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Hey everybody. 

I hope you're all out there doing well. We're back with another QOL update. As before, we're using this time to give the team some room to catch for the next update. And in classic Klei fashion, we took this opportunity for a small update and went a little overboard.  

In addition to that, we have a bunch of fun stuff to give away. We have new twitch items, login-in rewards, and a new Klei reward item as well!

First up, the notes:


  • Added the Cookbook item for survivors to record and review their culinary adventures.
    • The Cookbook item can be crafted under the Food crafting tab.
    • Recipes will be learnt after the player who cooks the food, picks up the item off the cooking device.
    • Food details will be displayed upon eating it.
    • The 6 most recent unique recipes will be stored, older ones will be forgotten.
    • The history is stored in your online profile and can be viewed in the compendium
    • Modded foods are saved locally, they are not saved to your online profile, and appear in their own tab within the cookbook screen.
  • Changed the screen flash effect for lightning and gunpowder.
  • Screen flashes (lightning and gunpowder) will no longer close any containers you have open.
  • Added the option “Screen Flashes” to allow players to further reduce the intensity of screen flashes.
  • Tackle Box and the Spectackler Box can now be opened from the inventory. It will be dropped on the ground when doing so.
  • Add the option Backpack Layout to allow keyboard/mouse players to use the backpack layout that is integrated into the inventory bar.
  • Batilisk Wings can now be used in the Crockpot.
  • Holding left shift (key binding: "Force Container (mod)") and right-clicking an item in your inventory will now drop it.
  • The Ancient Guardian now drops a sketch to craft its statue.
  • Increased the item server inventory limit to 10,000 curios.
  • Mods can now be favorited and will show up at the top of the mods list.
  • Mods can now be searched and filtered in the mod screen.
  • Added our newest team member, Zachary Lockwood (Zarklord), to the credits.

Tuning and Tweaks

  • Improved the resolution of the ground textures.
  • Improved resolution on various items.
  • Improved resolution on walls.
  • Characters will now display their most recently used skins when previewing beards.
  • Rockjaws can now despawn.
  • Rabbit Earmuffs no longer require a science machine to prototype.
  • Reduced the amount of Tentacle Spots required to craft the Tail o' Three Cats.
  • Reduced the amount of Cat Tails required to craft the Cat Cap.
  • Reduced the amount of Batilisk Wings required to craft the Bat Bat.
  • Increased the chance of Batilisks dropping a Batilisk Wing.
  • Added c_freecrafting and c_selectnext to auto complete in the command console
  • Stingers can now be set on fire.
  • Added map icons for the Suspicious Marble pieces and the Crab King.
  • Wurt no longer disappears when reading a book while riding a beefalo.
  • Improved the performance on the mods screen.

Notes for Modders

  • Cookbook
    • Calling AddCookerRecipe will add a recipe to the cookbook.
    • All mod foods will be added to the Mod Recipes tab within the cookbook.
    • Recipes for the “portablespicer” will not be added to the recipe book.
    • Add “no_cookbook = true” to a recipe to exclude your recipe from the cookbook.
    • RegisterInventoryItemAtlas(atlas, image) must be called for each food and ingredient in order for their icons to be displayed in the cookbook. If this is not called, the food or ingredient will be displayed as a question mark.
    • Foods with side effects should set “oneat_desc” to a descriptive string.
    • Foods with temperature modification as their only side effect will automatically have the description set.
    • A custom details panel can be set by implementing “custom_cookbook_details_fn” for a recipe. This function must return a Widget for your new details panel. 
  • RegisterInventoryItemAtlas(atlas, image) can be called to add an item’s inventory icon and atlas to a global lookup table. Anywhere that calls GetInventoryItemAtlas will use this table.
  • Mods can now mark other mods as dependencies in modinfo
  • Two new modsettings.lua functions
    • DisableModDisabling() disables the games built in functionality for disabling mods when the game crashes
    • DisableLocalModWarning() disables the warning that happens when enabling a all_clients_require mod that isn’t on the workshop
  • Modinfo now gets passed a locale code, stored in the variable “locale” to support translations inside modinfo
    • A helper function “ChooseTranslationTable(tbl)” will take a table and return tbl[locale] or tbl[1], tbl[1] should be the default locale of your mod.

New Streaming Drops!

We are adding the Sorcerer's Staff to the Crystalline collection. For more information on streaming drops and how to get them, check out the post here


New Login Bonuses!

And to keep the ball rolling, we have not one but TWO chests full of magnificent beards for Wilson and Webber! These will be granted for free upon login for a limited time, so grab them now while you can. 



Klei Rewards!

And because we need to get more and more cool stuff into Klei Rewards, we have also added the Hunters Shovel to Klei Rewards for 1200 points. We also added the remaining 4 sets from the Side Show collection to Klei Rewards page. And have some free points too: https://accounts.klei.com/link/augQOL (link expires in 30 days)


Next update!

The team has been chipping away at the next big content update, but before that we have another Character Refresh coming up next month! Now, this image is probably a bit more on the nose than the teasers I have shared in the past, but frankly - I really just thought this was so cool that I had to share. As always, I'll have more details as we get closer to release. 


That's it for now. Thanks again for playing, have fun out there!


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