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  1. so you're saying there's this scientist that turns themself into a robot
  2. Damn, sounds like even someone like Wagstaff was frightened by his own creation
  3. A different art style but really cool nonetheless!
  4. Yeah, it looks a little bit jarring. But I'm guessing those are the temp arts that Joe mentioned.
  5. Someone on reddit also has a similar problem:
  6. So, Maxwell won't be the last one. Unless, they refer him as William
  7. Missing ornaments have been added to the game, and will be accessible in the next hotfix. Hmmmmm... Eye of Terror and Twins, i assume.
  8. Thanks for the numbers. It's sad to see that nothing much has changed even after the buff. I really want to craft this tool but I guess I'll continue only using free Pick/Axes from the Ornate Chests.