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  1. Fair. I think @YormanA is working on something like that for next week
  2. What specifically is down? A screenshot would be great. Thanks for reporting @minespatch
  3. You can't be, confusion was removed. You must be mistaken about being confused.
  4. Confused was removed because people were using it that way. If people start using potato cup as a replacement for confused it'll be removed too, and then I won't want to make nice things for you guys anymore. Potato cup is the best reatji. You heard it here first folks!
  5. Th new reward links were specifically created so you didn't need to use those third party services to claim them. Every points link to date has been available on the forums unless I'm misremembering.
  6. It was replaced by the links really. The click thing is a sort of one-time starter infusion of points for people who are new. The idea here is that we don't want to reward people for following us on facebook or twitter or whatever (especially if they don't want to use facebook or twitter or whatever) we want to reward them for keeping up to date on Klei news, no matter where they choose to get that news. So links come with each news announcement.
  7. Before you got into the video game industry???
  8. @Onion Ketchup is technically correct in that if the players each keep to their own worlds, the impact of player count on performance is mitigated, but there'd be nothing forcing them all to their own worlds so if they all dogpiled into one it would slow to a crawl. Regardless, player counts >64 are not currently supported.
  9. As @I Heart Popcorn said the game is unlikely to be playable at that high of a player count,so no effort has been made to boost servers past 64 players.
  10. You could with the linux VM support that exists in some chromebooks, as long as the chromebook in question is x86 and not ARM. Needless to say it would not be an officially supported solution so you'd be on your own for figuring out the details.
  11. If you're on the same local network you should c_connect() to the internal IP (e.g. 192.168.x.x) of the server. If you're not and as you say pings don't work then you won't be able to c_connect() as a firewall somewhere is preventing connections and the only reason you can connect through the lobby is because steam's NAT traversal / relaying is allowing you to bypass that firewall.
  12. If you're getting lag in online mode it means your computer is using steam's relaying service. When we fix the problem with your PCs connecting directly to one another you can play in online mode but with direct traffic, which will let you enjoy skins and added security without any extra lag. c_connect() should work if you have two IPs that can communicate directly. If c_connect isn't working then you've got a networking issue of some kind. Make sure both IPs are allowing traffic to one another on the DST UDP port (usually 10999, extra ports as well if it's a caves enabled server).
  13. Networking issues can be tricky I'm afraid, and I can't tell you what specifically is causing your problem based on the information I have now. One thing to note is that "online mode" doesn't inherently require your packets to go through the internet. It just needs you to have an internet connection so that Klei can validate your identity and "prove" to the other players that you are who you say you are - that's all done over HTTPS as @loopuleasa pointed out - technically minded players can use the https_proxy environment variable and something like charles to inspect that traffic. The gameplay doesn't have to use your internet if you connect to a local IP instead of using steam's relaying service, even in online mode. One thing that might help you a lot in debugging is going to the lua console and using c_connect() - you should be able to find lots of instructions for this if you google. It cuts out a lot of the automatic bits, so if c_connect fails you know you've got a networking problem like a bad firewall config, whereas if it works you can work your way back up the stack and figure out which piece is misbehaving.