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  1. Hello @1TeeMo I apologize for the problems caused by the rewards page. I will investigate the issues you are having claiming your points, but first I need to know what is your Klei User ID. You can find your Klei User ID here: https://accounts.klei.com/account/info If the problem claiming your points is due to a programming bug, I will fix it as soon as possible. However, you should know that sometimes unlinking an linking your account(s) one more time resolves a number of temporary issues caused by random network disruptions that we cannot always control. Try to unlink + relink the affected accounts. If this still doesn’t solves the problem, then share your Klei User ID with me and I will continue the investigation on my side. Best regards.
  2. Hello @Farlan I am so sorry for missing your messages. I am not very active in the forums and for some reason the messages you sent didn’t trigger an email notification. I hope you can consider giving Metheus another try. We recently updated the code to improve the login flow, and while I didn’t modify much of the user interface I also didn’t notice anything that could prevent a modern web browser to load the website. Nonetheless, I will keep an eye around this page for a few weeks in case you decide to play the puzzle again. If not, I still appreciate you reporting this issue in the first place as it helped us assign a priority to the maintenance of the project. Have a good weekend. Best regards!
  3. Thank you for your prompt reply @Farlan I will continue investigating the issue on my side then. I’ll let you know when I find an answer to explain the problem that you are facing.
  4. Hello @Farlan, I apologize for the problems you are having. According to your screenshot, your web browser is able to connect to the server, but is not rendering the page, and although the code in that website is very simple, I wouldn’t discard the possibility of incompatibilities between the code and your computer. Just to be sure, try this: Click here: http://metheus.dontstarvetogether.com/ Right click anywhere in the page Select the option “View Page Source” Select and copy everything Visit this website: https://pastebin.com/ Paste the code into the text box Scroll down and click “Create New Paste” Copy the resulting URL and share it in a comment here This will help me understand what code is your web browser loading. If you are unable to see any code after step 3, then at least we can discard problems with the HTML and JavaScript, and start investigating the functionality of the web server. Also, out of curiosity, are you able to load the website using your friend’s computer? Or maybe from your smart phone? Using a different Internet connection than yours? Thank you.