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  1. Wes Rework Idea

    Itd be funny if he could perform any action (dig,mine,chop etc) without a tool but at the cost of a bit of sanity
  2. I really like the special telltale heart and the throwable gunpowder! I think it would be fun for wilson to indeed have some wild chemistry related craftables. when the hallowed nights potions came out i was kinda miffed it wasnt a new perk for wilson! in my eyes wilson is more of a self proclaimed scientist so chaotic and crazy experiments fit his character more in my opinion than actual cool headed smarty science which is more Wickerbottom's character. This why i also dont think he should get Wicker's science station perk. He might be someone that performs experiments etc but that doesnt mean hes knowledgable in contrary to a librarian who has a vast 'databank' of information if u will of all kinds of stuff. An idea for an additional potion could maybe be a polymorph potion? that turns enemies into chickens or frogs. this would limit their special attacks for a while so no ice aoe for deerclops etc
  3. Where is my lore?

    what else is there to know? the moon just did that
  4. Here are 4 of my 33 Wickerbottom outfits haha. I love how Webber's snowman top can look like a fluffy luxurious fur jacket .
  5. thanks klei!!!!! i knew ud pull through im super excited to play woodie now! (for the first time ever hah!)
  6. i agree sadly makes me wonder why we cant have Forge combat in the regular game
  7. oh my!! this has to be the most beautiful creature sprite klei has made to date! im hoping we wont be forced to kill it cuz i dont think ill be able to!
  8. looks like the elderly boiled lobster got the chop! lol weird huh
  9. Could someone please post a screenshot of in game wormwood (and their perks) o:? did they change him from the datamined model? i really liked that one! cant see for myself atm
  10. im playing with Rezecib's Rebalance mod for beefalo taming! it allows u to craft a collar and name your beefalo so when it gets to 0 hp it goes into 'coma' and needs booster shot to revive. i dont think i ever wouldve tamed a beefalo without this mod. it also adds UI for the beef with hp/hunger when ur riding it. u should try it out! i think the way klei made beefalo taming is way too frustrating, this mod with the UI and collar helps a bit!
  11. my first ever beefalo tame!!! gosh that took forever! i have 800+ hours into dst and this is the first time i committed to taming one coincidentally on my first solo Maxwell world too! it took almost an entire autumn 18ish days. a lot of bunny men sacrificed themselves so this big boy could have a full stomach. i used i think 90+ carrots, equal that many butterfly wings and an abnormal amount of twigs and ice as fillers for Muffins. looking forward to fighting giants with a 1000hp health pool instead of 75
  12. Poor man's verdant wickerbottom 1 like = 1 mournful cry for missing half of the Verdant set (the best set)
  13. this is so exciting cant wait! i personally dont mind paying for new characters. But i am very confused now why you guys gave 16K(?) copies of hamlet for free when no one really was anticipating that or expecting it especially when undoubtably a large portion just installed the beta and didnt play it at all or very little... anyway