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  1. Sorry to bother you again, but recently i have been running into this every time I disconnected and quit the game. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it is still there. Also after the reinstalling, my computer kept looping into BIOS instead of normal restart for a while, and then suddenly solved its own issue (not sure if the BIOS is related to this). Despite the computer seems to be normal now, and I have been playing the game without any problem (other than occasional lag), I still get this warning every time I quit the game.
  2. similar issues: i toss napsack to make some spiders sleep and pick them up. I dropped them somewhere else but they continued to sleep even in evening and night. I can't pick them up either. Have to hit one of them to wake all of them up. (I didn't try webby whistle)
  3. Not sure if this is a bug or intended: If you have a big group of spiders of different types (dweller, cave, normal, warrior, nurse, lunar, spitter), they will somehow attack each other unprovoked and a never ending war began because nurse spiders AOE heal all the spiders. These spiders are not befriended. This happened in a test/ creative world where I tested out the rework.
  4. Is it because of the targeting priority? like general monster or hostile mob will be targeted first, even if you are playing webber. My problem is that when you are hunting pigmen/bunnymen with a group of spiders, any F will target spiders first before pig and bunny.
  5. pretty sure rusted scythe and ice fishing rod are not twitch drops but log in rewards during some events. As for the other two, they are released well before I started playing DST, so it would be welcomed. I would also love it very much if Klei would be so kind to add early access drops and skins redeemable by klei points, like bottomless pit and roseate sail. But as you said they are early access drops or launch drops so... might be hopeless :/
  6. Do i delete this report? I can't find an option to do that...
  7. I have the carrat torch item (a free drop during year of carrat event, thanks klei!). But recently when it can be redeemed on klei account rewards page, I found that all other items i received in game or as drops or weaved (like the axe or razor skin) they showed that i already redeemed. Only for this carrat torch, it shows that it is not redeemed. Not sure if this is normal but I do have the item. Just want to make sure the carrat torch won't go magically disappear someday. thanks.
  8. Whew that is totally unexpected, but nice nonetheless. Thanks!
  9. As Maxil20 has said, the main problem is to feed the needs of a large community server. Most Wicker mains (and non mains too) complained about the nerf not because of the recipe, it is because of the affecting 10-plant thing. We wouldn't mind even if you make the recipe far more expensive and requiring rare items like the stuff you mentioned, actually I wouldn't mind even if Klei decides to cost Wicker like 15 hp + 30 hunger and the sanity penalty per read on top of all that. The problem we had is the area of effect in community servers. Now that have been put to rest, lets not snipe at each other like this.
  10. Thank you so much Klei! You guys are the best. Thank you for listening and taking action. Super happy with the split of the book and the new cost for Silviculture. I am sure this will work very well in a large community server. Excellent changes all around. Now I actually look forward to the beta becoming official.
  11. Wicker is not. Wolfgang is. Wicker's way of playing provides more room to think creatively. In a community server you want a reservoire of grass, twigs, logs, rocks, and basic food for crafting and surviving. Some players focus on farming meat and some farm bosses. Not all farm basic resources. And these players have very little time to farm basic resources, too. In a solo world, then yes, this nerf does not affect me. But since everyone is like "relax Wicker should be nerfed to oblivion because she is way too broken etc etc", I will just shrug and main another character then, when most cooperative servers are already full of Wig, Wendy, and Wortox. Bunnymen farm nerf is warranted, infinite bird egg nerf is also warranted, I would say. Disease? We can always turn it off. I would like a cure rather than just eradicate the problem.
  12. Many people who play or don't play Wicker who don't agree with the Applied horticulture nerfing stated their points and I agree with almost all of them, so i am not going to retype my complaints. But please do reconsider this, Klei. The nerf is very abrupt, very absurd, and too extreme in my opinion. I mean I get that you make the recipe more expensive, you can even throw in thulecite fragments for all I care, but to only affecting 10 plants at a time with the same sanity penalty and book percentage? This actually makes that book completely obsolete and there becomes no point to make and read it at all, unless in absolute emergency. I mean, if the book can't affect the new plant crops, or reading the book one time will require fertilization again, or if one read of the book with the usual coverage with bigger penalty (more sanity drop or cool down, or even cutting Wicker's hp), I would take it, as the book would be still useful in a community server setting. The 10 plants per read makes it totally useless, unless I am making my own base and have no care about other players in such a comm server setting. This Wicker nerf actually scares me. Imagine if Klei can nerf one book like this, how they will go for the other books and other Wicker advantages. I hope she will not become a slightly better Wilson and completely obsolete / no joy to play. I actually consider Wigfrid quite OP, yet she did not receive a nerf. The new farming system is more interesting than the old ones for sure, yet also becoming very complicated and time consuming, and totally not suitable for first or second year gameplay espc for the average player. Yet this is a relatively ok development compared to the Wicker book nerf. Sorry for the rant and I don't want to sound like an ungrateful imbecile; I love the game and had a lot of fun, and Klei's DST updates almost never failed to give joy and excitement, and it amazed me that Klei almost always get everything right. But please do reconsider the applied horticulture nerf.
  13. @YormanA Thank you so much! It works. Also thank you for the spools (from last page). Now I run out of points lol.
  14. I did successfully weaved the shovel in game, but I would like to redeem the magnificent hat and the equis headdress, which are not possible because of this issue.