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  1. Bamboo Town Trade with pandamen villagers. Find the treasure according to the clues Character Updates Beat Nian for new year. Have new year's eve dinner together
  2. Not long ago, the pandamen came to an island which is full of plant bamboo. Pandamen as villagers settled here and opened a lot of shops with Players 'help. Villagers reunite to celebrate peace. But one ferocious monster came out ant ruined it all in winter. Beat Nian to protect the villagers. Decorate your base with New Year's items and have a happy New Year with pandamen! Myth Words mod Updates is coming. Here is the Bamboo Island Nian Gameplay Trailer. Myth New Year's Eve Dinner.
  3. You are right. Think from a different perspective, a craftable potato sack means food that can be preserved forever. Not too bad.
  4. Madameweb had entered the Constant with her Offspring in mod Myth Words. Updatas is coming in Dec. Here is the Love Web Binding Gameplay Trailer. Madameweb is a Spiderqueen. She has a unique silk Tab. She is also the leader of all bugs. Madameweb fascinated everyone with her charm. But be careful! Don't be fooled by her appearance. Her poison is strong enough to make you beg for mercy!
  5. Can not add several mod foods into One anim. prefabs\portablespicer.lua
  6. log files 418558918 2021-10-1.zip 455067177 2021-10-1.zip 488285408+2021.10.01.zip 937341062.zip 1154450031 2021-10-1.zip 1177524956 2021-10-1.zip 1243670151 2021年10月3日 (1).zip 1243670151 2021年10月3日.zip 2201876832 2021-10-1.zip 2466607500-10.1.zip 2970494662 2021-10-1.zip 76561199011650145 10-1-.zip hillsinminecraft 10-4.zip jwxy233+2021年10月1日.zip Smile灬小豪2021-10-1.zip Smile灬小豪2021-10-2.zip Smile灬小豪2121-10-1.zip tapman1358 10-1-12.29.zip weiy10410.zip y9988765+2021.10.3.zip
  7. DST game, if the host player exits a game server with some non-conflictive mods, there is a possibility that some server mods will fail to load upon their return. As this failure-to-load problem occurs, such server mods will simply DISAPPEAR, that is, all the mod items, plantations and even buildings are suddenly GONE of no reason, including those spawned in the world at the beginning and those constructed or planted by players afterwards. In both case, these server files are depleted of mod items, all except the items stored in their inventory slots. We report this to you because a GREAT number of players encountered this and it ruined their game experiences. If necessary I can provide server files and their corresponding logs. There are not exactly "crashes" to be found, but the problems loom quite as large. This occurs exclusively to V2 type of server mods, and could happen on any sort of servers: both the newly spawned world, and the old worlds that players already played for a few hundreds of days. We checked those disappeared item's code names are all in english, so the names should not be a concern Summary of the problem: The client side of the players fail to load the v2 mods correctly, and this leads to an inconsistent data among the host and the guests. This could potentially cause both that a world will be created without the v2 mods loaded even if enabled, and that loading into an existing server will deprive everything in this server of the v2 mods content (e.g. mod items, buildings, plantations, etc.) If the problem still lingers and you can not directly help with that, could you provide an alternative to give modders the choice to put our mods under v1 or v2 categories? Thank you so much for your time reading me. We gathered more than 50 players for a lot of tests. And here are the logs which V2 mod failed to load while start a New game. @ScottHansen If you can't find the error and fix it, please give mod authors the right to choose V1 or V2 mod while updating mods.