigfrid’s innate armor makes any armor more effective on her, including her own helmets. That part of my reply was less directed at you and more so at the infamous pumpkin field screenshot that gets dredged up whenever the slightest mention of wormwood+farming is made. We get it, he can plant outside of farmplots and without hoeing. And if u sit there and watch action queue do its work then yes u can easily plant and harvest as many individual crops as u want. That doesnt make him a perfect character. Hoeless planting is nice because u dont need a hoe to plant... Not because u can fill the screen with pumpkins and stockpile more food than anyone will ever need. In this game (outside of beginners) u have to do ur best to starve considering how much food falls into ur lap while playing the game. +1
  9. U make it seem like crops are exclusive to wormwood anyone can farm crops and share them in multiplayer or portal swap to accomplish whatever you want. Also this is a weird way to praise a character’s strength i think. If this is how power is measured, any character that can pick reeds basically has all the strength of Wickerbottom’s books Wormwood saves time planting. Thats the main thing. And in the fringe scenario where u want to plant and harvest 250 individual pumpkins without cultivating giants then he can do that without the cost of digamajigs. How ur getting that many seeds in the first place in a reasonable timeframe without giants is apparently something nobody cares to question though. And how useful that huge of a stockpile of food actually is in a game where food is constantly thrown at you, is also something nobody apparently cares to question. You dont have to make it sound more than it is. Fast planting is a very useful perk. Wormwood’s planting perk has been expanded upon with his port to DST while many other things that made him interesting and fun in Hamlet have been lost. It took several years for the bramble husk to finally be buffed and its still in a state where its better on pretty much anyone else than on himself. If wormwood is to get any further changes at all, the last thing that needs to be expanded upon is his farming perk. WW himself is a lunar mutation yet has 0 meaningful interaction with the entire RoT content arc. The best he got was harvesting barnacles.
  10. Without failure every time anyone utters the words ‘wormwood’ and ‘farming’ in the same thread that old pic will get dusted off and paraded around ^ excessive focus on farming in dst is a betrayal to the original Hamlet Wormwood. Hes a lunar magic imbued sentient bundle of vines for crying out loud
  11. 1 on tentacles costs two papyrus and a tentacle spot and can be cast 5 times in rapid succession. To mimic that with cooldown books you would have to craft 5 separate books and then the sanity food you would need to keep casting. How does that lessen grind? in what world is periodically picking reeds (which regrow with 0 zero player input) the same as gathering or farming and then cooking and storing sanity food? Not to mention wickerbottom can speed up reed gathering immensely. you need 5 books to make a BQ tentacle trap. Thats 25 casts and 1250 sanity. It does not take 1 minute to kill the birds so it would not be off cooldown. Have you ever actually done this yourself? if the cooldown would be so small that u wouldnt notice it between casts then what is even the point of this system? It can take MANY, MANY casts of both birds and sleepy time to get a krampus sack, if u think grinding that amount of sanity food is no big deal you have no idea what ur talking about. you genuinely dont sound like you play wickerbottom.
  12. This would be so bad though… imagine the amount of sanity food you would have to grind to set up a tentacle trap, it would be horrible and completely out of the question early game, which is currently a huge strength of hers: rushing bq with tentacles. I dont see how wandas watch mechanic would be beneficial for wickerbottom. When im setting up tentacle trap im reading the same book continuously, also when it comes to farming birds and even growing crops. Imagine having to wait for a cooldown between each tentacle cast or imagine how many STS and BotW ud have to craft nad carry on you if u want to summon krampus, it would be a complete nightmare. And then add the no casting at 0 sanity on top. Truly horrible. People like to throw that one out there as a downside suggestion but it would completely break wickerbottom and add immense grind to using her books in the form of sanity food. Thats not how u make an interesting downside. How would it interact with enlightenment for example? Krampus farming on lunar island is a very valid strategy currently. And what about bone helm? Thats also a very big and interesting synergy wicker currently has.
  13. Shes still the same wickerbottom as ever to me. The applied horticulture split wasnt the wicker killing catastrophe people like to say it was. i think the whole package that is wickerbottom is a lot of fun. Not only the books but the high sanity, t1 science, synergy with beef, versatility, interesting quotes/personality, skins etc. She just needs to be expanded upon to bring her to contemporary dst survivor standards. Personally i would really like to see her get an interesting downside in exchange for more fun and powerful books. I really hope she’ll get a celestial tier book. Shes THE knowledge character, it would suit her to make use of as many unique knowledge stations as possible.
  14. Sprouting stone fruit bottom text