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  1. I want more Gold Tool skins. Despite being without a doubt one of the most frequently items in the game, they have a SINGLE skin set. 2 if you count pantomimed skins.
  2. Strictly speaking, Klei could very well make more ocean updates as part of the next arc. But assuming they are seperate as this poll does, I'd say the ocean should take top priority. While not as bad as it once was, Ocean content still suffers from the severe issue where it exists in a vacuum. Ocean content exists almost soley to... make you better at the ocean. While this makes sense on paper, it also means that if someone doesn't go sailing or doesn't care for sailing, then they're not really missing out on anything. The only things you can get at sea with direct benefit on land are salt boxes and Above-average tree trunks. There are also a lot of food sources out there, but the only ones that really do anything special enough to warrent collecting are Stone Fruit, Kelp, and Barnacles.
  3. See. You could do that. Or you could just play someone who isn't Wanda and use stackable healing items. Like, just take a step back and look at what you're actually saying here. "Wanda's time mechanic isn't actually hard! Just spend hours farming time pieces, marble chunks, and red gems in order to stuff a backpack full of healing items to get the same effect as any other character spending a few days potato farming!" If you need to spend so long working around a downside, than the downside is doing it's job.
  4. Yes, but there's still a difference between "Being able to Kite" and "being able to Kite reliably". And Wanda's going to struggle a lot more in that first part.
  5. Depends. If I'm fighting a boss that I'm unfamiliar with and need to learn the kiting pattern of, I'd probably be going through my stockpile pretty damn quickly. It's almost like the high-risk high-reward character favors players who have the high levels of skill necessary to make the most of her.
  6. I mean, I don't see why there would be anything new. Nothing of note has changed between Wendy, Abigail, and Bee Queen sense the refresh. So it's not like any newfangled technique could have popped up.
  7. Welp, just tried this strat out after a moderatly-successful WX-78 Ruins Run Thank you, for my first legit* Bee Queen Kill. It was down to the skin of my teeth in the end, but it definitly went better than most stratagies I see.
  8. 4 inventory slots of 20 HP with 2 minute cooldown = 40 HP/Minute 1 inventory slot with 40 roasted potatoes restoring 20 HP each = 800 HP you can quaff down in about 30 seconds So no, I think "extremely" is plenty accurate
  9. She has extremely limited healing, with her only way to heal being a mere 20 HP equivelent that doesn't stack and is on a 2 minute cooldown. And on top of that, her getting benefits with old age means that you're going to constantly be teetering on the edge of death with no easy way to quickly get back from that.
  10. Wendy. It's Wendy. Abigail's Immunity frames and AOE damage means that she can tear the grumble bees to shreds. And without grumble bees, you can basically just face-tank the queen herself without much worry. Not to mention that it's a lot cheaper than with Winona, especially sense Abigail's the queen of killing spiders, thus meaning you can easily get enough silk for a series of bee hats. And per your request. That's without Exploits. If you really wanted to have fun with it, you could also use a boat and marble armors to tank Bee Queen without her moving at all
  11. 1. Because Wanda's watches require a heavy investment. They're locked behind dark magic, and cost a lot of resources. Both in Thulecite chunks for *every* watch, and in Walrus Tusks. Meanwhile, WX only needed to dip down into the ruins to become a god among machines, and then if you had a wickerbottom on your team, you basically just won the game. 2. That's the whole point of a nerf. 3. You are *clearly* underestimating the WX rework here. While it is true that WX can't have everything all at once anymore, the variety of circuits at their disposal makes them *extremely* versatile. You can't plug in every circuit, but you know what they can still have? >Free Speed Boost >Infinite Light or Moggles >High sanity and passive sanity regen >High sanity aura >Complete immunity to Winter and summer >reduced hunger drain >Passive HP regen >Day 1 walking cane >Retaliation damage and built-in electricity immunity. WX can do a lot, and can be good at most situations you put them in. And more importantly, this system is just plain more fun than old WX. They where just a big ball of stats that had access to free speed and light, but only if playing with a specific other character. Well, if you know what you're doing, than farming does speed up in the late game. As you get more seeds, you can grow more crops at once, which means less work overall. You get access to a variety of ways to speed up the act of tending crops. Rows of shellbells or a one-man band can quicken the process of talking to plants from minutes to mere seconds. You also get more access to crops and fertilizers, which make it easier to grow Giant Crops. And whilst Giant Crops do take more investment than non-giant crops, taking the extra effort will nearly triple your yield for barely any more time spent farming. And Finally, once you progress far enough, you can get Bundling Wraps, which means no matter how big your harvest gets, you'll always be able to make use of it before it spoils. So ultimately, you can get to the point where all you really have to do is have one big harvest, and then be completely satisfied on food for an entire year. Spend a few days in spring growing Dragonfruit and Toma Roots, and you've basically met your yearly quota for healing, hunger, and sanity. See paragraph 1 Honestly I kind of agree with this point. Though frankly I don't think it's quite as bad as you make it out to be. Realistically speaking, early game you don't really "Need" that much wood. You'd be looking to build a few key structures, namely an alchemy engine. The main sinks for Wood; Chests and flooring; are just optional. And the latter of which recently got buffed so you only need a quarter of the wood you needed previously. So while there isn't an "early-game" option to speed up wood collection, I'm not entirely sure that one's needed. Ehhhhh? I don't see the farm in having to fight bosses multiple times. The loot generally lasts long enough that you only have to do it once every year or two. The only boss that I think this is a genuine problem with is Moose/Goose. You get like 5 of them every spring, and because Weather Pains are so important for raid bosses you kind of have too go around and hunt them every year. Doesn't help that the fight's also boring as hell. See Paragraph 2 The End is Nigh was already useless. It just had an extremely specific use case when playing with another character. And Applied Horticulture only got "nerfed" to reflect the changes to the farming system. The same reason that Wormwood got buffed to reflect the new farming and fertilizer mechanics. There's no reason to belive that Wickerbottom will be nerfed. Even in the game's Hayday she was only considered one of "The Big Three" becuase of how well she could support Wolfgang and WX. Nowadays, not only have those two been nerfed, but all the character refreshes and new arrivals mean that she's... honestly pretty average, all things considered. Still has some good utility, but has aged well past her glory days. 1. See Paragraph 2. 2. I don't think Wickerbottom should be a dedicated farming character TBH. It doesn't really make sense, and I'd rather see her other spells made more useful. I do agree that boss drops not reflecting how many players there are is kind of annoying, but other than that, see paragraph 5 See Paragraph 4 Enlightened shards are definitly fair. But Bone Armor can be refueled, so I'm not sure what your point here is. Do you... even play survival games? Because everything you listed is pretty standard of the genera. Hell, I'd even say that DST is one of the more forgiving games on this front. Ever heard of One Punch Man? Manga/Anime who's entire theme is "With Overwhelming Power comes overwhelming boredom"? Becuase that applies here. Wanda gets around this by just being extremely well designed. But WX had no such excuse. They where a boring design, boring to play. And while the refresh made them "Weaker" (debatable), it also made them several times more interesting to play. See Paragraph 1 Has it occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, nerfs are a good thing sometimes? I swear every time you bring WX up your concerns arn't with the refresh itself, just that WX can't be as overpowered as they where pre-rework. See paragraph 1, Paragraph 13, and Paragraph 15 See, here's the thing. Any character could do that. It just happens that WX was particularly good at it. When people called WX a "Selfish" character, they're referring to how they take a lot of resources, but don't offer anything directly in return. Wortox isn't a selfish character. His souls are cheap and can heal the entire team. Warly isn't a selfish character, while only he can use his crock pot, anyone can eat the foods he makes and benefit from them. WX was a selfish character. They ate up all the party's gears and the only thing they got in return was a character who was slightly better at doing things any other character could do. While you could still argue that WX is "Selfish", on account of none of their modules being useful for allies (except the chorusbox), they also take way less resources than they did previously, thus making them less of a burden. They also don't need to be playing with a specific character inorder too best make use of their overcharge. so that's nice. Also, you claim that WX wasn't selfish because they could ruins rush well. But the thing about that is that reworked WX is even better at Ruins Rushing than old WX. You can very easily get infinite-use Moggles by day 3-4, which is dramatically more useful than Overcharge's light radius. Broken Rooks mean that you're always going to be able to get a speed module for the ruins. And reduced agression from Clockworks makes the whole ordeal safer in general. And to top it all off, you don't need to bully one of your friends into playing a character that they might not want to play for Overcharge. See Paragraph 13. But you can swap out modules at any time. Winter's over so you don't need the heating module anymore? swap in a hardy circuit and an electrification circuit to use the weather to your advantage. No no no. Elaborate on that. I got a lot of free time on my hands. My brother in Christ half his streams are on a public(ish) server. And frankly, I'd me more inclined to trust someone who practically makes a living off of playing the game than someone who's arguing against... literally the entire forums to claim that "the WX rework was bad, actually". Ok then. Do YOU play all the characters regularly? or do you only play WX and are now upset that you need a new high horse to ride on? As someone who had played WX in the past, my main takeaway from this sentance is that you're biased. Well it was pretty obvious before. But this just confirms it for me. So here's a better question for you. Would you rather take advice on global warming from scientists who have been studying the effects of fossil fuels for five years? Or the head of an oil company who's been profiting off of fossil fuels for the last 50 years? because frankly, that's what you sound like. See paragraph 12 See paragraphs 1, 13, and 15 Yeah, sure. Whatever.
  12. See, here's the thing about Wanda Yes, she's OP. But she's OP in the Best Way Possible. She has a series of unique perks that all tie together well, she has a completely unique downside that fundamentally changes how you play, She has strong utility, and a phenomenal set of utilty. She's OP yes, but her design is such a well-oiled machine that I'm afraid that trying to nerf her at all would make the whole thing come falling down, and just make her less fun to play. Meanwhile, other traditionally "Overpowered" characters; namely Wolfgang and WX-78; where boring as Dung. Wolfgang gained Damage and speed just for eating. So if you knew how to manage hunger properly and/or get a lot of food, then you may aswell have just been playing Wilson Requiem. Doing everything faster but nothing interesting. Meanwhile WX only needed to take a quick trip down to the ruins for gears inorder to become Senator Armstrong, with six-fudging-hundred HP. And then if you had a Wickerbotton on the server you also basically had free drugs, giving you light, speed, and freezing immunity. They where strong, yes. But again, they didn't do anything interesting. They where just a big ball of stats and light. So to summerize Wolfgang and WX: OP and boring Wanda: OP but interesting. While I do agree that Don't Stave is a bit to down bad when it comes to wood, I don't think that boats are a particularly good example. Yes, making a decked-out boat like this is expensive. But fankly, this sort of boat is also comically overkill. As someone who actually enjoys sailing (Yet still wouldn't recommend it), there's pretty much no reason to make such an advanced boat unless you're sailing too and from a specific location. You know what I recommend for your first trip out to sea 1. A boat 2. An oar 3. A Fire pit. And that's all you need really. Fasts as they are, masts are comically hard to maneuver. Use them and it'll be basically impossible to maneuver around rocks or whatever. Meanwhile, a single oar should be enough for you to find a piece of Driftwood, which you can then turn into a Driftwood oar. They're only about 10% slower than a pair of sails, but they're much more maneuverable, have more variable speed if you need to creep through somewhere, and are pretty much self-sustaining once you get your first. And because we're not using sails anymore, we can also cut out the steering wheel and the anchor. And unless we're hunting for salt, we also won't need to bring any boat patches, as the extra control of our oar means that we're at minimal risk of a collision-based leak. So, in total, that brings our wood cost down too 4 planks for the Think Tank 4 planks for the boat 1 log for the oar 2 logs for the fire pit. That's only 8 and 3/4ths boards. Or 39 logs. Less than 2 stacks of either. And if you really want to be cautious and bring some extra boat patches, that's only another 10-20 logs depending on how many you want to bring.
  13. As someone who's used Barnacles as a main food in the past, and would definitely use them again. Their point still stands rather firmly. Ignoring the fact that you don't fish for barnacles, they are still just food. Even if they're one of the better food sources in the game, they're still just food. You're not missing out on much if you never go sailing or set up a big colony of 'em.