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Introducing, Klei Rewards

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8 minutes ago, LanaMyriad said:


I was trying to redeem the shovel and it says I have insufficient points... but I have 6800 and never used any points.

Is there something I am missing or something wrong? Thanks.


I also have the same problem.

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Hi, many ppl say not to spend the points for items that can be bought with spools. Coud you please explain why save them? Do we expect any items that will be available only for points, but not for spools? So far I can't see any...

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2 hours ago, YormanA said:

Thanks for reporting the issue @LanaMyriad , @meowswing and @Mantaren 

I fixed the problem just now. Please reload the “Rewards” page one more time to redeem the items.

Best regards.

It worked!  Thank you!

I just hate myself for not using spools as I have too many and they are useless (while the points might be needed at at a later date and then I will kick myself)... but I stupidly did not know that was an option.

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@kaaeel Yes, you can unlock previous Twitch drops only using points.

Would be great if they'd offer some Spools to Points converter. Especially since you can convert Points into Spools. Or just get rid of Points altogether and stick to Spools. I don't see why adding a 2nd currency was necessary. If things are priced properly, there should be no issue... You're already rewarding people with the item for watching Twitch, doing whatever actions (subscribe, follow, etc.), so why not allow everyone else to just use Spools to unlock the same if they happened to miss it during the promotion?

It's not like getting Spools is a walk in the park either. It still requires quite some serious playtime + luck and/or spending real money on the marketplace to purchase skins and unravel them for Spools later. Either way, Klei is winning... locking stuff behind a 2nd currency that you can't even earn on a decent rate is simply frustrating.

I'd honestly (and I'm sure there are other too) pay real money to unlock some of the previous skins.

On that note, it would be amazing if some of the plushies that come with in-game items could be bought individually. I'm not a fan of plushies, but I wouldn't mind paying even the same amount only for the skin. But plushie + international shipping (assuming you can even have it shipped to your country in the first place) + delivery time... it's uncool to say the least.

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3 hours ago, Unguro said:


i think it is because you can buy spools(in a roundabout way) that points are there. it makes it more fair for those who cannot or will not pay irl but also want to get skins

also i agree. i am not keen on plushes in general and the state of the world atm has me nervous about shipping so i would rather just buy virtual-only

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6 minutes ago, lyczka1 said:

i don't understand

can one collect points from posting in forums too ?

only for read patch notes and other kind of official announcements. Is the way klei say thanks to players who take time to know how is going the game and bringing feedback

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On 8/13/2020 at 6:12 AM, nome said:

https://accounts.klei.com/account/gift - lets you redeem codes from things like proof-of-purchase skins, maybe a little easier than doing it in-game.


On 8/13/2020 at 1:49 PM, __IvoCZE__ said:

Is that support for console-redeem skins?

Sorry, this question from IvoCZE got overlooked. I also wish to know if it's possible to redeem codes for console.

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