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  1. Klei's on holiday until January 2nd.
  2. I thought @JoeW was the battlemaster....
  3. Unable to reach klei server

    Please send us the results of a few tests. Go to in your browser and show us what you get Open cmd.exe (assuming you're on windows) and do ping tracert and send us the full results of those two things. Thanks in advance, this will make it much easier to figure out what's going on
  4. If anyone wants the second portrait gone, reach out to support with your steamid and they'll send it on to me. Otherwise consider it a gift from my new son who never lets me get enough sleep!
  5. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    We'll be OK, we just don't like it when users have a bad play experience. Got a few more bugs to resolve.
  6. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    No, the spool persists normally. Take a look over your inventory again, if you still think it's wrong send us your steamid and a complete list of the spool transactions you think you did (what you sold and what you bought) and we'll take a look (might be delayed, we've got a lot going on right now. )
  7. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Coming soon. I've been distracted, sorry. You still get drops in the main game, all the commons have been replaced by forge chests, higher rarities include Hallowed Nights items. Also playing The Forge gets you more forge chests.
  8. I think the OP is asking whether the new shipwrecked content will eventually come to shipwrecked on mobile. Without committing to any timelines for exactly when, I'd expect that it would happen eventually.
  9. If so then Klei should probably be referred to the ICC.... (For @watermelen671 - )
  10. Forge beta drops should not count against your real-game drops.
  11. He means you have to beat the forge solo as Wes, with no other players.
  12. Inventory bug

    Don't worry, your items aren't gone, it's just unsupported to return that many items at once. Sell off some stuff you don't need and the rest should start to come back. If not please reach out to us at once!
  13. Bug is fixed, Winona skins are dropping if you can get in to play between these weird steam outages. Get to kicking @ImDaMisterL !
  14. They will be dropping on steam shortly, I am just working out one blocker bug.
  15. a thread for dev memes

    How come I'm off all my myself?