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  1. [Game Update] - 395929

    *sad sweepy noises*
  2. just want to say, geysers seem awesome now! this new map is hecking cool (wiggly line was where ice was, roughly)
  3. some kind of, idk, i was thinking a bell? player activated/automation enabled, makes all duplicants (or all selected dupes) go to it immediately.
  4. can a mopping sweep-..? ... ??
  5. Something's gone Horribly Wrong

    this is the guy to sort it. he seems to know everything
  6. atmo suit on floor

    Debug mode to unlock research early or a mod. >Shrugs< sandbox ----^------------------------^
  7. 수정을 사용하십니까? 게임 / 스크린 샷 저장을 제공 할 수 있습니까?
  8. Regolith is killing my game

    Bethesda would like to know your location
  9. [Game Update] - 389761

    also i'm pretty sure it doesn't count anyone who plays in "offline" mode, which i would imagine, is a large amount of people
  10. [Game Update] - 389761

    for me, £0.00295 per hour, meanwhile my mobile phone cost me £33 PER MONTH and apparently i use it an average of 12 minutes per day i can't say i've encountered any of these "game breaking bugs" or maybe i have but it didn't break things that matter/affect me? i don't much like the "there are 10k bug reports in the bug forum" argument.. many are duplicates, incorrect reports, outdated or duplicates. also yeah, that "entitled" feeling. just because they don't omgfixitnow, doesn't mean they aren't. maybe its waay harder than you think. maybe it breaks a ton of other things. maybe it requires a huge amount of work that they are doing but they also do other stuff too because otherwise you would complain that "why aren't they adding any new features?!" maybe its super easy and they can't be arsed. maybe its not a bug and is a flaw in your design. maybe its god MEEP
  11. Help Australia with forest fires

    I don't even know what words to say.. ultimately they are just words, and words do not stop fire, or bring back animals/people/homes... i am sorry this is happening, i am sorry so many people don't care/don't understand just how severe this is, i am sorry i cannot do more to help to put it into perspective, where i live in the UK a comparable US state...