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  1. why?

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    2. BoySyrup


      I am at a loss as for what I should do gaymime, have any suggestions?

    3. wigfrids hat

      wigfrids hat

      listen to a stealers wheel album until music puns are funny?

    4. BoySyrup



      I'm good, thanks for the suggestion though! 'preciate it!

  2. the unpinning is probably because people decided to turn the thread insto a grievances thread

    1. Wendy C.

      Wendy C.

      Oh dear. That's... unfortunate. 

    2. wigfrids hat

      wigfrids hat

      yeah but it was that or cull a lot of posts, you know?

  3. excuse you. joew could be watching, you gotta censor your memes for the kiddos
  4. nah, this is more like streetfighter; the first wasnt as good and had to make way
  5. i wonder if it is weighted to count pick'n'switch since i've seen her a few times on pubs but only ever as a temp(barring a single ghost troll)
  6. remember, willow still gets spawnkicked and has mods to autokick(though winona seems really high)
  7. sounds like wilson's kind of science x''D also, a cute lil' chester in your style would actually be nice. it might distract me from work kicking my butt. could i possibly beg for a (not burny) version of chester with willow when you have the energy and time?
  8. that is pretty cute~ where did you get the woby? did you make it?
  9. not if there are more than a dozen things all vying for attention at once. there is just so much work and not a lot of time to get it all at once. it is only wrong if no work is being done which you can see is not the case here.
  10. i actually hadn't considered it. i think i will try having him sit though! thankyou<3
  11. oh boy, willow XD way to make it weird, hahaha