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  1. Judging by the previous Hallowed Nights' release dates, we'll be getting it on Thursday, 21st to be exact. And an announcement coming pretty soon, last one was about a day before the update.
  2. I find this boss' design somewhat interesting. It reminds me of butterflies and how they undergo a few stages before they turn from an ugly grub into a wonderful insect. And as to why it's a mess made out of rocks and altars - it probably has to do with lunar creatures' inability to physically manifest themselves on the Constant's landscape unlike shadows. Alter guardian is, after all, just a stronger gestalt in terms of its "ethereal" form. It's also a different kind of "scary" unlike most bosses, since it doesn't have any distinct features, and being purely an alien entity not just when it comes to its origins, but also its looks.
  3. Wigfrid refresh? Intriguing. I thought she would be one of the last characters to be reworked...
  4. Thank you. Now i won't have to worry about something killing off my last goat when relocating it.
  5. Also, deck illuminator upgrade can't be put out like firepits by those damned spittlefish.
  6. It does indeed have more freezing power. Even though the slingshot itself is more sluggish to use, the speed at which you're able to freeze your enemy dead in their tracks is pretty much equal to the ice staff, but taking less shots.
  7. So this was indeed Woodie's cabin. That's something, at least!
  8. Could it be the second lantern skin that changes lamp's light colour?
  9. I think the update had to release today since it's New Moon, and Klei are releasing RoT updates on different moon phases purposely.
  10. So the trident is a dark sword equivalent now, except only while on boat. An interesting mechanic, I must admit.
  11. We don't have an ETA, so it's probably going to arrive either on 23rd, or 30th of April. Yes, this will be retrofitted to already existing words once it hits live.