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  1. Now if only we had other clothing items that would change their texture depending on the character's skin tone... That's going to be a gargantuan task.
  2. Yes, this is the correct one.[5].server.game_mode = "endless"
  3. You need to type the following in console while in the main menu (not in the world selection screen):[number_of_your_world].server.game_mode = "endless"
  4. Wigfrid refresh? Intriguing. I thought she would be one of the last characters to be reworked...
  5. It's dangerous to carry both easy-to-access resources and rare ones in Woby's backpack. There's always that one Wigfrid that grabs all your rocks you've been collecting for a boat or, as mentioned before, a few live rabbits. It does not really feel right having Woby accessible by everyone, but i guess it's understandable that in case of Walter's death nobody could look through Woby's storage and retrieve potentially valuable resources.
  6. Thank you. Now i won't have to worry about something killing off my last goat when relocating it.
  7. Having a scaled furnace on your boat can be pretty demolishing during summer since you have no ability to turn it off, and firepits are now susceptible to Wavey Jones' toying around. Deck illuminator cannot be targeted by him, so it excels firepit at least in lighting aspect. And just like QuartzBeam stated, crockpot is the way to go when it comes to food items on the sea.
  8. Also, deck illuminator upgrade can't be put out like firepits by those damned spittlefish.
  9. It does indeed have more freezing power. Even though the slingshot itself is more sluggish to use, the speed at which you're able to freeze your enemy dead in their tracks is pretty much equal to the ice staff, but taking less shots.
  10. So this was indeed Woodie's cabin. That's something, at least!
  11. So, we got from Warly's bio the fact that he abandoned his chef career in Paris in favour of caring for his maman. Now, for the interesting part - as we know from DS, Wes is French (at least judging so by an Eiffel tower in background of his vignette), and his favourite food are fresh fruit crepes, which are only exclusive to Warly. I wonder...