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  1. It took us a lot longer than we anticipated to get what was supposed to be a quick turnaround patch out the door. Not Nintendo's fault, all on us. It has been submitted to Nintendo now though. After that we have a content update patch which we're currently hoping to get up to the WX rework with, but details like that are subject to change obviously. We definitely care.
  2. Believe it or not these are paid translations from translation companies, not machine translation (at least not on our part!) Japanese is not the only language with this kind of issue though. We're investigating other options.
  3. That's why I had you use "ps fax", it presents a little forest view so you can see the process parentage. I picked the most parenty one, the one spawned by sh, since that'll include all the subprocesses under it. You could also launch the game and see which steam process it winds up parented to before doing it again with strace attached if you want to have cleaner logs. Thanks for the extra detail. I'm looking forward to the strace because this sounds vaguely like another linux issue we had not long ago and I want to see if it's the same or not.
  4. I found the pid of my steamwebhelper process (the parent one launched by the shell script) using "ps fax" then did "strace -f -o /tmp/steam.trace -p 4112" to attach strace to it. Then I launched oxygen not included. This gives a little bit of extra noise but it's not too bad, especially since it'll print the PID of Oxygen Not Included so you can grep just that out of the log.
  5. Please open a bug in the bug tracker to continue this discussion.
  6. No crash for me on Ubuntu 22.04 - can you supply an strace of the game from startup? Also, please file a bug (and tag @nome and @EricKlei) so that we can move this discussion out of the announcement thread.
  7. You can send me a private message here on the forums.
  8. Not expected then. Send both KUs to me and we'll investigate.
  9. Are they the same email address in both accounts?
  10. Thanks, that's the post I was going to google up if you asked. So yes, for fd 3 you keep the write half of the pipe and give the read half to DST. For fd4 & fd5 you keep the read half. Combined with stdin/stdout/stderr (where you have the write, read and read ends of the pipes respectively) you'll have a whole bunch of channels for speaking to DST
  11. 0 is stdin 1 is stdout 2 is stderr 3 & 4 are special additional FDs that let you communicate with DST servers in additional ways. Off the top of my head I forget which is which is read and which is write though.
  12. fd3 and fd4 are the opposite ends of the same pipe in your example code. That would have the server talking to itself. You want to create multiple pipes, in each case you'll keep one end for yourself and give the other end to the DST process. Which end is which will depend on if that FD is for reading or writing.
  13. I believe a number of players have made mods that publish server information to various places, including QQ bots. With a mod you can extract anything you want. If you want to do it without a mod look at the fields available in the lobby listings file.
  14. I haven't spoken to Charles but this sounds like a new patch will be coming soon, and likely will bring the skins with it.
  15. Correct. We likely won't do a console release just for these skins (they're substantially more work than a steam or wegame deploy), but they'll come next time console is updated.