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  1. the problem with pudgy is that beefalo are mainly good/useful for two things: transport and combat. Obviously the pudgy is outclassed in both those fields. Idk how useful hunger belt effect would be on a pudgy.. u cant really fight with it so the hunger drain negation couldnt be used for long extended fights, and it is slower than the rider so u'd probably get further on rider on the same amount of hunger than a pudgy if that makes sense. Ornery and Rider are most useful away from base so theres an opportunity to make the Pudgy the base-sitter's tendency. mainly i think the Pudgy should never lose domestication (because its so well fed and loves its owner). Maybe it could also pick Grass Tufts and Saplings when ur not riding it and leave the grass/twigs on the ground? The sanity gain should be a big aura i think so u can benefit from it while cooking or tending to your garden etc. just spitballing I really love this idea. its true though that as things are now there isnt really a lot of need for fertilizer.. which is a pity because i think higher quality poop would be such a neat perk for the Pudgy. Just my ornery has produced enough poop to fill like 2-3 chests so far and i frequently make Compost Wraps and self fertilize my crops but it still keeps piling up.
  2. If im not mistaken they're not part of world regrowth atm. i never dig mushroom spawners up but Bearger always manages to destroy a couple in my worlds would be nice if they regrew after a while if their spawners are destroyed.
  3. did you draw that? looks awesome and it would fit so perfectly!!
  4. Awesome! im assuming this means we can change events now without the use of mods --- We are saved!
  5. i think it could be fun if we were able to dry forget-me-lots to preserve them for making the tea later. since teas are most commonly made with dried ingredients and not flowers fresh off the plant so it would definitely make sense. Forget-Me-Lots are tricky to cultivate because of the bolting AND the quick spoilage of the flower itself. being able to dry them into a non-perishable item (or slow like honey) and store them for later would be awesome.
  6. lasting end table decoration: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1255189699
  7. yeah i think so. It'd be a seasonal thing, or you could bundle up a bunch of them and refresh them throughout the year. Personally i just play with the mod that makes the non-light flowers infinite
  8. Oh?! i had no idea! When was this added i cleary mustve missed it xD. ill edit the post. Its a pity there arent more versions for it though like for the other flowers. looks kinda odd without a stem. i think it might be growing on me though :thinking: Would be really nice in a moon glass themed end table skin i bet!
  9. I really like that Forget-me-lots got this functionally (they look so good in the purple end table skin) would be really nice for cactus flowers to get it too, for consistency's sake and for more decorating options.
  10. i would love more uses for cactus flowers. being able to decorate end tables with them would also be appreciated, like Forget-me-lots.
  11. No u definitely have to carry the bell on you for riding. As of very recently the beefalo will run to the bell when you dismount if its not on you. Im talking, if u dismount on the other side of the map and ur bell is at base the beefalo will sprint off and run to bell leaving you behind. This was very funny the first time i experienced this lol... Klei is obviously trying and the beef sticking to the bell when its dropped on the ground is a very nice addition but i feel like there are so many unintended behaviors that the bell introduces that look so janky and buggy. When the bell is on the ground and ur near the beefalo it will try to walk towards u as usual but when it reaches the limit of the bell range it will snap back and run back and forth between the bell and you like it has brainworms. There is no penalty for unbonding so play around with it and explore the behaviors. I never fight bosses anymore with a bonded beef though the risk for some unexpected brainworms behavior when i dismount is too high. The bell is awesome for going to the caves, through wormhole and having the beef follow you when you want it to. Like when u dismount to pick up a ton of logs in a forest far away and u dont want to lose ur beef. But for any other situation, especially combat, the bell is more of a hindrance than a help.
  12. I think the smoldering should come in periodic "Heat Waves" that are announced and more telegraphed, ambient temps could also spike then so ud need extra protection or something. that would take a lot of the annoyance/stress out of it for many people i think. I personally leave all my underground activity for the summers so i kind of enjoy the break from the overworld. when im above ground i always carry an ice staff in summer and also spring. Lets wait and see what they've got in store for us with the announced "Summer Solstice" seasonal event. could possibly add more content to an otherwise plain season especially in comparison to winter.
  13. Especially because the recipe for asparagus soup for some reason was nerfed into uselessness when they ported it to DST while potatoes on the other hand are allowed to be borderline game breaking... theres a lot to crockpot recipe values that dont make sense.
  14. Ur joking right ? its right there in the spoiler thingy haha edit: the trick is to run around in big circles until they're all grouped as tightly as possible before running them into the traps. u need high movement speed for that. U dont want to get near them or let them catch up to you because they'll try to attack you and get desynced from the group. you want them all to enter the traps together at the same time @Wardin25
  15. more life and interest to every biome, more interesting/new world gen. DST worlds can get old and boring in a way that DS worlds dont because u can fly to Hamlet or sail to Shipwrecked for a drastic change of scenery on demand but in DST ur stuck in this 1 world that never changes and is practically the same every time you generate a new world. The Lunar Island and Grotto are great additions to this end but i want just a few new things for the old biomes to freshen things up. and more, new set pieces. an example would be salt ponds in the rocky biome.