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  1. It could be from Hot Lava's world. I mean, we have a firepit from there, also Puft from Oxygen Not Included. It's pretty safe to assume all of Klei's games are all part of a multiverse. It's just our fellows survivors are trapped in the constant with only Maxwell knowing something about the "outside". Now I have a question for someone who's into reading and writing code, what happens to Brumble Bees after Bee Queen is killed? Do they lose their loyalty to that queen in specific? If I let them live, will they turn their loyalty to the next Bee Queen? Will they live forever? Will they die of hunger? That's something that have been bothering me now.
  2. That's actually a very good question. Might as well try it. I know ps4's internal clock has got nothing to do with Klei's event schedule because they run everything from their servers (You always need to be online to enjoy said events), but I only tried it online. After testing it out I discovered that they made sure online worlds are completely separate from offline worlds. You cannot resume an online world while being offline. And also, I think being offline doesn't let you enjoy concurrent/past events even if you set your time to when said events were active. You can however create an offline world with only one event active by choosing it during the host game screen. Setting your offline world even option to "auto" won't let you enjoy any event.
  3. You seem to be a little too desperate to keep pushing your idea of adding craftable tufts into the game like it's a priority. Even to question the knowledge of a handfull of people about a hidden mechanic of the game. Why even bother. Something terrible happened to your world or something? Do you wanna talk?
  4. My heart feels happy when people recommend @DemonRebuilt! He plays a lot with his followers, lots of exploration and boss fights. He also saves all of his streams so you can watch them at any time. BIG PLUS! @Rhovious Aran is super chill and amazing base builder! @JazzyGames is funny and clear in all of his gameplays/tutorials. I alternate between these 3 and that's all I need from twitch.
  5. My bad then, I guess I play too much endless. How about a small chance to have saplings or seeds for when you gather? Or following your idea, destroy the bushes or tufts from the landscaping tab to harvest 3 berry bush saplings and grass seeds respectively.
  6. I don't think we need the ability to "craft" those, heck I have more than 100 bushes and grass tufts in a chest, they keep spawning after every spring and that's a lot more than I'd ever need. If you add the ability to transplant anything in the world, then I'm with you. I wish there was a special tool made from ancient knowledge (REALLY END GAME) that would let me dig up reeds, banana trees, light flowers, lureplants, mandrakes, mushtrees and lichen. Of course it would need to be planted on their respective turf for them to properly grow for balance measure. What I think we should have with this update are skins for turfs, now that they are craftable. Colored carpets, ash/walnut/white wooden flooring and so on. Money for them, more variety for us.
  7. While playing Minecraft I made this fully functional bunny hut, with all the necessary stuff like crafting table, furnace, enchanting table and bookcases, bed, lights and storage, all in a 2 stores 4x4 interior.
  8. All done. God dangit, I just thought about a new name for this thing. Fits way better than Chiropmera... Manticore + Batilisk = MANTILISK
  9. It's a quest, if you just find the Opal randomly in a chest it completely destroys the feel of research and discovery. The lore of this game is so deep and mysterious, imagine if you could find out everything about it lying in your path...
  10. Just doodling. Bat boss, Chiropmera. I just thought about him having Volt Goat horns. He would be charged by lightning just like a volt goat, so cheesing him wouldn't be as easy with chaud-froid. Lives deep in the caves, can be charged when struck with a lightning weapon increasing his attack speed and damage. Summons a horde of Batilisks when half health.
  11. More messing around, trying to find the perfect world. Lunar Island on day 2, no boat required. Also it's glued to Dragonfly. This one looked super weird, scrapped of course, but interesting. Didn't want everything being on fire due to suicidal tumbleweeds. PROJECT__44.mp4
  12. You think that's hoarding?? Oh boi, what does this makes me then? Those are my iceboxes, get it? haha... sigh... Well guess I'm a hoarder too... I'm also addicted to rolling back, and I use it to get things the way I want it. There I said it.