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  1. When work, played 2 musics: malbatros theme and work theme
  2. Does anyone know where all 8 boxes are? I could only find 6/8
  3. 1) use /bonesaw emote (this bug only without wurt's skins) 2) use /cry emote with MermKing's power up
  4. Warly's beard in "angry" face

    Looool, beard*
  5. How about make beard in this face longer, like longer in "The Trawler" skin?
  6. Idle and angry emote create duplicate beard Beard in Yawn emote so strange
  7. 1) Wheeler's Navigadget can't find Bramble Bloom using Bramble Bulb 2) Wheeler's Navigadget can't find Nettle using Cutnettle