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  1. same as before, the mod list is stuck moving up and down, and shows that mods wanna update but never do. its stuck this way for me, and its been this way for weeks, please help
  2. This video says it all lol, better than I can explain it anyway.
  3. just started up my game from last night, made a chest and BOOM, it can't be opened at all.
  4. saving this for when i stream as soon as my game updates, thanks for all the hard work ya'll have been putting out during these questionable/depressing times
  5. So, I've been enjoying the new sailing feature in "Turn of tides" update, but I feel like the boats are a bit "broken" when docking by land. Just one wrong bump into the land and BOOM, all boat health gone, from 100 to 0 instantly. This can't be right, If I hit land just one itty bitty bit, then all my hard work and resources are wasted, it seems a bit harsh considering I'm also trying to survive and gather resources as is. Maybe make obstacles in water/monsters the only things that can do any type of damage,to your boat, not bumping into any type of terrain It just gets frustrating, considering shipwrecked doesn't do that when coming ashore from your raft, please take away the damage from bumping into land. Also, can we get options to upgrade the boat to reduce any damage done via water obstacles/monsters, maybe with Thulecite? Seriously though, no damage from bumping into land please, it's genuinely annoying, and unfair. If this can be fixed, I'd genuinely appreciate it, thanks for reading! DST broken boat.mp4