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  1. Best Way For Meat?

    Fossils, you get them in caves from mining stalagmites and spilagmites. though you can also use statues and end tables as walls.
  2. Best Way For Meat?

    kinda, for whatever reason, when you feed 1 bunny, others won't follow you, but they'll help attack for you. Though I should note that if the bunny's are to densely packed, they may all just end up fighting 1, so you'll have to repeat the process of attack canceling.
  3. Best Way For Meat?

    nope, that method is pretty much the go-to. fence in about 20 bunny hutches, feed one, and procede with the civil war. On average, you'll get about 15 meat and 30 carrots each time. Combined with the bunny's incredibly short respawn timer, you're going to see yourself swimming in food and healing.
  4. Weird Headcannons

    This one aged well
  5. is there a special sprite for when you repair a leak with the tape?
  6. With, But I still feel like you'd be able to get much more than 39 in without.
  7. ok, I just need to point it out, as it's been bothering me, But you can plant up to 120 saplings in the thumper's range, not 39. Not helping my cause, But I still need to get the facts straight.
  8. Hans, Grab ze flammenwerfer.
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel
  10. chances are, Turn of tides is just what they're calling this part of "the return of them" update. similar to how A new reign had many smaller updates within it, such as the arts and crafts update, the against the grain update, and the heard mentality update
  11. Ok, fixed the graph
  12. I'll fix that later... Woodie's already dead, and wood gathering is a weak niche. Maxwell would be fine as he still has the best rock mining and sanity management. It's a role that seperates him from Woodie and Wagstaff. The game shouldn't be balanced around griefing, just look at what happened to Willow and Woodie when they tried doing that. not to mention that if we're talking pubs, and the base you want to grief has flingos, *than good luck getting the gears for the thumper in the first place* Well for starters, There is most definitly going to be more than just the lunar island. There's already bull kelp that can't be teleported to, so I fully expect more stuff to collect, and likely more islands. As for the atrium, It's not even that hard of a trip, considering that you only have to kill a tentepillar. The fryfocals cost 1 red gem, 1 pig skin, and 1 gold each, and have 10 durability at 50 damage/shot. The ancient fuelweaver has 16,000 HP. Dividing that by 500 damage per fryfocal, that equates to 32 red gems per fuelweaver kill. Now I'm no expert, but even with Varg farms, I'd say That's a pretty good investment for fuelweaver cheese (and that's ignoring the fact that cheese in general should be fixed). A better analogy would be having someone who uses the blantently OP weapon while everyone else balances themselved. But even then by this logic we should also Remove Wickerbottom, Wolfgang, and WX-78, Sense they're considered the "Meta characters" Maxwell still has a niche, and Woodie's already 6 feet under, so it's not like the thumper would do much to him. Bit tentacles still function as wormholes to the rest of the cave, and Wagstaff can only set 1 up. And there will most definitly be more ocean content than *just* the lunar island. Heck, this was supposedly the *light* update. Right now, the standard for griefing is 2 grass and 2 sticks. If you can't grief for cheaper than that, then it's probably not worth it. are you seriously saying that you'd quit the whole game over 1 character being added? At that point, We're talking a you problem and not a game problem. Good, because none of that holds water anyways.
  13. actually, Webber is speaking in the singular here, and when he's referring to both him and the spider, he always uses plural (IE "That jerk tricked us) though whether it's the webber or the spider that's talking there... it remains to be seen.
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Leaked concept art of "Return of them"'s final boss. Click at your own risk