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  1. it is stored. its just inside it. the food box does the same (left corner)
  2. buttons too small

    go into graphics options and scale your UI up
  3. their morale stays at that of their highest tier mastered job. As are all of the expectations
  4. random CTD

    shine bugs not shining. it did this last night but a save and reload fixed it. today, it does it again and reload fixed it for a short time, then it CTD. The Great Paradise.sav E: ah yes i forgot they stop shining when overcrowded •blush• oops. ok but it still doesn't make sense that reloading fixed this (they would shine again) and no idea about the CTD
  5. Dupe wouldn't do job

    its probably not helping that he also has tidy at max priority, that covers a lot of things and will likely be ALWAYS something to do E: sorry i don't mean to sound patronising. i realise you know what you are doing.
  6. edge asteroid teleport

    sixty-oneth haha thank you. sorry. it did make me laugh. but also, i did not know this! so thank you for sharing this information
  7. [Game Update] - 284355

    #1 expected response for anyone defending anything. it was a simple error and undoubtedly will be fixed before i even finish typing this. lo and behold
  8. [Game Update] - 284355

    then why are you even here?
  9. [Game Update] - 284355

    no-one is forcing you to play.
  10. Mi-Ma now forever famous as the face of the rocketry upgrade
  11. Degrees Kelvin?

  12. uhh not sure if this will bump this, but this is an issue on the critter feeders (etc) which is still forever a minor annoyance (especially the feeders because damn that list is looooong!)
  13. Schedule editor

    was about to report this myself. so yeah.