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  1. Yup, as @Knowbodie said this sounds like something worth bringing to our attention via support. Unless you have over 10k skins at the moment, in which case we already know what happened (there's a 10k limit to skins, past that you don't lose ownership of them but the game will show a random subset until you get below 10k again). Do the skins show up in the Klei Accounts inventory page at ? If so, the issue is something to do with the game itself. If not there may be something interesting going on with the item server.
  2. It's possible your VPN isn't giving you your own IP but rather using NAT to make you share an IP with many other customers. In that case, because they haven't set up any port forwarding through that firewall, you don't get a ping. Just a theory though, you'd have to check your machine with the VPN active and confirm.
  3. The IP it registers for pings is whatever IP your request to lobby came from.
  4. Yeah, I'm a very strong believer in not having planned outages. All our backend tech is built around rolling deploys and no-outage upgrades. We're not perfect, but generally if you're having problems connecting it's because a third party like steam or xbox or AWS is down.
  5. We continue to keep our eyes open for options, but there's no immediate prospects where we just need to write some code. If Sony has an API allowing us to do this neither Charles nor I have found it.
  6. For a time we used skin codes to let people claim the RoG and SW skins instead of the ownership based system we use now. Those codes could be redeemed on a console account instead since it wasn't something we thought to stop people from doing.
  7. Check and see if that matches your expectations. Also try launching the game in case you have any unopened items.
  8. Looks like the server is registering just fine. Maybe your client and server are running different versions?
  9. Check your logs. If you don't see what's wrong immediately then send your logs to support and they'll walk you through it.
  10. Only if you want a worse answer. Support knows what they're doing at Klei, and they escalate things to devs whenever they don't. It's the better way to go unless you're asked by a dev to debug a brand-new feature we just made.
  11. We're just at the end of page 620, this post might push us over.
  12. I can't remember who it was, but one of the forumites apparently has my bones enshrined from where I died in their world. My kids called me AFK and I starved.
  13. He now goes by the name @PeterA and encourages people to eat redcaps for health on stream.