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  1. Well, took me more time than other content creators, but it was worth it too have rather detailed information on our new character (which I adore, but video making on it was PAIN). Although, I am not sure that penalty where healing beside full health player is intentional (personally it's quite absurd). Are there any other creatures Wortox cannot reap souls from?
  2. (serious question) does it really help a lot though? oof, yes, that would be spamming. Thanks for promoting my content, but allow me to upload my videos please
  3. So, I've spent lot of my times looking around lots of useful facts & tips, and have been giving them away to folks. Thing is, not all's THAT useful, in fact some are just straight trash. Still, I have been keeping them in my pocket just for this opportunity, just so I can share with you guys on this precious day
  4. Five Farm Ideas for DST

    no they do not (first one is days 1 & second is day 12), stop saying that on everywhere I put my video (EDIT: THEY WERE TELLING THE TRUTH YOU IDIOT) well, it could be thing with your PC/console or something, but that definitely is not a case for me (EDIT: CHECK AGAIN YOU ARROGANT PRICK, THEY ARE RIGHT) EDIT : OH CRAP THEY DO (had to skip ahead 100 days). Terribly sorry for how I replied without even knowing properly. I will make a comment on that immediately. Again I apologize for my ignorance If that worked for you, good for you. In my case when the oven is too big, pigs and bunny often took longer to die (more places to run away), and caused the gates or other parts of the grass to burn out. But this was trying to do it in 1 go, without extinguishing with the oven and lighting it up again, so I guess your method works just fine. I do know about the turf (it's specified well on the wiki that even player made turf can affect bird spawn), but I thought it would be common sense that you'd use the biome nearby, or take the turf from there rather than dragging the cat across the world, so I just didn't find need to mention it. Clearly I was wrong, so I'll put down a comment on my youtube video. Thanks
  5. Some of you just enjoy beating the crap out of mobs, but I enjoy to use permanent structures to allow mass resource farm (plus, my game lags & can't perform proper kiting). Here are some I often use. 1. Feather farm Turn catcoon into automated bird killing machine Used materials : 5 seeds, feather hat, 6 rocks (for 4 walls), 1 cutgrass(to lure catcoon) Pro : Cheap, not hard to make, best way to gather feathers without Wickerbottom's books & weapons Cons : Catcoon falls asleep at least once a day, and can be slightly frustrating 2. Pig & Bunny Farm An "oven" that can cook multiple pigs & bunnies within few seconds Used materials : 2 fossils, 12 rocks (for 12 walls), 6 grass, 1 rot/carrot (bait), waterballon or ice flingomatic Pros : Possibly cheapest & fastest mass slaughter farm. Cons : Fire hazzard, Ice flingomatic can be costly (but don't we already have like one ice machine besides pig/bunny village?) 3. Mole Farm Mole farm using cave duplication instead of expensive bundling wrap dupe Used materials : Hammer, couple of rocks Pros : Easy way to multiply moles for those who can't kill bee queen Cons : takes 2 days for multiplying, much slower than bundling wrap method 4. Monkey Farm Using monkey's curious george trait to kill them Used materials : rocks (depends on how big the trap is), 1 bait (can be anything), 2 fossils, weapon/cane Pros : Can safely dispatch multiple monkeys without much difficulty Cons : Unable to build farm near the monkey pod as putting down bait is near impossible 5. Varg Farm Turning Varg farm into hound factory Used materials (in video) : 18 rocks (for 13 walls), 8 pinecones, 14 fossils, 1 lureplant bulb, panflute Pros : If you know bit of kiting, you can get endless supply of teeth, gem & monster meat Cons : It is not THAT cheap (though can be used indefinitely), and the danger exists, since you do have to kill hounds yourself
  6. DST Four Seasons in NUTSHELL

    eh, I was just being silly. can't satisfy everyone's sense of humor I guess
  7. poorly made summary of Don't Starve Together's four seasons (seems about right though)
  8. Help, I've been trying to make cave-only session, but even after placing worldgenoverride.lua in DoNotStarveTogether file, it's not working (worked before though). Am I missing something?
  9. It has been only few weeks, but both werewilba & wormwood went through several changes since their introduction. I'm sure more changes will show up in the future, but I didn't want to lag too far in studying these new characters. Also, despite many complaints on new character wormwood, I think it is one of the most unique character Klei introduced since Webber (just my opinion). It's not suppose to be "great" character to play, but "different" character to play, especially in a game where different penalties play huge part. Anyway, enough blabbering, hope you enjoy.
  10. Been a while since I made one of these. Here are pack of tips I gathered/discovered here and there. Hope you enjoy.
  11. The amount of breathable gas does not increase. I think the better word here is 'safe' than 'efficient' Yes they are, since dupes stay on the sink as long as their body is covered with germ No they don't? I checked wikis and other pages, and they do not say anything about PO2 causing stress. Is this new?
  12. If used unnecessarily, it is a waste of resource yeah, that was more of a personal opinion. Should not have done that on objective tip video they're not really my advise (as I clearly said on video,) I too got these from someone else, found them quite helpful so I just put them together. people have different playing styles I guess.
  13. Perhaps you did not get my points properly. In the video, I meant "stop feeding terrarium with algae & water once PW is dropped. Let the PW bottle become source of (unpleasant) breathable gas and disable terrarium". Unless you want to make clay like Lilalaunekuh mentioned, there's really no need for deodorizer in absence of slimelung. So don't use any more resource (be it algae, water or sand) besides already dropped polluted water. Really? How? I had no idea on that one, could you explain please? Which I clearly mentioned on 2:25. Though I used electrolyzer as an example for the clip, I meant for the crops as well. You can't get slimelung disease by ingesting slimelung germ, and definetely not food poisoning (two different germs right there). When making this video, I tested it by making a dupe called Ellie eat mushbar covered with 78,000 slimelung germs. Though she was covered with slimelung as a result, the germs did not enter her biological system. So food contaminated with slimelung is actually ok to eat (surprised me too). BUT, yes, as I said at the end of my video it is still a terrible idea to let contaminated dupes run around. For example, if a dupe covered in slimelung deliver algae to oxygen diffuser, hell breaks loose. What I wanted to give through that 'germ safe' tip was better understanding of how slimelung and food poisoning germ mechanics work, not message "hey, it's alright to have few outbreaks here and there". Still, if that's what you thought, that is my fault for poor delivery. Ah, thank you so much. This is my first video on oxygen not included, and it's nice to hear that. Your comments before, though I object some of them, are also valuable (guess I have to improve my ways on how to deliver context).
  14. I am no professional at this game(longest survived is 400 cycles, but I often restart to see if I can do better), but these are the tips I frequently use & found useful, so thought it would help other folks who only recently started this game. Hope you enjoy, and those who are more experienced, please gift me with your wisdom.
  15. huh, guess I returned at right time (for once)