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  1. It has been over a month since this new reward system was announced and we have no updates regarding additions to the reward list or to the ways of point acquisition. Which leads me to my first question, are we ever getting more reward skins added to our options? It's not like these rewards are new content that needs to be created from scratch anyway. Secondly, why reveal the big pile of Spool without any details on it since day 1 of announcing the rewards system? Players cannot decide whether to save up points for it or not without the essential details about it: When is it going to be available? Without this information, it could be anytime between tomorrow and a year later. How many points is it going to cost? Players could be pointlessly saving their points to either a) find out that it's going to cost too much, rendering it impossible without new ways of acquiring points, or b) find out it costed way less than expected which made saving up a waste of the chance to grab the previous missed drops. How many spools is the reward going to be? Will getting this reward grant us enough spools to craft anything weavable or will it not be that many Spools compared to unraveling regular gifts? Thirdly, will the rewards rotate or will they be up for grabs even after there are more previous skins added to the list? Thank you for your time and attention.
  2. Alright, thank you for your quick respone!
  3. It seems that I am still not able to get the YouTube points, even though others have stated they got their YouTube share. Anyone knows why is that?