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  1. I meant the jumpscare part,i know,it is a jumpscare,but hey,that ain´t right
  2. To me,it looks that Charlie/Metheus is getting darker and uglier,just like Maxwell did.Damn,Them are on something really nasty. Or she is more triggered because the Moon is getting in her way.
  3. they may crack the shell,but not the power(still on the Them team tho)
  4. I see the ROT update splitted in two parts.From the New reign update,we have seen the shadow chess pieces,some kind of warriors that Them are setting up.The first part of the ROT update is about the Moon trying to even the odds. I think that the second part of the update will be Them coming in full power to destroy the Moon once for all,because the Moon is something which prevents them from invading more worlds,like ours.The moon is multidimensional entity which oposses Them,that is why Them cannot manipulate things directly and must use a mediator of some sorts(Codex Umbra,Maxwell and now Charlie) I really like your theory,gŕeat work!
  5. I imagine Them like a pantheon of more or less powerfull beings which don´t resemble any creature,just an ethereal being lurking in the shadows.For me,Them are like the Maykrs from Doom.They give civilizations power and knowledge,and then,they will harvest their souls and transform them into mindless abominations without a shell.But if they have a physical body,i think it is similiar to the Ancient Herald,but more sinister and darker looking.
  6. How do you imagine Them?How do you think they are going to look like?
  7. Yeah,i thought that if Them are really the ones we think they are(dark gods/entitites who destroyed the Ancient civilization) and Metheus will invite them to the Constant,then she will be consumed/enslaved etc. and Charlie will be released and will help us in fight against Them.
  8. Well, I would not say she´s innocent. She has the metheus queen in her after all.
  9. I really hope,that we will get an update for the ancient atrium and some sweet LORE.
  10. Fell in love,you stabbed me in the back,broke my heart and stole it from me. Interesting idea!
  11. I am so happy to see this, but in my head, one question is occuring.How often will you update the Beta? Once a month would be nice.