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  1. There's a mod called Simple Map Editor that allows you add land. After you add it, you'll have to restart the server in order to be able to walk on it.
  2. Wilson. A lot of my hobbies I just do for the sake of themselves and not necessarily because I'm good at them, making me easily replaceable. I live alone and generally keep to myself. But hey, I'm funny and have great hair. And I truly believe that puns are the highest form of comedy.
  3. Mah bois on my creative server making me proud again:
  4. I'd be in a similar boat. I love hanging out with folks on my creative server. Getting rid of all the 'cheat' mods would take both the 'build' and the 'chill' out of my 'build n' chill' server.
  5. I hope to be playing Amnesia: Rebirth as soon as I justify buying it. >_>
  6. Wigfrid: *leaves armor laying around* Me: I AM PRETTY VALKYRIE.
  7. I've had something similar happen - I've been unable to launch an 800+ day server. It also says that's it's at day 1 below the title. :/ Really frustrating.