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  1. the Voxola factory burned down only a year after the end of the Great war. So he would have been too old to be fighting on the front lines. However, He was probably designing and building weapons for the millitary. It's never stated, but >It would explain why he's interested in the millitary capacity of nightmare fuel >He takes heavy inspiration from Albert Einstein, who helped work on the Manhatten project.
  2. While I do agree that Webber could use a rework, As others have said, Webber isn't *just* a spider. He's a boy inside of a spider. As such, It would make much more sense for a Webber rework to focus on that symbiosis than to focus on one half over the other The obvious choice would be to give him structures and items that combine the inginuety and prowess of man with the Silk-weaving finesse of a Spider, But we've seen how that's worked before, so that wouldn't work. Another option would be To give both halves perks that are augmented by the aditional half. For example, Webber used to be a farmer, So he could get farming-based perks that the spider half can help improve. For example, the spider could help weave temporary, but easy to set up barriers for routing animals into pens. It could weave temporary greenhouses to let crops grow during winter, or it could create mini spider dens to help deal with pests and increase crop growth rate. Meanwhile The spider half would benefit from the other halve's inginutity. Webber could make armor for spiders, or, like how Beekeepers place frames to guide bees in construction of there hive, Webber could build Scaffoldings to guide the spiders on how to build their nest. some scaffoldings might have a higher spider capacity but spawn them slower, some might cover a wider area in webs, heck, some could spawn new spider species entirely.
  3. starve149 site?

    yeah, to hell with that site. Still probably a good thing you brought it to the dev's attention though
  4. That could work based on the other survivors in DS/T Wilson was clearly an extreme introvert, living in the middle of the woods and still feeling the need for "Keep out" signs Willow is an Orphan Wolfgang, while social, Was a soldier, likely during the great war. So it is extreamly likely that all his friends had died during service which would have made him vunerable. Wendy would have lost abigail, and definitly would have started isolating herself from her other loved ones Wx-78 is a robot Wickerbottom is old enough that many of her friends would have started dieing off. We also don't know of any spouses/children that she may have Woodie Could have definitly had some friends, especally sense we know he lived/worked at a logging camp, but considering his, ah, mental state, I wouldn't be surprised if most people didn't really associate Wes... is Wes Maxwell did have familial ties, but unlike the others, he was meddling in the constant's magic before hand. We don't know of any Ties Wagstaff had, however, I'm not even sure the constant wanted him in the first place. We know that he's seeking the knowledge of the constant, but the portal he built is entirely different from the one that Maxwell taught Wilson to build. He also talks about the Various things asthough he designed his own, similar set. though that could mean that either A. They stole his designs sense they worked so well, or B. They seeded the knowledge in him without him realizing it. Wigfrid takes her method acting way to far, so I wouldn't be surprised if people avoided her Warley's only known relative is his Maman, who's dementia means that she doesn't even remember him most of the time Wormwood, Wortox, and Wurt are all constant natives. The only one this doesn't work for is Webber, sense we know that he had a family before entering the constant. 12/13 is still pretty solid in my book though
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Klei: Teases a Wendy rework Klei in 3-5 weeks:
  6. We're going to see Abigail get murdered, arn't we?
  7. I would definitly perfer entirely new characters, But really, I just want Warbucks. He quickly became my favorite character in DS, and while he would definitly need a rework to avoid becoming Winona 2.0, he's so lore important that I'll be damned if he *isn't* added. Speaking of the rework, I don't think that would be too hard from a thematic standpoint. Wagstaff has *definitly* been playing with Nightmare fuel sense we last saw him.
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    it doesn't even match the hat he's wearing
  9. WX-78's Gender Topic

    Alright, I suppose I've talked about this a lot, so I may aswell intervine. First of all, WX does not have a "Soul". He has a ghost, certainly, but if a WX dies near a wortox, then they won't drop a soul for him. Similarly, Webber only has 1 ghost, but when they die they drop 2 souls, as they're 2 seperate beings functioning as one. Second, while WX is technically genderless, he does appear to identify as male. They have quotes where they refer to themselves with Male pronouns (IE "I AM THE KING OF THE OCEAN" when examining the shark-tooth crown), and there Guest of honor skin gives them a Mustache and a bowtie, both of which are traditionally masculin in nature. Though this is the only time this is really seen, due to the other skins focusing on his robotic nature.
  10. Something worth noting about Wurt is that, unlike the other characters that Pigs attack, Wurt actually hates the pigs just as much. That being said, and as has been suggested before, Letting Wurt play the challenge for higher stakes could be interesting, Kinda a "We ain't ever going to settle this on the battlefield, but I sure as hell can settle this here and now" Kinda thing.
  11. as someone who's a big fan of greek Mythology and even studied it for a school year, I can tell you that whoever painted that painting had 0 idea what they where doing, or knew anything about greek Mythology.
  12. I'm guessing Wilson was taken because They belived he has some connection with Wagstaff. both are Scientists with fantastic hair, and Wilson owns one of the few models of the Voxola PR-76 model radios, one of the few units built and shiped by the factory before it burnt down the night he and Charlie where taken.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    *sigh* *grabs RPG Launcher*
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    to be fair, that's still more resource efficent than Farms.