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  1. Ranking DST characters by how likely they are to be gay.
  2. Basically any passive sanity form, particularly a Tam O' Shanter, will be enough to keep your sanity up under most situations. And for situations where you need to go insane, you can either spam wormholes or a Lazy Deserter inorder to quickly drain your sanity.
  3. Pudgy beefalo being able to wear certain saddles without penelty is definitly a good option. One Idea I've seen suggested (but I forget who came up with it originally) is a tilling saddle that will quickly sow a row of 3 plant spots while running over a farm plot
  4. If the beef are so furry, then would the Balloon saddle let them do electric damage?
  5. Well I'm glad I included that line, because somehow I forgot to actually write like half of that first paragraph, and didn't even notice until just now. But your point is still valid, as weird as it is. Well, now that I've actually seen the math on the Glossamer saddle, yeah. Probably doesn't need a buff. Huh?
  6. Really I just slap a saddle on 'em and go ham. Usually I try to do it early so I can get a bunch of the taming done while still doing the early-game exploration
  7. For me, it's mainly because Wagstaff is just Winona, but Chad. While he would likely suffer from similar pick&Swap issues, His Telebrella and and Thumper are way more interesting and fun then the Spotlights and Catapults, while simultaniously also being less broken then the latter. And his blindness downside is actually really interesting due to how it makes your head slot dramatically more important, thus preventing you from wearing a Football helmet or Tam o'shanter or Eyebrella all the time. Also, he's probably the third or fourth most important character in the lore, only behind Maxwell and Charlie, and arguably more important than Wilson.
  8. You're really overhyping mactusk here. DST is a game about learning what to do and executing on it. And it is very easy to learn just how exploitable Mactusk's AI is. I could go into the math, but just know that you need 800 twigs to fully tame a pudgy beefalo in this manner. If new players find it easier to farm that many twigs instead of learning how to fight Mactusk, then I can't see them enjoying the game for long.
  9. My issue isn't so much that it's outclassed, more so that every beefalo tendancy does it's job better just by the player wearing a Tam o' Shanter. Actually, this makes sense. Actually the two things where seperate, I was just saying that you can compleatly ignore the 4x hunger drain unless you want a Pudgy beefalo That's fair. It just seems really expensive for that 10% extra speed. Eh. I don't think so, given that it would be a single source that can speed them up. Yes please Hmmmm. A bug report would be a good idea...
  10. Eh. you don't need much manure now that farms have been buffed. And even if you did, it's much easier and faster to just feed werepigs a comical amount of lightbulbs. Yes. I mentioned this.
  11. The issue with just adding more foods is that there are already a lot of different foods in the game. Which means either. A. The ingredients for the food has to be readily available enough so that making it is actually worth it. B. The stats have to be super high so that the food is made regardless of how hard it is to make. People joke about Pierogi and Meatballs a lot, with how popular they are. And while some of this is justified, the thing with those recipes is that they are very cheap to make and offer a very good return on the crafting ingredients. Meatballs only need a nearby spider nest to make, along with either a berry farm or some ice. And Likewise, Pierogi offer a good amount of healing despite only requiring a spider nest and either mushrooms or cactus to make. Both of these foods are very cheap to craft and offer decent stat restoration. And thus, they're some of the most popular recipes in the game. And because they're so cheap, often times players would rather make more of the mid-low quality foods than make the more expensive high-quality foods, simply because there is no benefit to doing so. For example, why would I make, say, Barnacle Linguini when Bacon and Eggs restore the same stats but can be made with only 4 meat instead of needing barnacles? And looking at the recipes you suggested, the only one that looks like it would ever actually be used is Menemen. The last one, those pancakes you mentioned, are a particularly good example of what I'm talking about. They require four separate vegetables to give equivelent stats as meatballs, which can be made with one Monster Meat and 3 ice. Not only are you barely yielding any extra hunger from that. But they're so expensive compared to other options, that nobody would make them anyways. Terribly sorry. But either the food system needs a massive overhaul, or there's just not going to be room to fit these in.
  12. Those are... quite expensive, to put simply. Also the green gem chester is way to expensive and incredably useless. Wetness reduction? really?