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  1. Cool! Nice skins! But when we can get load screens (Wendy, Willow, etc)?
  2. Verdant Skins idea from my friend GurglingKiller(WeinasWan). Which one do you like more?
  3. I like Wilson's skin! He so cute with glasses) (Also, I have a question. When new loading arts will be added to the game?)
  4. After fixing one bug, a second one appeared. Some emotions have lost their eye's shadows
  5. This skin have transparent lines (only in side)
  6. When you work, starts 2 musics: work in moon iland music and fight with Malbatross
  7. I have same problem with waxwell's ghost
  8. When work, played 2 musics: malbatros theme and work theme
  9. 1) use /bonesaw emote (this bug only without wurt's skins) 2) use /cry emote with MermKing's power up