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  1. Warly's beard in "angry" face

    Looool, beard*
  2. How about make beard in this face longer, like longer in "The Trawler" skin?
  3. Idle and angry emote create duplicate beard Beard in Yawn emote so strange
  4. 1) Wheeler's Navigadget can't find Bramble Bloom using Bramble Bulb 2) Wheeler's Navigadget can't find Nettle using Cutnettle
  5. Deconstruction Staff can't completely destroy pig house, give resources, and we can build this house again Video: dontstarve_steam 2019-06-08 10-00-27-921.avi
  6. Wheeler's Pew-matic Horn and Navigadget has no map icon
  7. Wormwood and Warly is one's of new four characters in DST?
  8. Music bug and more

    I know, we need give crown to queen. But is strange.
  9. Hello. 1) Seasons music don't work. In temperate music don't play In Humid play Autumn music. In home, caves, if you work, play Temperate work music, even if Humid or Lush season. 2) If you give crown to wilba, she don't unlock. ----------- And question: • Why Roc called BFB
  10. Wigfrid Quest Bug

    You know how complete to Wickerbottom?
  11. please fix "Doctor" card