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  1. Oh,i see you noticed it too,perhaps,are there more patterns if yes,make a sentence and translate or they just used english as base vesion and made Ancient Words to it.
  2. Yeah,I think that this book isn not made for Humans,it is meant for much more powerfull beings,like Demons or THEM.Maybe the full potentional can be unlocked by using Souls like fuel or be a shadow creature(Ancient Herald)
  3. I think that those are all different creatures,Imps are lesser demons which are taught by Krampii as their supervisors,and Klaus is just magically enforced Krampus with power.Wortox as an Imp get somehow the power to suck souls,he sucked Krampus and he is now part demon part imp so he is propably stronger than Krampus,so what if Klaus was an imp that sucked up so much souls which transformed him in his normal look,or,he is Krampus that sucked other Krampiis,or got in touch with dark magic(Them ?).Reign of Giants were taking part when Wilson ruled the constant.He made up Giant animals like Deerclops.Infernal Swineclops is old giant which got enslaved by Pugna.He is propably normal occupant of Forge. If you are asking why klaus have stiched eyes(or eye),I was once at Rhymes with Play where someone asked :"Why does Klaus has stiched eyes?".Answer was:it is moral refference.Blind is the one who judges only by good or bad deeds.We should judge things with their background,not only by deeds."
  4. That is normal Human right here,Survivor skins are established to resemble beat up version of characters,But ORC is not Beat-up version of Demonic Hellhound
  5. Yeah,but the skins are what name suggest,webber survivor=silky spider boi,Magma webber=FIrespider,What resembles Green Orc in SURVIVOR skin,that indicates someone who is in nature for too long ?
  6. Survivor skin as a Orc?Isn´t he meant to be DEMON,not ORC?
  7. THe survivor skin,EXCUSE ME WHAT THE F***?It is Orc or Imp that ran from Dungeons and Dragons.I expected Dark demon that has one big horn and one broken horn
  8. A horrible chill goes down your spine,Screams echo around you,Screams are echoing from the Ruins,Your mind goes numb,You are overwhelmed with pain,You feel an evil presence watching you,Otherworldly voices linger around you, IMPENDING DOOM APPROACHES.Wortox is COMING,IT CANNOT BE STOPPED,EMBRACE HIM Im so hyped guys,oen day left
  9. New Update Speculiatons

    Im not into this HENTAI Anime things so sorry.
  10. New Area Ideas

  11. New Area Ideas

    I meant the Biomes as The new Worlds
  12. New Update Speculiatons

    They should have KLEI on their Shirts xD
  13. New Area Ideas

    So i debated about this with my friend and here is what we came with : 1.Ice biome: Biome full of ice,mini glaciers, frozen trees and such,It inhabited by MacTusk people which are passive to you,there are Beefalos in cages,they are there beacuse of fur and food.There is a GrandMacTusk,leader of Tusk people.They need food,so you have to give it to them,(normal or Gorge food).After this thesy wil start to help you ánd they will open up their stores.At night,there is Ultrastrong Cold,it is strong enough that when you are not close to any stronger heat source,you will die in seconds. 2.Forge biome:Normal forge with friendly Pugna (He accepts you beacuse you defeated his warriors in Fair Fight)He needs cooling materials that you will get from Tusk people,because the Lava Core of Forge is unstable.They will give you weapons and special blueprints. 3.Gorge Biome:Mumsy and Billy,she wil give you food,but she needs one BIG favor,to KILL The Gnaw,you need special weapons from Pugna and his best warriors to kill him.Then she will leave Gorge world and will cook for you special food that gives a lot of healt,sanity or Hunger. 4.Shadow world:Little is knowed about this world.It should be Unaccesible beacuse its too dangerous and Its the Homeland of Them.Its covered in constant Night and the worse Nightmares are lurking through the endless void of this Realm.You need to close it,but Them are faster,and send their Warriors to Fight with you.(More Shadow creatures and accesible Shadow World would in the new Update) I hope you liked my and my friends ideas.Sorry for grammatic mistakes ,but writing This character:´ is too time consuming so i don´t use it. KLEI,I LOVE YOU
  14. So he just eteres the Constant but it doesnt have any effect or impact ?
  15. New Update Speculiatons

    Make it on the same map but you cant see it on the map .justmake different waves and such