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  1. As I said in your direct message, you definitely received the 1700 points. We're still looking into whether you're not seeing them because you already spent them, or because there's some problem with the accounts website preventing you from seeing it. Yorman or I will let you know once we've got that worked out. Sorry for the delay, but rather than just answering your question we're trying to improve things for everyone with things like the account history page we previewed for you.
  2. PS4 is not definite. There's rules and approvals that we haven't done enough research on yet, don't know if we'll be able to make that happen. @JoeW is right that it's 100% something we'd like to do though!
  3. The lobby has nothing to do with your ping time. It's just a listing of what servers are available to join.
  4. Sorry for the delay, Yorman is looking into your issue and will get back to you as soon as he's fixed the problem or needs more information from you.
  5. Correct. And it should have no impact which one you list with. Everyone can see all the servers in all the lobby regions.
  6. The points are added to your account within milliseconds, so that shouldn't be necessary. If people really aren't seeing the points right away then @YormanA has a bug he needs to sort out. Screenshots of post-click point balances would be nice to help him track down such a bug.
  7. I see the 1700 points on your account. They were claimed Thu Jun 25 12:32:30 2020 UTC
  8. Xbox servers are less about money than about time. We never have enough programmers for all the jobs we want to do, so we prioritize. The new servers we're testing are an attempt to reduce the amount of work servers take, which in turn will let us run more of them.
  9. Go ahead and merge accounts. Once the API to give people copies on epic works we'll add that functionality to the accounts page.
  10. @JoeW and I would both like to know about places in the world where people are having bad play experiences on the Klei official servers. That doesn't mean we'll be able to deliver more servers in that area - there's costs to be considered, and maybe AWS doesn't even have servers in that area. But we'd like to at least know.
  11. You didn't waste my time, display errors are still errors. They all need to be fixed. When you took that screenshot, were you already on the page and just reloaded, or did you go through the whole signup procedure a second time? If the latter then it's a weirder bug.
  12. That KU doesn't seem to have been merged yet.
  13. Can you post your KU please? I'd love to look into what's wrong here.