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  1. One got updated (client), the other might not (server).
  2. About the dedicated servers: I suspect they didn't update the server to the current version. Checking the version.txt for the dedicated server we get 406466 and the game clients has 406549.
  3. I Noticed today this warning in the server log: [WARNING] -console has been deprecated: Use the [MISC] / console_enabled setting instead. In my experiments the '[MISC]/console_enabled' option is used in the 'server.ini' and has a default option of 'true'. So now without any work the servers have console enable by default. You only need this option if you need the console not to be enabled for some reason.
  4. Today I Noticed this waning in the server logs: [WARNING] -console has been deprecated: Use the [MISC] / console_enabled setting instead. In my experiments the '-console' command line option does not work any more. But since the '[MISC]/console_enabled' option has a default value of 'true' the console works any way (with or without the '-console' flag).
  5. For what I could figure out, you place that in the cluster.ini : [STEAM] steam_group_id = ID steam_group_only = true
  6. If I don't start the 2nd caves server it works great. What is the command to disable the automatic sinkhole/portal linking?
  7. Hi, I am trying to setup a Overworld with 2 caves but when the 2rd slave joins either the master gets killed or the 1st slave gets killed, like this: About to start a shard with these settings: ShardName: CavesA ShardID: 1000 ShardRole: SLAVE MasterHost: MasterBind: (null) MasterPort: 11001[SHARD] Connecting to master...Telling Client our new session identifier: 78D370CB17D4D87DSim paused[Steam] SteamGameServer_Init (11015, 11010, 11016)[S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed.Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 322330[Steam] SteamGameServer_Init Success[SHARD] Sending slave information to master...[SHARD] Registering in lobby as a slave server...[SHARD] Slave is now ready![SHARD] Registering in lobby as a slave server...World '1' is now connected KilledAny ideas of what might be happening? Thanks for your help. ConfigurationsAndLogs.zip