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  1. Players in China do not have enough channels to get news about new rewards, unless he browses the website every day. It often happens that some players miss the event. Just because he has been spending more time in the game than in refresh Weibo account. Using points to redeem skins is a good choice. But more importantly, spending more time watching streams means less time for games. This is contradictory.
  2. Great. It is good news that we still can buy this book on the amazon. I have seen a tweet about the US election and 1984 was marked as controversial. Then the tweet was deleted soon. I could not find any information about this tweet anymore. I mention this because it happened recently. I expect the account of the 45th U.S. President could be unblocked soon. The plot in this novel has already happened in the real world. Because I could not provide evidence to prove that I have seen this tweet. Now I should admit that this book is not banned in U.S. Let me edit and correct my words now before it's too late.
  3. Whatever you like. I am ready for that disagreements will exist for a long time. Who broke the bottom line? U.S. president or media. A clip from a film called Dark Waters commenting on DuPont
  4. Turn page forward and look at the previous comments on the forum. I said it before. I will not repeat my words.
  5. The President of the United States calls on people to leave Washington DC and go home without violence. But the mainstream media's vilification of the US President is inciting violence. Believing what happens is your freedom, I don’t want to change your mind. But it does not mean that what you believe is truth. I very much agree to ban the Twitter account of a person who advocates violence. Now benefit makes everything politicized. This is a terrible beginning.
  6. I will not evaluate the Chinese government in English forums because I am a Chinese. I have the right to do this. I don't need to use words to make myself noble, because I am not hypocritical. This is why I don't believe that arrogant people can understand Chinese people.
  7. It's a pity that the Chinese don't speak English. We don’t have our own English community. The Chinese community is full of information junk. Because discussing real issues is not helpful for venting emotions. Japanese reports on China are relatively more reliable. Unfortunately, their reports are not in English.Chinese culture resembles Japanese culture in some respects. Japanese can understand Chinese in many ways and the Japanese can talk about the Chinese without any scruples. Any government needs to be hostile to other nations. Violence is the function of government. The Chinese don't care about his skin color, beliefs and living habits as long as they don’t interfere with our normal life. We care more about and solve our own problems. China need a systematic solution. I do not think this problem is solvable for now. But the charm of Chinese culture is that we will not choose to give up because it cannot be done. The moral bottom line is important. Includes earning the respect of other countries. It will be a long way to fix it.
  8. Snowden has not been acquitted yet. Mainstream media banned the US President’s Twitter account with 70,000,000 fans . The book 1984 which could by and read in Chinese universities have become banned in the United States. Now you start to care about cyber security in China. Save it. Once again, If someone Do believe the news about China wich is reported by the mainstream media. Fine, whatever. Chinese culture is to call all people to resist natural disasters. Rather than just put all hopes on the One in order to satisfy everyone's vanity. I do not expect arrogant people in other countries to understand Chinese culture. You put what China government did which you believe in as the object of your criticism. Just because your government did the same thing worse in your country. If someone just want to criticize the actions of the China government that you see and believe, but unwilling to understand the cause and effect. His criticism is as meaningless as someone who only says it hurts but doesn't go to the doctor or take medicine. All this is just to vent his emotions and satisfy his vanity. It's sad. Edit: This book 1984 is available on Amazon. It is not banned in the United States.
  9. I'm try to use China's history to show you how the Chinese treat Jews and genocide. There is no doubt that Chinese oppose genocide. I oppose genocide. If someone believes that the Chinese government is committing genocide, whatever, I do not comment on it. I am not a government official. For a long time there are many social conflicts in China. I do not expect to deal with these issues in a few years. This is a protracted war. Now you are talking about the genocide in China. I have seen how the media in other countries of the world report these news that happened in China. Frankly speaking, these reports are not very helpful in solving the problem. Things will not change because more people know. If you choose bad news to learn about China, you will not hear any good news over time. I am not going to deny the news about China you have seen. But all the news you see is not necessarily all parts of news . Media reports with political stance can get more benefits. They will emphasize that George Floyd died in violent law enforcement. But they will not tell you that George Floyd has been in jail for drug trafficking crimes. If someone chooses a political position for his own benefit to oppose those political positions that are unfavorable to him, then he is a double standard. I am talking about the mainstream media that banned the Twitter account of the US President who has 70 million followers. They accused China of not having freedom of speech, but they blocked the Twitter account of the US President. Prejudice will persist. I am very disappointed with KLei. KLei sells DS to Tencent in order to make more money by selling DS IP. KLei had deviated from the belief that they originally founded the company that provided players with a better platform for their creativity. The image of Don't Starve New Home is awful. The new game destroys the image of the original DS. Everything about New Home is for more money and satisfy their own greed.
  10. I did not intend to change your opinion about that pay for money to Tencent means sent to helping genocide. This view of yours only comes from politically inclined media and subjective assumptions. This is a prejudice. You are talking about genocide as a disaster on the Indian land that was occupied hundreds of years ago. Europeans in the early 20th century had prejudices against Jews. With the help of most Europeans, the Nazis sent the Jews into concentration camps. Europeans at that time generally supported the genocide of Jews. In this case, the Chinese took in Jews as partners in northern China. Now you firmly believe that the Chinese government is carrying out genocide. Sorry, I only communicate with honest people. Now You don't need to reply to me again.
  11. I can bear their prejudice against the Chinese at this forums. I am not perfect after all. I always try to fix my own problems instead of blaming others for everything. 见贤思齐焉,见不贤而内自省也。 It means, "When we see a man of virtue and talent, we should think of equalling them; when we see a man of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves." Now the people who attack Tencent in the forum are so hypocritical. The media achieve their own political goals by misleading them. They credulously believed the media's prejudice against the Chinese. But turned a blind eye to the shameful behavior around theirself. This is double standard. In the perspective of activists, China is a prison, Europe is a refugee camp and America is a hell for people of color. They are nothing except to vent their emotions online. BLM is one password which called Political correctness. Enter this string as passwords to become part of them. No need to pay any moral price to gain part of the benefits from community. These actions do hurt those who work hard to make money. They pay taxes to feed a group of sluggard instead of those who really need help. It's not fair.
  12. Chinese players don’t like Tencent’s games, either. But honestly no one hates Tencent. It is not the enemy. Tencent will make free ordinary content of games into paid content. That's why Chinese player dislike Tencent. But Chinese players have been playing pirated games for a long time. Like pirated DST. But now they can buy genuine games onTencent, which is an improvement. I can't provide more explanation about privacy. It is the work of KLei staff. Chinese players also hate DS New Home very much. It seems that Tencent bought shares of KLei only because of this new mobile game. We all overreacted. Chinese players Do share happiness in the DST by Tencent, but this does not mean that they agree with all decisions from Tencent.
  13. The Skittersquid will swim to a fixed area on the map after eating the fish, and then they will stay there. No matter what, there will be more and more Skittersquid. There are dozens of them at random, andno number limit.
  14. I did see long pig meat in the game file. But not in game. Chinese respect the dead, because each skeleton was once a person. Destroying their bodies to get Bone Shards itmes is disrespectful to them. Chinese do not judge how people from other countries treat the bodies of their companions.The Chinese culture is to bring their bodies back to their hometown and bury them. There is no problem with animal bodys and Bone Shards in the game for Chinese. Don't need to politicize it too much.
  15. Oh. Save it. Political position determines how much benefit the supervisor can get. No matter whether he is honest or not. I have no words to you.