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  1. Ping times aren't really related to which lobby you list in. We really need to update that message to be clearer. Your ??? ping times are because you haven't opened a hole in your firewall for other players to ping you.
  2. It's a display bug - inside the database there's a transaction record for exchanging spools for an item (points for item) but also another one for receiving an item (create an item) for legacy reasons from before we had spools. Our new webdev is still getting up to speed (and working on something that I hope at least some of you will think is _really_ cool!) but I'll add this to the bug backlog for when they're ready. Thanks for reporting!
  3. You can undo a transaction that does spools -> items or items -> spools, but you can't undo the undo and it's only valid within a 1 month window.
  4. The lobby doesn't influence your ping time. Traffic between player and server travels directly, or through steam's NAT traversal if necessary (e.g. if you forgot to open the right UDP ports in the AWS security group). The lobby server just dictates how fast your server shows up in the lobby listing. That said, it's weird that you'd hit the US lobby. Our Asia lobby server is located in AWS's Singapore region.
  5. I'm working on a self-serve undo function that will be incorporated into the transaction history page on Klei Accounts. Thought it would be something everyone would like so I started throwing it together in my spare time. No promises when that'll be available though. And it'll only have a 1 month window, so don't get too excited about getting all your old mistakes back.
  6. Which lobby server you list against has nothing to do with your ping times, don't worry. Traffic to your server goes either directly from the client or maybe through a valve relay server but never through the lobby - that exists only to act as a listing of what servers are available.
  7. Definitely a misfeature we want to improve upon, but I can't commit to any timelines just yet!
  8. It's possible that the one you unravelled was actually acquired from the rewards page. Unfortunately you can only claim the axe once. Check your transaction history to see exactly what happened.
  9. Yup, that was a bug! Klei Accounts wasn't recognizing the new twitch drops as twitch drops. Should be fixed now, thanks for reporting!
  10. Console cert definitely slows us down, but in this case there was an extra delay (which is why we couldn't make the date despite planning for console cert delays). This release added new shaders and porting those wound up being a much larger task than anticipated. So please don't blame this one on Sony and Microsoft, it's all about the latest patch needing tech work to make it compatible with console hardware, which is on us. I hope I don't need to tell you that people are working super hard to get it to you ASAP though. Thanks for your patience everyone!
  11. Took me forever to find a high res potato cup image - I had lost the original and could only find low-res ones!
  13. It's bolts of cloth. It's only used on console. Because of the way cert works instead of being able to buy skin packs directly you buy bolts and spend those on skin packs.
  14. I don't give helpful answers on weekdays, why would I suddenly become helpful on the weekend?
  15. Bolts. It's only used on console due to the way console cert works