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  1. Carrat in bird cage

    You can show off your carrat at a Carrat Scale. I'm pretty sure they don't run off from it, so it's kind of like a Scale'o'matic for fish.
  2. No, it won't work. Simply put it - jumping on a boat won't save you from an event that's already in progress. Standing on a boat just won't allow hounds to spawn.
  3. Gnarwails spawn in the deep waters. That's it. They can sometimes spawn right in your boat but that has happened only once, and then it despawned when i moved away far enough. Hounds actually used to spawn when you're on a boat, but this feature got removed probably because they can easily swarm you and there's not much room to fight them, so i doubt anything similar to Crocodogs from SW will be added to DST. And there's no specific requirement for hound waves to appear when you're out in the sea - even if you're 1 tile away from any land but standing on a boat upon triggering the wave event, hounds won't spawn.
  4. Thanks, Klei?... Either way, you did an awesome work on this update!
  5. Turn of Tides released on full moon too. So nothing new. Still, I admire Klei's originality.
  6. [Game Update] - 384348

    Thank you for saving us the trouble of locating Malbatross (And making it so we don't get endless medium fish from shoals for free)!
  7. Basically in the same post:
  8. I always wanted a pet Wolfgang that doesn't leave me on the first winter and dies on its own. One could only be dreaming...
  9. That's great to know! I didn't think Fishing bin did restore fish's freshness.
  10. I know that this is besides the topic, but it's a shame we can't really keep fish as pets. My inner Wurt is pretty upset. Yeah that's it. Oh and I must agree on the current fish dying/spoiling thing, it doesn't make much sense.
  11. I hope I won't get into trouble for doing that.
  12. Oh I get it now. Thought you were talking about me mentioning Crabking earlier and "pulling" his audio files out. My bad. I wonder what would be the reason behind removing them though...
  13. Both of them were extracted; If you want I can send you Otter's sound files. Crab king just got me interested more because of the reverb he has and that's why i talked only about him and not the otter.
  14. Please don't. It would be a pain to place tin boxes again on usually cramped with stuff boats, and you can't really avoid Malbatross doing it since the slow speed of a boat. But other than that, fishing a large amount of deep water fish and thus causing Malbatross to appear and having to fight him is a good idea. Would make sense preparing some armor, because there are no real threats in the ocean right now - even hounds are ignoring you.
  15. Maybe we should be able to create some sort of an "aquarium backpack", in which fish won't perish, but the water in it will need to be constantly changed with ice or something. Similarly to the fish containers we currently have placeable on boats, but with smaller capacity. That would also kind of solve the problem with Wurt's fish collection for structures. Or that could be a way to transport your "pet fish", but with only one slot available. It's called a pet for a reason!