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  1. Klei servers handle maintaining skin inventories, the lobby listings page, and authentication (proving that a user is who they say they are). Basically, everything that's different between online mode and offline mode is because a Klei service of some kind is needed. Offline mode works offline precisely because it doesn't need any Klei services.
  2. No, when you host a game it really hosts the game on your computer, everyone has to talk to the server using your internet (so you need 10x as much bandwidth for a 10 player server as you would to play on someone else's server). It uses your CPU to sim everyone's experience, etc.
  3. Should be exactly the same process as the Hot Lava one - own Oxygen Not Included on Steam, then launch DST on steam. Feel free to file a support ticket (with your KU obviously) and we can look into it if you're still having problems.
  4. Nothing to do with Steam, it's a limitation on our end (we actually store your skins, steam just displays what we tell them to). Known bug, @Diabuis actively working on a fix for it right now, but obviously with people's skin inventories we have to be SUPER careful so it'll be in development and testing until everyone on the items team has signed off on it.
  5. Twitch linking is in the "rewards" section.
  6. Ohh, so you were one of the people advising in that one Twitch stream with @PeterAand @Jason?
  7. It seems China Unicom had an issue with their network connectivity. Almost all the errors we saw were from China Unicom IPs. Let us know if this does not explain the issue.
  8. 10/10 choice of source.
  9. Give some love to IPv6, maybe?

    I'm not convinced of the value of IPv6 support for LAN mode only other than checking a meaningless "IPv6 compatible" box, there's hardly an IP address exhaustion problem for non-internet connected networks. For internet play I am concerned about the exhaustion of IPv4 in parts of the world, we are monitoring that but at this time we utilize platform NAT traversal tech so we're not able to move on that except in concert with our partners. Very open to hearing more about anyone who can't play for want of IPv6 though.
  10. We have a prototype build that does DNS64 to connect to Klei servers, but for user hosted servers we rely on our platform partners to provide NAT traversal at this time so it's not something we're likely to ship until a substantial number of platforms (steam, PS4, etc) move over and there's a real need. Debugging connection problems with client hosted servers is already a lot of tech support pain for us, adding IPv6 into the mix seems like it would be awful given the number of broken IPv6 setups out there in people's homes.
  11. The reason we don't have that is that when I last looked, PS4 didn't give me the info I need to know if you own DS. If I find out that has changed I'll add it to the todo list.
  12. The Non-Mafia Sanctuary

    Getting Klei recognized as a church would probably make GDPR compliance WAY easier....
  13. We allowed code redemption on PS4 briefly, but it turned out to be against Sony's rules and they demanded it be removed.
  14. Nome, our almighty one, we require your presence!