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  1. was it me? or maybe it was me again, but (less) stupid?
  2. i don't really know much about any of this but i have an i5, 16GB RAM and i play ONI with discord,origin,epic,and usually some small game like PvZ or Viridi open behind and the simpsons playing on my second monitor. i set my save to 5 cycles and no timelapse. i cant say i notice much lag or whatever, but i tend to not have 100's of dupes (however i usually end up with like 400 various hatches) but you guys maybe know i am obsessed with tidiness so there is never debris on the floor.
  3. wait wait wait.. colouring sheets?!?!!? OMGGGGG i need like 5967578685938630 bajjilllioooon more please Klei
  4. Dev(il)ish Drecko. its red, and its scales a made of Klei.
  5. Leela Loki Cinnamon Yin & Yang (Captain) Mal (with a bit of Cookie (Monster) in the corner.. i have 11 snakes, 5 cat and just the one dog.. snakes are cute, right? i can show more?
  6. 수정을 사용하십니까? 게임 / 스크린 샷 저장을 제공 할 수 있습니까?
  7. also i'm pretty sure it doesn't count anyone who plays in "offline" mode, which i would imagine, is a large amount of people
  8. for me, £0.00295 per hour, meanwhile my mobile phone cost me £33 PER MONTH and apparently i use it an average of 12 minutes per day i can't say i've encountered any of these "game breaking bugs" or maybe i have but it didn't break things that matter/affect me? i don't much like the "there are 10k bug reports in the bug forum" argument.. many are duplicates, incorrect reports, outdated or duplicates. also yeah, that "entitled" feeling. just because they don't omgfixitnow, doesn't mean they aren't. maybe its waay harder than you think. maybe it breaks a ton of other things. maybe it requires a huge amount of work that they are doing but they also do other stuff too because otherwise you would complain that "why aren't they adding any new features?!" maybe its super easy and they can't be arsed. maybe its not a bug and is a flaw in your design. maybe its god MEEP
  9. ok i'm officially done. Klei are the coolest people ever. (aside; new album.. thoughts? other than * W O A H *?) *Danny Carey fangirling intensifies*