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  1. Bug is fixed, Winona skins are dropping if you can get in to play between these weird steam outages. Get to kicking @ImDaMisterL !
  2. It was a steam outage of some sort, we don't know the details either. Seems to be fixed now *knock on wood*
  3. They will be dropping on steam shortly, I am just working out one blocker bug.
  4. a thread for dev memes

    How come I'm off all my myself?
  5. It is not yet. It's something we're actively working on making happen.
  6. Cannot connect to Klei Server

    Please try visiting in your browser, see what you get from that.
  7. If you're playing online, you should be able to just play the game and eventually a little gift box icon will show up. Go to a science machine and open it and inside will be a skin drop. You can currently get up to 4 per week.
  8. You don't need to be the "worse" anymore now :p

    1. nome


      Ohh no! :( 

  9. Fix for that issue is on its way, sorry for the inconvenience!
  10. It's for a good reason. KU_abcdefghi is different from KU_Abcdefghi but the windows version couldn't handle that, resulting in people with similar KUs being unable to play together.
  11. The Steam APIs we're using simply don't let us do that. Same story. We made a mistake on steam, we wanted to say sorry by giving people Klei games. But people who own all our games would have literally nothing they could get, so we added the skins. They're not a reward for owning everything, they're a "there's nothing else we can give you" prize. I'd definitely like to tie ownership across all platforms, but it simply wasn't feasible - especially not with the time we had. Some platforms won't even tell us if you own our game or not, others would get upset about us giving away things on a competitor's platform, etc.
  12. Really bad server peformance

    The server does not validate purchase at all and the client only does it at boot, what makes you think this is a problem with ownership validation?
  13. Just one copy I'm afraid.