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  1. Salt Formations

    Hmm.What about bringing them to life when Them will return to constant to "Rule the World once more" and make them thewir servants ?
  2. Webber Lore Headcannon

    This is really nice headcanon,but didnt webber said in some examine quotes about maxwell that :"Thats the jerk who tricked us.?"
  3. JoeW said in the woodie refresh : In addition to Woodie's refresh coming into the main game, the next part of our Return of Them content update will be coming to the beta branch (with Woodie playable there as well) on September 12th. We will have more details about it next Thursday, but in this update you will see a new boss, new items, a new creature and a new crafting resource.
  4. The future of Gestalts?

    Exactly,they are shards of the "moon soul"/consciousness.
  5. Antlion Gender

    Deerclops is a male,characters are talking about Him as A male:webber quotes:He might be able to dissect me.
  6. Herald is not the Cyclum(king).he is "harbinger of some sort".Cyclum is controlling the fuelreaver to stop metheus/charlie from opening gateway for Them to come in again
  7. New bosses, maybe?

    What about destroying the sea bones to get sea fossils.After you build a skeleton on the see and reviving it using "moon heart" it will summon leviathan-like sea boss
  8. Sea Bones

    I think that this will work like fossils.When you build it on the sea and add something like "Moon heart" will spawn a water based skeleton half zombie Leviathan-like boss
  9. Warly Lore Speculation

    I think that he ate some weird Sh*i thata Max gave him to get into Shipwrecked.He tried to leave and find way we dont know about.He got into the gorge where he helped mumsy and billy with cooking, then explored more worlds and ended up In the constant by the portal after it was opened by us.
  10. That sounds real to me.Nice point mate
  11. After the turn of tides will be aviable in the normal game,what will happen?Pause for like a month or straight up new content in beta,or the turn of tides will stay in beta getting updated each month?
  12. I am so happy to see this, but in my head, one question is occuring.How often will you update the Beta? Once a month would be nice.