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  1. Giving him his Forge perk is a nice idea. I liked Klei's idea of making him more of a team character but it could be improved with your suggestions.
  2. Klei, you can't fool me twi- oh it's REAL!
  3. Tips from Wickerbottom: If you are confidently wrong, people believe your every word!
  4. I stucked at the repeat-craft animation. 2021-02-22 22-59-35.mp4
  5. "Take thing! TAKE THING!!" -Wurt when she's trying to give something to a busy player. It's a simple quote but me and my friends laughed a lot for this. I love how impatient she is!
  6. Drop 2 eggs and 2 meats on one spot and your bacon and eggs are ready to eat!
  7. I'm not sure but i think, it happened after it threw me and i rode it back.
  8. All the new beefalo skins are adorable. Thank you art team!
  9. client_log.txt Game crashed after I tried to ride Woby.