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  1. I hope to be playing Amnesia: Rebirth as soon as I justify buying it. >_>
  2. Wigfrid: *leaves armor laying around* Me: I AM PRETTY VALKYRIE.
  3. Portal lookin' f r o s t y. (Not my work).
  4. 'I made them with my face.' -Wilson in DS for beard hair
  5. I've had something similar happen - I've been unable to launch an 800+ day server. It also says that's it's at day 1 below the title. :/ Really frustrating.
  6. I can't decide really. I'm on the fence with this poll. Sorry not sorry.
  7. I appreciate you saying this. I think it just evolved from 'Hey this person is the other part of my ship, nice!' to 'This dude I'm tight with is the other part of my ship, even better. My ship sailing!' I'm not a shipper, so there were very awkward moments and I know that someone's shipping feels are not my responsibility, but I still felt like that as the older person I could've taken a different route than 'If I ignore it and don't feed into it, it'll be fine.'
  8. Oof! Sounds like a really unconformable conversation, but I'm glad it worked out. The game may be pixels, but the feelings are real. A happy update on my post: I reached out and apologized, turns out she just lost interest in the game and didn't leave because of anything I did XD. No harm no foul.
  9. Pardon another post, but I forgot to drop this gem: I'll start off by saying that I'm a woman and I really don't care if people refer to me as a dude [especially since I main Wilson, so people tend to assume I'm male]. It doesn't bother me, so I never bothered to correct anyone. That was my first mistake. My creative server was getting pretty popular and I had quite a few regulars; we were pretty tight. Well, one of them was a young lady and a Wilson shipper. So that combined with the fact that she didn't know I was female led to some unfortunate drama and made me feel like a jerk for having disappointed her [although in my defense, my Steam profile lists my actual name, which is feminine]. But the second mistake I made was not saying anything sooner. I honestly didn't think I'd ever hurt anyone by not revealing my gender in an online game. I figured it was just because she shipped Wilson and as long as I didn't feed into it, things would be fine. Lesson learned: be more open with your online peeps.
  10. - I don't usually play online multiplayer games. But this is a good thing because I find the DST community is generally less toxic and much more friendly than that of other online communities. - I have yet to beat vanilla. -I truly do like Wilson, but sometimes I just feel too lazy to be bothered to learn anyone else.