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  1. a thread for dev memes

    Fixed that for you.
  2. I'm afraid you need to concatenate all the files in to get the complete lobby listings. lobbyListings_all_1.json.gz is for an incredibly old version of the game. Not sure who would still be playing that but people do weird things. Look at the version tag ("v":388775) to see what builds people are playing on. What even is the same server? What if I take the same save and start it on two different processes? Is it still the same server if my survival map dies and we all start again with a need seed? As you figured out, __rowId maps to a single listing, session changes on regen. Obviously KU is reasonably stable (the user who is hosting the server). And you shouldn't discount the server name string, the combination of KU,ServerName is what I'd probably use. You don't need to connect with UDP to get stuff like mods. Something more like this should do the trick: curl -X POST -d '{"__token": "Blahblah", "__gameId": "DST", "query": {"__rowId":"b7f91091ffa161a81fb221bc1b8e2584"}}' | python -mjson.tool | less (Server picked based on it being the first server in the first region in alphabetical order. ) You'll need a token to make that happen, you can use the one from your game but that'll eventually expire. Send me a private message with your KU and I'll build you one that lasts forever. For the platform field: const ( PLATFORM_NONE = 0x0000 PLATFORM_STEAM = 0x0001 PLATFORM_PSN = 0x0002 PLATFORM_TGP = 0x0004 PLATFORM_QQGAME = 0x0008 PLATFORM_XBLIVE = 0x0010 ) QQGAME is defunct (those users were given copies on TGP which became WeGame). Observant people might guess that 0x03 would be a server that could host both Steam and PS4 - fingers crossed for some day! Note you can totally use a tool like charles or other HTTPS proxies, along with the https_proxy environment variable (which DST should respect) to spy on what DST is saying to the servers and reverse engineer it. And the UDP stuff is all unencrypted on PC, so tcpdump or wireshark work great there. But I'm also happy to help when I'm not too busy. Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions!
  3. it keep show The authorization code is invalid, try again.:mad:

    1. Second World

      Second World

      now there is a problem, I forgot my username and I forgot to bind the mailbox,I can't find my account at that time,so I need your help, I cant  help it anymore。I cant retrieve my account at that time,no way to get rewards QWQ

    2. nome


      I'm afraid I don't understand what you're asking about. You can try reaching out to our support department at

  4. In this new version, I dont know why you canceled the free binding account setting,It feels like a bad decision, if we forget the account in twitch  it s really a very troublesome thing,i need you can help me cancel this bound account at twitch ,thank you 

  5. I have a question,Can you  help me for  cancel in  twitch account ?i forget  it  and  I cannot rebind a new account in twitch ,thank  you 

  6. You may have to use the VPN for playing DST online then. It should only be needed for HTTPS connections, so if you're technical enough you may be able to avoid extra latency for your UDP packets through the https_proxy environment variable. Let me know if you have any questions, happy to help!
  7. The relevant log line entry is this one: [00:40:51]: CURL ERROR: ( Failed to connect to port 443: Timed out Are you able to connect to from your web browser?
  8. Just to clarify, there's no news here. I've wanted cross-play since before we launched DST. Still lots of technical challenges to overcome before it'll be a possibility, don't get your hopes up. We'll let you know when there's actual news on the crossplay front.
  9. Not necessarily. Things like the map size and player limits are there primarily because of the limits of what the console can host (as a server). I'd be surprised if they were problems for consoles acting as clients. We'll see if/when we ever develop crossplay. You're probably right about the mods though, console players probably wouldn't be able to play in modded servers. I'm still hopeful that we can make crossplay a reality some day.
  10. Send your log files to support.
  11. And threaten my job security??? There are lots in our neighbourhood. It's a popular area of the city for tech companies.
  12. Is it just me or did your profile picture disappear, nome?

    1. nome


      Think it's just you.

  13. I'm afraid even I can't keep track of _every_ ridiculous lie we make up for you guys.
  14. Not that I'm aware of, but you never know what @JoeW is going to get up to when he's not kept busy.