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  1. why?

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    2. BoySyrup


      I am at a loss as for what I should do gaymime, have any suggestions?

    3. wigfrids hat

      wigfrids hat

      listen to a stealers wheel album until music puns are funny?

    4. BoySyrup



      I'm good, thanks for the suggestion though! 'preciate it!

  2. the unpinning is probably because people decided to turn the thread insto a grievances thread

    1. Wendy C.

      Wendy C.

      Oh dear. That's... unfortunate. 

    2. wigfrids hat

      wigfrids hat

      yeah but it was that or cull a lot of posts, you know?

  3. that does change things. i like to feed myself and get my machines going so i can make a boat
  4. -blinks- i don't think you understood me at all x''D i'm not saying i only join in the first couple days of a world, usually the worlds i join are +40(and often +500 since i like dedicated worlds). i just like to join in spring because there are a lot of advantages to it that the other seasons just do not offer. it is a bounteous season
  5. aside from the first two days it is about the same in a pub as a private on the way rain affects you and i've joined a fair few pubs in spring XD as soon as even one person gets a firepit going it evens out
  6. spring is defos not harder. i purposely choose spring for it's convenience with extra mushroom growth and early-game hound protection courtesy of bees, beefalo and frogs(and woo free meat for the cost of a trap)
  7. i used to just run but in the last couple months i have started investing in pacified treeguards(the bats aggro first and the treeguard takes them out in a single swing each) or where i work with other players i use three our four hutches. mostly i go in and out of caves around the morning hours though
  8. dude, you accidentally made my day. i hadn't seen any official statements on warbucks being a problematic char only being one that was not appropriate for dst. i am really happy to see confirmation that klei could see that it would be a bit wrong to add that sort of character to the game
  9. i was in a world where someone died from a rabbit clonking them, does that count? i've also personally died from a piece of gold XD
  10. the gaps have water properties. you can see it when you manage to get an item knocked out of bounds
  11. when starting i couldnt fight and spring bees are aggressive bees
  12. i'd want a golden hammer IF it could be called the bounteous ban hammer