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  1. A friend of mine recently said to me: 'You're allowed to like bad games.' So, fellow forumers, what game(s) do you enjoy that are considered 'bad' by the wider audience? I'll start: I love the 3D Sonic games. Shadow the Hedgehog included. Yeah, it had it's problems, but the narrative and the soundtrack weren't the issue.
  2. One the one hand, this could be said for pretty much any game [hunger, sanity, and health mechanics aside]. I played Amnesia: The Dark Descent through enough times that eventually I knew where and when enemies would spawn and how to avoid them [except for the Choir...*shivers*]. So there's definitely something to be said about simply exhausting the game's content to the point where there just aren't any surprises, but on the other hand... I see this, as well. I can appreciate a pretty base, but ultimately the core game-play seems to be stagnant and most of the mystery late-game seems to revolve around Maxwell and Wortox not finishing their sentences. This is fair. Not being alone and sharing a collective knowledge would certainly make existence more tolerable in the Constant. Behold, the magic of friendship.
  3. Don't get me wrong, Wendy is a child mourning the loss of what was her best friend and closest companion. She has every reason to be sad and it's understandable that her perception of things is...warped and macabre. But yeah, she seems pretty one dimensional at times and it seems like she wouldn't want happiness if it was offered to her on a silver platter. No fun, happiness, or joy. Only death.
  4. For those of us who struggle with showing our emotions:
  5. Nah. If I play survival with a group, I usually just provide support. Sometimes of the emotional variety when things get tense between players, haha.
  6. I hope this isn't too controversial for this thread...
  7. Hi there! I appreciate your concern, but as a person with indigenous ancestry, I take no issue with the above mentioned item. Just looks like an attempt at camouflage [albeit a goofy one] for hunting purposes, to me. And like @x0-VERSUS-1y said, context is important here, and I dare say that this is completely benign.
  8. During the first season of The Forge, I got matched with a group all playing Woodie. The moment I got connected, they told me to also play as Woodie. The conversation was as follows: Group: Pick Woodie! Me: I have no idea what's going on... Group: Don't worry, just pick Woodie! Me: Ok So what happened? We won. Easily. No drama, no one yelling at each other. Just a group of Woodies conquering The Forge. It was funny because of how random it was, but it is also one of my favorite moments playing DST.
  9. Mah bois on my creative server making me proud again:
  10. I hope to be playing Amnesia: Rebirth as soon as I justify buying it. >_>