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  1. This world gen is getting weirder useful for finding out what vapor or liquids you will get in "i'm in need of air".
  2. This world gen is getting weirder

    oi oi. send the clone cloners to dig the tiles out and you will find a not-very-hot-condensed-water-vapor vent. idk how much "carbon dioxide is bad" you have played, so i am not sure if i'm pointing out the obvious.
  3. A few suggestions and ideas.

    infinitely. EVERYTHING in DS/T will kill you. at least in ONI you probably won't accidentally a "bad" flower right as you arrive from the "printing pod" also frogs and bees and darkness and trees that kill you.. yeah, ONI is piece of frost bun compared to DS/T (imo)
  4. damn those clone cloners. @Carl_Jackson you proper made me laugh there, which i really needed, so thank you on topic, even 1 germ is enough for them to do the "ick face", which, seriously is, pretty crazy.
  5. A black hole at my game

    .. did it work? @Jonas714
  6. Camera issues

    are you using a separate mouse or the trackpad/thingy that is on the laptop?
  7. Blocked pipe?

    if you pop a reservoir on each side (so goes: in the res, then out to the sieve, out of the sieve into to res and then to the consumers ) you get a buffer for each side for these kinds of situations and to prevent issues if you run out of power for the sieve temporarily
  8. i'll just.. open that.. no harm ever came from.. uhh.. opening a boulder..? uhhh.. UHHhhhh... UHHHH H H H H H H H.. . . . . . . THIS IS FINE
  9. Babel Tower. Please read it.

    i'm in the uk.. i did french and german at school (as well i have half my family is german) but school was a while ago and over the years, without the "need" to use them, i have lost most of it ):
  10. Babel Tower. Please read it.

    can i just say, mad respect for ANYONE who takes it upon themselves to learn multiple languages. (i have been "trying" on and off for many years to learn more)
  11. Unfortunate Screencaps

    what is is with ren? why you gotta be so suspicious huh, ren?
  12. autosave draw-everywhere is back

  13. tile incorrectly unreachable

    is it that dupes have to travel through a long distance of un-breathable gasses?
  14. Game Crash Cycle 1062

    there are multiple reports of this in the bugs section. however at this point, none of them are marked as "known issue"
  15. Changing possible Printables

    "save scumming" i believe. there are a few problems like this (the care package duplication "bug" for example) while this is kinda lame, ultimately, its a single player game, which means you, the player have to not do these shady practices. or do them, it literally effects no-one else
  16. Liquid not flowing the way it suppose to

    did.. did you just assume the waters gender?!
  17. hm. out of interest, what is the reason for "rushing" it like this?
  18. Unfortunate Screencaps

    hatch population out of control. "oh no" ._. /s "tommy the train" _ Dr. Phil Looks nice right...? hahahahaha Alexa, this is so sad.
  19. that was very cool to watch. thank you <3
  20. New game nothing spawns

    what pc/mac/linux/whatever are you using?
  21. Klei, serious question

    did you see the nEU dlc? It's supposedly a really strong and stable release, but i'm not sure what it involves.. i think it's due to come out on Oct 31st? I don't know, I heard there are new dupes, Boris Johxygenson, Jemery CarbynDioxide and .. the other one..
  22. man, i'd be like.. crazy happy! to know that something I did, could make it into the actual game that I love..?! that would be freaking awesome!!
  23. isn't that Bethesda's motto?