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  1. Actually that particular hurdle is one we cleared recently, when we introduced the Klei Accounts page that you can log into via PS4/Xbox (this was the big blocker that kept us from doing it earlier). Thanks to @YormanA it's now just a regular difficulty todo item.
  2. If one of the meme-makers doesn't post the nome-signal shining a potato cup into the sky soon I'll be very surprised.
  3. We had a process that was upgrading older accounts to a new format in the background. It was set to a very low priority and @Diabu watched it carefully for the first few days to make sure it wasn't impacting users. Sadly it appears that it was running just an infinitesimal smidgen over the capacity we had to spare, causing secondary indexes to fall behind just a little each day. Finally that exceeded a limit and requests to those indexes started to fail. To make it worse, since it happened in the middle of the night and nobody had done anything dangerous lately nobody was actively watching it, and our automated systems did not catch it because sadness. Luckily @YormanA happened to notice it and brought it to my attention, I disabled the background process and we then waited for the secondary indexes to catch up. Big thanks to @Zillvr who pushed the emergency-wake-up-nome button! Sadly it was a few minutes after I saw Yorman's message but had that not been the case he'd have been the guy that saved us all from a whole night of DST downtime!
  4. Should be fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience folks!
  5. It takes effect the next time you launch DST. No, we don't control steam, we can only do what their APIs allow.
  6. We've been getting a lot of people turning on inventory hiding and then sending support requests asking why their inventory is not visible on steam. Can you tell me, do you know how we could make this easier for people in the future? Is it not clear what that checkbox does, and we need to improve the language?
  7. Lag on servers

    50s is ridiculously bad. Is it consistently exactly 50s, or occasional spikes of that bad, or what? If it's occasional the culprit is likely packet loss/bufferbloat, which comes from your network being congested. That could be your wireless (if you're using wireless) or your internet itself (if other programs are maxing out your bandwidth). There are a lot of resources available to diagnose this kind of issue if that's the case.
  8. Go to and make sure the "Hide inventory" button for DST is unchecked.
  9. Code not being submited

    Changed Status to Known Issue
  10. Did you link two or more Klei accounts to one twitch account? Maybe twitch sent some of those 7 drops to your PS4 account and some to your steam account for example. In general the twitch drops metric is not 100% reliable, there are several scenarios like the one I described which could make the number not quite right.
  11. I hope that the new network bandwidth we added will make it playable even on weekends, but if not please get my attention with an @nome or a direct message so we can investigate. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's not that we don't love our Chinese fans, it's just very hard to provide service in China if you're not a Chinese company!
  12. This is our bug, nothing you should be blaming yourself over! We rolled out a fix for people with super old web browsers but it broke new account signup for people with new web browsers. Yorman will be rolling out his fix shortly. Thanks very much for your patience and I hope you enjoy the game now that you're in.
  13. That is definitely not cool @BellaNerfherder - we'll look into this bug from our end but in the mean time if you're just itching to get playing head over to in your regular web browser and register there, once you've done that the game should skip that registration page next time.
  14. I have asked Tencent cloud to help us look into the issues. We are sorry for the inconvenience.