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  1. Please do what zillvr said above. If you have not already, please validate your game files via steam. This will ensure the latest update was downloaded correctly.
  2. Horrible Lag

    Next time you play in a match with the insane amounts of lag, could you grab the client_log.txt file located in documents/Klei/DST/ and attach it here? Some other questions: What country are you in? Are you using quick match or the browser? Can you create a custom match and see if the lag still happens?
  3. Disconect on the end of the game

    Sorry I should have been more clear. The client_log.txt file is located in documents\klei\dontstarvetogether\ The file is cleared every time you restart DST so the file must be added here or backed up (copy the few somewhere else) before restarting.
  4. Hi. Next time this happens, could you please attach your client_log.txt to this report. Also, what country are you in?
  5. An impatient boarrior

    Sounds like mistakes were made. Feel free to discuss the Grand Forge Boarrior's spawn trigger in the forums.
  6. Disconect on the end of the game

    We have recently made changes that should resolve the issue. If anyone is still seeing this issue then please immediately attach your client_log.txt file to this bug report (or make a copy of the file and then attach it at your convince). That will help us determine the source of the disconnect.

    We've recently made changes that should resolve the issue. For anyone that get this, please attach you client_log.txt file to the bug report. It will help us determine the source of the disconnection. The code for unlocking achievements is imbedded in the same network event as the experience, so if you saw an achievement unlocked then you should have receive the XP from the achievement and the match as well.

    We are looking into it.
  9. Disconect on the end of the game

    We are looking into this
  10. Update not available to some players

    In steam, go to DST's properties page. Select the betas tab and make sure it says none. Then go to the local files tabs and select validate game files. If this doesn't work then please restart your computer and repeat the steps above.
  11. Changed Status to Fixed
  12. WX achievement doesn't work

    Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Can't Connect to Non-Forge Servers

    Just to be clear, you are joining someone else's server, right? Could you try disabling all your client mods, then validating your game files via steam. Once that is done, try to play without any mods and let me know how it goes.
  14. Missing Batling description

    Changed Status to Fixed
  15. I keep losing connection

    We are actively looking into this issue. Thank you for the report.