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  1. Game Crash Cycle 1062

    there are multiple reports of this in the bugs section. however at this point, none of them are marked as "known issue"
  2. Changing possible Printables

    "save scumming" i believe. there are a few problems like this (the care package duplication "bug" for example) while this is kinda lame, ultimately, its a single player game, which means you, the player have to not do these shady practices. or do them, it literally effects no-one else
  3. Liquid not flowing the way it suppose to

    did.. did you just assume the waters gender?!
  4. hm. out of interest, what is the reason for "rushing" it like this?
  5. Unfortunate Screencaps

    hatch population out of control. "oh no" ._. /s "tommy the train" _ Dr. Phil Looks nice right...? hahahahaha Alexa, this is so sad.
  6. that was very cool to watch. thank you <3
  7. New game nothing spawns

    what pc/mac/linux/whatever are you using?
  8. Klei, serious question

    did you see the nEU dlc? It's supposedly a really strong and stable release, but i'm not sure what it involves.. i think it's due to come out on Oct 31st? I don't know, I heard there are new dupes, Boris Johxygenson, Jemery CarbynDioxide and .. the other one..
  9. man, i'd be like.. crazy happy! to know that something I did, could make it into the actual game that I love..?! that would be freaking awesome!!
  10. isn't that Bethesda's motto?
  11. there's this... which.. kinda sounds like what you are asking for a bit...
  12. Domestic Wheezewort won't stop working w/o fertilizer

    hmmm.. interesting.. on one of my worlds they did this but i only noticed because the area became hot due to them (seemingly) not working.. i dont have any atm to check ):
  13. Domestic Wheezewort won't stop working w/o fertilizer

    if you look, the WW is "consuming vacuum"... that is, its not working. this seems to have been introduced in the last patch and requires you to uproot and replant each time you load, else the WW do nothing.. just sit there looking like they work
  14. Water appears from nowhere

  15. Blocked Pipe

    you can make this type of food storage real easy, and basically right at the start of the game and never have to move it. (you can add to it or make it full of chlorine etc)