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  1. This is our bug, nothing you should be blaming yourself over! We rolled out a fix for people with super old web browsers but it broke new account signup for people with new web browsers. Yorman will be rolling out his fix shortly. Thanks very much for your patience and I hope you enjoy the game now that you're in.
  2. That is definitely not cool @BellaNerfherder - we'll look into this bug from our end but in the mean time if you're just itching to get playing head over to in your regular web browser and register there, once you've done that the game should skip that registration page next time.
  3. I have asked Tencent cloud to help us look into the issues. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. It is on the Klei Accounts todo list, but near the top.
  5. Server tokens don't really expire. That said, we are looking to add a function for deleting them if they've leaked or you just don't need them anymore. In the mean time if you need one deleted send me a private message.
  6. Yeah, unfortunately on console we don't have a "Which of our games do you own?" API like we do on steam, so for now at least we have no way to give that gift. Word on the street is that there might have been some changes there since last I looked, I'll try to book off some time to dig through the developer docs again soon.
  7. That doesn't sound like us... In fact if OP sends me their steamid or KU I'll add RoG to their inventory for real as thanks for reporting. Anyway, no mystery here. A bunch of crazy stuff happened yesterday with the Hamlet beta package that resulted in RoG being temporarily added to it in the place of Hamlet itself. It's complicated. Anyway, the item server said "ohh, this user owns RoG" and gave you the item. Enjoy the skin, thanks for letting us know! Hope you enjoy Hamlet too when it comes out.
  8. Klei Shop Codes

    Some merchandise items come with a specific, unique skin each time, like the crabbit or the deerclops, both of which give a similarly themed backpack as I recall. Some of our merchandise though like the pins has no corresponding skin, so they give a selection of random-but-not-common skins. I think the default colour hat has a random skin and the colour variant hats have skins that make the in-game winter hat look like them. I'll pass on to Corey that it could be clearer.
  9. Don't worry folks, the potato cup is where I left it, I was just testing out the "Hide all DST items on your steam inventory" feature after writing it and forgot to turn it back off again.
  10. I believe twitch will only send us ticks when you're watching a live broadcast.
  11. I don't get hamlet

    I'm afraid that when I check your account it says you didn't sign up for the beta before the deadline. Sorry.
  12. Sorry to say you didn't sign up for the beta, at least not with that account. Before posting anything here folks, please double check that step 1 (checking if you enrolled in the beta before cutoff). Head over to Make sure you log in with your steamid, not your PSN ID or something else Click the betas tab You should see "Status: Registered". If you don't, you didn't sign up for the beta before cutoff. Sorry!
  13. Sorry to say that you did sign up for the beta with KU_AQbLODYn, but that's your PS4 account, not your steam account. Folks, I've been through about a dozen people now who said they did all the steps but didn't have the beta signup in their KU. I'd totally like to let everyone in, but we already let in WAAAY too many people as it is because we didn't want to disappoint with a random choice. Remember that getting into the beta doesn't give the DLC forever, just for a limited time while we do testing, and that not all of the content is active in the beta, just the stuff that badly needed testing. There's plenty of cool stuff that'll only come in the release version. One of the things on my todo list is to improve customer messaging. Many of you will have noticed the new MotD system in DST with the six little boxes (thanks to @JoeW who not only came up with the idea but also did much of the programming himself!), we're also planning to improve our email communications before the next beta we do, letting you choose exactly which things you want to get emails about. Hopefully things like this mean fewer of you will miss out on things at Klei you wanted to know about, without spamming anyone with things they don't care about. You did sign up for the beta, and looking at your steam inventory you also got in, Hamlet's right there in your inventory dude. Might want to go reread Joe's instructions for how to play.
  14. I'm afraid you're not on the beta signup list under that account. It's possible you were signed into another account when you signed up for the beta.
  15. Don't see you on the beta signup list I'm afraid