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  1. Thank you. Now i won't have to worry about something killing off my last goat when relocating it.
  2. Having a scaled furnace on your boat can be pretty demolishing during summer since you have no ability to turn it off, and firepits are now susceptible to Wavey Jones' toying around. Deck illuminator cannot be targeted by him, so it excels firepit at least in lighting aspect. And just like QuartzBeam stated, crockpot is the way to go when it comes to food items on the sea.
  3. Also, deck illuminator upgrade can't be put out like firepits by those damned spittlefish.
  4. I always thought these paths were something similar to gravel/pebble roads, judging by the rock-like sounds when you walk on them at least.
  5. It's a Lunar Island work music. It finally got separated from Malbatross' fight theme a few updates ago.
  6. Tail o' Three Cats has a chance to stun or scare an enemy. It's great for dealing with slurtles if they were to hide in their shells, or tentacles (giant ones included). Can also occasionally help with hounds swarming you.
  7. Fun fact: Willow's and Wendy's "voices" are identical when performing /carol.
  8. On one hand, yes - Woby Walter should. On the other hand, however, it directly contradicts the already established lore of the Ancients and William Carter. As we know, Ancients were using nightmare fuel to most likely enhance their productivity - and this to some extent applies to Maxwell and perhaps his greed for recognition. Ultimately, it led to their downfall. So no, Woby shouldn't have a bull terrier skin.
  9. It's not a rare occurrence for only 6 wormholes to spawn in a given world. This is normal.
  10. It does indeed have more freezing power. Even though the slingshot itself is more sluggish to use, the speed at which you're able to freeze your enemy dead in their tracks is pretty much equal to the ice staff, but taking less shots.
  11. So this was indeed Woodie's cabin. That's something, at least!
  12. Pearl's island has a few beached Bull Kelps. That's already one free food source - just plant it by the shore. Also Ocean Fish are really common since, well, It's an ocean. If you're sailing the ocean without an advanced fishing rod, you're pretty much missing on an only source of meat (Not counting the cookiecutters, they are usually hard to fight and are not really a reliable source of meat).
  13. Interesting. So this is the "glass cannon" character Klei were talking about earlier?
  14. I'm surprised to see that these statistics persisted from September, when I was trying out Weremoose Woodie on my test world. Needless to say - It didn't go that well against bosses.
  15. Cookie Cutter cap is basically a football helmet for those that are at sea, usually having a surplus of cutter shells on their boat. I personally forget about bringing pig skin with me while i'm sailing for salt, so cookie cutter cap is a decent alternative.