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  1. All kinds of birds should not block the placement of structures. include Crow Red Bird Snowbird Canary Canary (Volatile) Puffin pls
  2. I hope that one day I can add The Gorge cooking system to the original game too.
  3. Modders: The Light which spawned by function SpawnChild doesn't work well! Maybe there is something wrong with LightWatcher. I was died by Charlie with SpawnChild Light at night.
  4. It can help you redefine the rules of the game.
  5. The situation you mentioned can also happen during a fight with Toadstool. But if 6 people attack Klaus, it can only release the flame 3 times and it will die. The problem is not the number of people, but the way the players collaborate with each other.
  6. Charlie_BG in workshop :https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2471968474
  7. There is a high probability that it will happen to the V2 mod.
  8. Moon storm is sotroublesome. I don't mind defeating the boss again. But it’s boring to complete the preparations in the moon storm.
  9. I like the Boss fight. But I hate tedious preparations for Boss fight. Especially the storm of the moon. I can complete these things alone in 200 days. But that makes the game boring, because it is too subjective. Beating Crab King with Pearl is a very boring process. My friends hold the same view as me. If I have beaten Ultimate BOSS, then it proves that I can beat him again. But why use rewards to push me to do this? I just want to use the loots to build my base with peace of mind after all fights. Deconstruction Staff. They are not cheap for lighting material. Others who use Enlightened Crown means he get help from others, not means without do nothing.