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  1. great minds think alike i like it with the addition of the shoes as well to balance out that big head
  2. overall i think the update was really good, im hoping we'll get more distilled knowledge recipes in the future cuz an entire biome/intricate puzzle for 3 recipes seems kinda silly. besides that, as a Wormwood main-ish i was also disappointed that there isnt more to the Mush Gnome, its just there to be killed for living logs.. im just desperate for Wormwood's "plants relate to him" perk to actually mean something in DST...
  3. its a shame isnt it? i want this kind of depth and detail on the pumpkin head the pumpkin head looks like its colored in with the just the bucket tool in MSpaint
  4. Initially i wasnt too fond of pumpkin wormwood (even though i was one of the first to suggest it in that halloween skins thread lol) because the colors are super flat, theres no depth to them its just all 1 color (just like roseate, and unlike the other three). but i think the Wigfrid scarecrow body and shoes add the necessary depth to the outfit! and Yoga instructor Wickerbottom
  5. Id much rather they require hounds teeth instead of both bone shards or desert stones...
  6. i think if it werent for technical limitations the ruins would still be below the caves, which i prefer more tbh. i think its slightly weird/less interesting that the ruins are just tacked onto to the caves, it makes the ruins too easy to find imo
  7. i voted yes because i wouldnt mind this really but personally i would prefer those things to be tradable by a traveling npc that comes by every spring or something (akin to yaarctopus) (Bunny king?!), or added to the Merm King loot table as rewards for hard to catch fish etc
  8. when im temporarily bored of playing solo ill join a public server in winter/summer or something as willow and try to survive haha. starting in winter with 0 resources around the portal really changes everything, now ur actually fighting to survive!
  9. It doesnt have to be the exact same sprite but a crockpot skin that is inspired by the kiln would be super neat. The thul shadow manipulator is one of my favorite skins and i love all the new art in the ancient archive. I really want more thul/ancient themed skins for a complete ancient themed base Especially a lantern skin that is inspired by the chandeliers/moonstone technology
  10. I dont see why both could not be done since i dont think we should be expecting major base game changes while RoT is still being worked on. Making it so u can enter caves while riding a beef would be a nice and welcomed bandaid/qol until they have the time to rework domestication or whatever. The possibility also exists that they just dont want beefs to enter caves at all hence why they didnt include it from the beginning which is kinda sad. Also i majorly disagree on beefs entering caves being a “tiny” change, it would be huge lol
  11. I think bearger and deerclops could both use 1 more recipe that requires their unique drop. I think Moose is in a really great spot in this regard since down feathers make really awesome tools/weapons. and since the addition of the scaled furnace a surplus of scales is rarely unwanted. but as you said thick fur is arguably the least useful of the boss drops. idk how much id personally use insulated flooring (itd have to be pretty first of all) but its still a nice idea. I think a permanent Tent structure (or sleeping bag) could also be nice, permanent or repairable with sewing kit. the eyebrella is awesome but once u make one in a solo world or everyone on the server has one the value for deerclops eye plummits. (unless u make it a priority to farm guardian/fuelweaver every year etc for shootius...)
  12. i liked a lot of the ideas in this older thread: especially wrapping meat in silk to prolong its freshness i found really fun and fitting for a spider.
  13. yeah i can see that too now on my computer, was on my phone when i commented and it was harder to make out on the small pic