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  1. tbh id like to see the 'stronger food sources' brought down instead of farming buffed to their standard. a single bunny hutch giving one large meat and 2 carrots every single night is way too good.. buffing farming to compete with that would make food acquisition an even more trivial thing than it already is
  2. im hoping farming will one day get a look/update like return of them brought for fishing. all these new and interesting food options like the leafy meat recipes just pale in comparison to.... bunny hutches i feel like. ive been thinking about making my own thread on this but ive been lazy lol... i think bunny hutches should be toned down so the other food options can get a chance... im thinking either increase the spawn time of bunnymen, remove carrots as drops (why farm seeds when u can get loads of carrots daily from automatic bunnymen farms??), or make the recipe for the hutches rare
  3. i was thinking wormwood's wild crops could have like a 10-20% (or whatever) chance to grow 1 or 2 reed/twig/grass. I discovered the withered crop thing in my solo world when all the extra crops i couldnt possibly eat withered lol. it was actually nice cuz i was running low on grass then haha. i think it could indeed be nice if he had a small perk towards those basic resources instead of just being a farmer bot for warly in multiplayer contexts xD
  4. Wormwood can also 'grow' grass by planting a lot of wild crops and letting them wither during the summer
  5. really nice ideas! the wizard stone armor sounds very interesting and extremely useful
  6. u really would think klei wouldve learned by now... what is the point of a recipe that gives less hunger and stats than the individual ingredients combined... that said this update looks awesome and i love the new sailing stuff and the creatures.
  7. yeah thatd be really cute lol. i just think the entire thing is like an incompatibility issue between Wormwood's fantasy and the unavoidable gameplay need for wood/tree felling.. i agree Wormwood seems a much too gentle a soul to literally "befriend" the treeguards and i dont think the treeguards are looking for friends either lol! they're angry! Maybe Wormwood should be more efficient at pacifying them or something. (on the flipside the ability to intentionally wake up trees with an item or something would also be super awesome but i dont really think that would fit Wormwood) I just think he needs a small interaction like that just something, i see it as somewhat of a serious flaw for the animated plant character to have 0 interaction with the animated plant mobs...
  8. Ive been trying to put together outfits for Wormwood that arent just the standard ensembles but i find it tough because i think most of the clothes look awkward on the non-human survivors. So far i really like this simple 'Desert nomad' look:
  9. yes it should count if you're logged into twitch with an account that is linked to your Klei account. i forgot what it says exactly but if everything is working you should see a green text under the stream that says something like "keep watching to get drops"
  10. I half forgot about hamlet lol! yeah i can see how the wraps were initially made to be an alternative to healing salves in a world without spider dens. do u mean the wrap HoT wouldnt stack with itself? im not sure why that should be considered if it heals 100 hp over 2 minutes or whatever is appropriate in comparison to Jellybeans why would u want it to stack? if it were a HoT the incredibly long (but fun to look at) animation wouldnt be much of a hindrance either cuz u could pop it before a fight or whatever. also "lore-wise" a heal over time would make more sense for a "compost wrap" since compost/fertilizer in a garden takes time to become effective its not something instant
  11. i hate that this is true... i wish it worked more like jellybeans, heals a lot but as a heal over time. we already have salve and poultice for in-combat direct healing. This way compost wrap could be an alternative to sleeping if u want to stay active
  12. What do u mean specifically when u say ur having no luck with spiders/bees? do u mean just the secondary resources required? i agree papyrus can be tricky to collect especially if u have a bad world gen but rocks should always be plentiful. try using a couple of bramble traps near several spider dens, their AOE damage will make short work of large numbers of spiders. You can also use ur bramble husk + beekeeper hat to kill huge swarms of bees very easy thanks to the aoe of the body armor
  13. no the only plant ally wormwood has in dst is the lureplant period
  14. im really hoping this is the case too! Only having eyeplants as a sentient plant friend for wormwood in DST is so sad.. (especially when treeguards exist...) the silhouette reminded me of this sadly unimplemented Hamlet mob: the Snap Dragon: Its so cute q_q
  15. this is what id like to see added most of all. wolfgang is the brute force highest damage facetanker, i think it would be nice for wig to have more clever ways of combatting like the forge weapon skills but i think thats wishful thinking haha.. we'll just have to wait and see. i agree with the sentiment that the way she is now is really good. some kind of extra perk that would bring her out of wolfgang's shadow would be really nice