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  1. You have a lot of quotes to support it, I'll give you that much. As for the theory itself, I feel the main issue with it is that it requires Wilson to have a family. and Given his personality, I don't see him particularly interested in a relationship. I could be wrong though, so we'll see what happens
  2. First of All, Wigfrid was added in RoG, not the base game. Secondly, Even if she's not the most interesting per se, She is much more coherent than the other two characters. She has a specific goal in mind, and she achieves that goal well. Walter and Eyeboll Are both hodge-podges of perks and downsides that are loosely tied together with a specific theme. Wurt is considered one of the worst-designed characters in the game, The Woodie rework Stabbed the reason people liked playing him in the back, Willow's rework almost entirely forgot the fact that she's a pyromaniac; With the couple perks still related to fire only being there for Obligation as opposed for being an interesting fire-based character, and Winona's rework... well, I think we all know how that one went. while not as over-inflated as Wurt or Walter, The only re-works that arn't, for a lack of a better term, Disasters, Are Warly's and Wendy's. And both of those are much closer to the classic don't starve character design than the other re-freshes All Wendy got was the ability to make Wendy more than a punching back when not fighting spiders and a way to get her up to snuff faster. Warly, Despite his rework massively overhauling him, Is still fairly simple all things considered >He can cook unique foods to buff him and his allies >He can craft and apply seasonings to further buff him and his allies >He's penalized for eating the same food multiple times in a certain time frame So, Comparing Walter to recent character re-freshes still doesn't look good for him, regardless of which ones you look at.
  3. While the spesific reasons vary from person to person, generally speaking, It's due to the fact that Walter has a large group of loosely connected perks as opposed to a single defining perk or theme and a tightly-knit kit based around it.. This practice is often associated with the Myrad of low-quality workshop characters and, while there are some good characters that can come out of it, It often leads to characters that can feel a bit disjointed and ill-designed. Just as an example, let's compare Walter, Peak character design Wigfrid, And this one "Eyeboll" character I found on the workshop WIGFRID WALTER EYEBOLL Has 25% increased damage and resistance Has a portable tent Is fast but weak Has 2 craftable items to aid her in battle Has a custom slingshot, Gains extra damage when below 50 san. 7 custom ammo types, and a custom tent Cries when below 25 san. Only eats meat Is immune to insanity auras, Is weak to Stale, Spoiled, and monster foods But looses sanity when hit and hurt Doesn't loose sanity from raw meat Doesn't Gain sanity from dapperness Gains sanity from Fish and Sushi Looses less hunger from sleeping Is immune to charlie Gains sanity from trees Less effected by darkness insanity cooks faster Can dodge Allergic to bees has 5 Custom bandaids Has a free chester Can feed Woby monster meat for a free beefalo Can tell campfire stories As can be seen, Walter's perk list is way more similar to the modded character's, even surpassing it in sheer bloat. Wigfrid, meanwhile, Is a much more neatly tied package. she's good at fighting, can craft 2 items that help her fight, And only eats meat. A simple character that, Despite being almost entirely outclassed by wolfgang, has managed to Dominate the pub meta for years up until Wendy's rework. She has a strong direction, a strong execution, and is a strong character. Walter has over 4x the amount of perks that Wigfrid does, and likely won't end up being nearly as memorable as her.
  4. I definitly like Walter's new downside. I still wish that Winona got it, But It's better than what we saw before.
  5. I see it more as Flavor for the character, rather than it being an actual downside That being said, I'm not sure what else could really be considered a downside...
  6. Hmmmm. I suspect that Walter might be an effort to Flatten the learning curve abit For new players >He's free >He has a reliable ranged weapon, and one that Doesn't draw agro from Enemies that are already fighting at that >He doesn't have to worry about sanity as long as you don't get hit, which you're going to be less often thanks to the slingshot >3/4ths of his special pellets are effective for disengaging, And maybe the cursed pellets depending on how the Shadow tentacles work >He can more efficiently turn food into health and sanity thanks to his tent benefits. A flatter learning curve would definitly benefit the game's longevity, And I'd rather have 1 specific character who does it organically than for half a dozen characters being excessively buffed to the point where they're no longer interesting. I'd also love it if this means we can get into some more, Challenging content in the future, but we'll have to see how it pans out
  7. Walter was revealed before The Protests started
  8. I said a month or two, And the numbers do show that Wigfrid is catching right back up, with only an ~2% difference as opposed to an ~5% difference
  9. Wilson got all his shadow juice sucked from him by Charlie. at most, he might be able to refine his beard hair into nightmare fuel.
  10. see if you get similar results to the Grass with berry bushes. one possibility is the fertilization requirement
  11. A beefalo taming overhaul would be great, and probably also beefalo racing
  12. It's not nearly that simple. As Game designer Soren Johnson once said, "Given the opportunity, Players will optimize the fun out of a game". This video does a good job of Explaining the concept, but to put simply, Many players will end up doing the most boring option if it's also the most efficient. and in Don't Starve' case, the Gap in efficiency is Extreamly high. Let's take Farms for example. Advanced Farms are highly resource intensive, taking 10 grass, 6 manure, and 4 rocks, none of which are inherently produced by the farms. They require regular fertilization, don't work in winter and require a flingomatic in summer, and only ever produce 1 crop. Additionally, If you want a specific crop, then you need to feed the crops you do get inorder to obtain seeds. but the ammount of seeds you get isn't consistant, meaning that on Average, you're going to loose 75% of your farm's yield due to needing seeds. And if that wasn't enough, Most crop-Specific foods are sub-par at best. Stuffed Eggplant, Pepper poppers, Fancy Spiraled tubers, and Salsa Fresca are all sub-par recipes. Vegetable stinger is kinda alright sense it has a high sanity value, and Dragonpie is the only recipe that performs well. There is no reason to ever use Farms if you're not Warly. Quite possibly every other method of food farming is easier, cheaper, and faster. Fishing is only slightly better because Wobsters exist.