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  1. I stucked at the repeat-craft animation. 2021-02-22 22-59-35.mp4
  2. "Take thing! TAKE THING!!" -Wurt when she's trying to give something to a busy player. It's a simple quote but me and my friends laughed a lot for this. I love how impatient she is!
  3. Drop 2 eggs and 2 meats on one spot and your bacon and eggs are ready to eat!
  4. This... is actually pretty smart. I didn't realize we could abuse picking stuff on beefalo like that.
  5. This. I don't know if it's intentional but some recipes are really not worth it. I mean, why would you make Stuffed Eggplant?
  6. RWYS teaser image was named "fe fi fo thumb". I expected a giant beanstalk but instead we got giant crops. I wonder what the new one will be.
  7. I think new beefalo mechanics (spelunking with beefalo and picking stuff while mounting beefalo) will stay forever since Walter can do the same with Woby but I'm not so sure about the bell. These features really improve QOL and I very much hope that bell and naming will stay. I hope we'll get a confirmation from devs because otherwise I'm gonna craft so many bells before the event ends.
  8. I hope it's a permanent feature. You can also pick stuff while riding your beefalo and you do these slightly slower so, it's most likely a feature.
  9. What are the dolls' purpose other than looking extremely cute?
  10. I'm not sure but i think, it happened after it threw me and i rode it back.
  11. All the new beefalo skins are adorable. Thank you art team!