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  1. Trying to blend in the bugs in different spots they could be found in the game, I failed trying to mimic the daylight shader.
  2. Spooders. Jumper and variants, Summer, Shadow, Toxic, Neon, Salmon, Love. Spinyweaver and variants, Velvet, Elderberry, Frost. Tarantula and variants, Goliath, Volcanic, Bleached, Cobalt, Starfall. Unfortunately the constraints of the post tend to resize if they are all grouped up in a line like this. I should have bunched them up nicely instead, the difference in size is lost due to this. Also this Nightlight I retouched.
  3. Thank you, thank you! What would atmospheric bugs be? Like fitting the biome they live on?
  4. Moar brugs. Twigbug and variants, Leafy, Summer, Shiny, Charcoal. Scorpike and variants, Muddy, Albino, Swamp. Scorpunk and variants, Ebony, Desert, Cherry, Blueberry. Scorperor and variants, Muddy, Dusk, Nightlight. Next Spooders and Dragonflies.
  5. Sorry I'm already working on something and these things take time.
  6. Oh ain't that dazzling! I did those so long ago, always wanted to give it a retouch. I'm speechless, this really cheered me up!
  7. To craft things you need to start crafting something and THEN press again to continuously craft, doesn't work at all for eating, press eat 40 times to eat 40 berries, it wasn't like this before the new crafting UI. Also force attack has been broken since forever, if the character doesn't have a target it just short steps in whatever direction it is facing. Just curious to know if this is a bug or not because they do the walking animation but don't swing the weapon.
  8. Are docks destroyed from falling tree nuts? Or is it just cannons?
  9. V3 is looking awesome, so much more charisma, Wonkey looks bland as all heck as is.
  10. Hey thank you very much! Go for it, permission granted. I had a rough sketch of it for the longest time, I just came back because of the huge update/beta, got in the mood to draw again this week! Mine too, it's always a lot of fun drawing cute bugs, also had really rough sketches of it for a long time and then in a single day inspiration took over.
  11. We already have it as a slow world regrowth so I doubt they would give us that way. My oldest world I'm unable to acquire leafy berry bushes. I'd love to have that as a drop if possible though.
  12. That Wendy is looking mighty cute! Reminds me of Harvest Moon.
  13. New species. Manticutie and variants, Autumn, Summer, Albino, Golden. Mantispike and variants, Coral, Love, Golden. Mantivil and variants, Midnight, Hawk, Quicksilver. Here's something extra. A Vivarium to keep bugs for display. I was playing around with color variations, couldn't decide on just one. Also today I was learning how to animate. Here's something wonky that I didn't give enough effort. I might try again now that I have a concept. Twerking Manticutie.
  14. Damn this idea would add so much, since we have drowned transition to land, it would be cool if we let ourselves be taken by the pirates by simply not holding a weapon in our hands and not killing them. The drawback could be lose everything in your inventory for a free trip to the monkey island where you start fresh and need to find a way to get rid of the curse so you appease with the queen and go back to the main land.
  15. Bugs bugs bugs! Fluth and variants, Lunar, Cinnabar. Deathback and variants, Weaver, Bright, Reaper, Golden. Ciclawda and variants, Neon, Golden. Scarawel and variants, Jade, Gunpowder, Brimstone, Ladybug. Ceros and variants, Sunkissed, Striped, Rose Chafer, Gilded. Mimitree variants, Evergreen, Lumpy, Birchnut, Poison. EDIT: Added more variants to the roster. More to come.