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Introducing, Klei Rewards

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On 11/27/2020 at 11:12 PM, Kleimain said:

Haven't updated rewards for a long time, could u update several skins given by previous activities ?

I hope that when the new version is released, we will get a reward update and new exchange items.

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Are you kidding me? I placed an order on the first day of the doll’s sale. Why hasn’t it been shipped yet?
Why is it that everyone else has used the skin, but mine still shows that the order is being processed? Did you stop working if you took the money? Finally, I wish you a prosperous business! Getting better!

Other people have used skin. I am still waiting for you to process the order. Are you still making a doll? It can be delivered even by bike!

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Everyone, log in to the game to receive your lantern!If you missed it before.I'm so happy, my heart almost stopped beating.I think klei will bring more surprises! The previous login rewards are promising!Maybe soon the previous login reward will also appear in klei reward!

I love you klei!!!!

Borrow mike's picture @Mike23Ua thanks mike~


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On 10/25/2020 at 3:03 PM, Mark7 said:

I think it would be nice when you buy any game-item you gain some Points, because If I'm not mistaken I spent around 70-90$ just for buying in game content, but I don't have any possibility to get these Rewards items :( 

Nah, you can already pay for plenty. These are supposed to be loyalty rewards for consistently getting on, and going out of your way to look at their games twitch content, forums, etc. If you didn’t want to spend that 70-90 for “just” in game content it’s not like you had to. Plus they always recirculate everything in one way or another, so as long as you play you should get it eventually. They said they plan to add more to the klei rewards multiple times now, it’s just not top priority. ^_^

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2 hours ago, Reyd said:

How can I get more reward points T_T I've linked and followed everything T_T___T__T__TT

this might give u some rewards, there are couple of links that gives spools and points u can use to reedem rewards ^^
also i'd like to ask klei(hope someone will see this) are there any plans to give us any reliable way of obtaining points? like exchanging spools for points? getting them with presents in game too? getting them as additional twitch drops? i'd love to see a way of getting some of theese as it's pretty much impossible to collect them for all rewards(personally i have all, at least from what is avaible right now), some of my friends don't have much skins and i feel bad for them, some just started playing, other have very weak internet cuz of where he lives and can't collect everything as it just doesn't allow him to, and i'd love to see if they can at least get some joy getting some free skins, at least from the rewards page

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4 hours ago, TheAscension said:

Rewards is bugged? Now I have 2 same loyal skin. Event and rewards. 

Thats can be how with tragic torch skin or real bugged. I want to check how it looks in game. Perhaps this is a new class of skins. But most likely i have spend my klei points for bugged items. Good deal i think:joyous:


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