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  1. Not completely surround the thing with walls. I mean, if he placed walls in an L shape right at the entrance of the spiral the hounds pathfinding would lead them up (Where the marbles are) instead of down (Where supposedly a wall would be). Hounds only bite walls if they lose aggro on you and target the nearest breakable as far as I know. Something like this.
  2. Why the moleworms? Fresh food? Oh! Do moleworms collect salt from the sea? Now I'm curious to know if they would gobble the salt for me while I'm mining the stacks... But I guess they would be stuck in that tired animation forever on a boat... Hmm... Nice touch with the robot! Doesn't the furnace jack up your temperature like crazy in that cramped space? I had terrible experiences with furnaces on a boat. More like a winter only boat for me. Here's mine. I don't like it cramped mainly because I play on consoles and anything that is too close together is a nightmare.
  3. That's an unnecessary long way to deal with hounds. It's pretty and very creative though. Maybe you could add some walls to mess with the Hounds pathfinding? That could speed up the process of getting them inside the spiral.
  4. With the new nautical stuff being added I've been drawn to draw. Spear or Walking Cane. You'd think that an Anchor would slow you down... Clam Chest. A chest to store all your valuables, Pearl would definitely love that one.
  5. The thing about Charlie is something else, she might be "tied" to the throne but she clearly enjoys it, her split personality now reigns her body, good and evil as one. She brings people to the constant not to free her from the throne but to play her little game against Them.
  6. This, so much this. Bring smart and capable people to conquer the constant bribing them with whatever they want so you can go free from your prison. That's the cunningest thing ever. Little did they know that by freeing Maxwell, they would instead be trapped on the throne. Did Maxwell bring his very own blood, Wendy, to suffer the same fate? That's terrible if true.
  7. I'm really glad you like it patch of mines. I love Klei's artstyle and I tried my best incorporating it into my own. I struggle a lot with lighting so I'd rather leave everything without it. Thanks for the comments on everything and criticism. It means a lot!
  8. Gladiator Wurt Every Wunnie Skin portrait Every Wunnie in game model
  9. Well, yes. To be completely clear, I didn't say dst is dying like @__IvoCZE__ mentioned (People tend to twist and turn whatever you say to fit their argument like no tomorrow here). And by retiring I mean after all new content completely stops being created. Klei is still working to keep the community alive with reworks, refreshes, qol updates, skins, new characters and promise of a big update because it still brings in money, and that takes time to develop, hence another year or two of life for dst. They retired Don't Starve and that game is still being played, it didn't die. Why would a game die after retiring? The same will happen to DST eventually and Klei will move on to newer games. It's just logical thinking.
  10. Take a break, it's a new update with a ton of qol stuff. There's no way Klei can predict what is happening on every single machine the game runs. It helps best if you find something broken and post it on Bug Tracker with details. But every problem you might have have already been complained about and the devs are working on it, I bet.
  11. Considering Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together is 8ish years old (2013, DST full release by 2016), Oxygen Not Included is merely a baby compared to it. DS was also built on a custom engine and ONI is made in Unity (Which I believe might be way easier to code/update). It's absolutely clear why ONI gets more attention my friend. Don't Starve Together is done, grown and already have a degree in "fun", close to retiring I might say. It's unfair to compare them.
  12. The tradeoff is not being able to feed birds their own fried eggs anymore. Considering they are working a lot to fix the bugs we might have to wait a bit more for a next update in line. This qol update was the best thing to happen to the game in my opinion. I was burnt out and having a break away from it, being able to change back to old events sparked the will to play this amazing game again.
  13. Man it must be tough going around fixing bugs whenever an update drop, I wish I could pay you a drink Zarklord. Thank you for all this attention you give us.
  14. They do in fact re-grow, I used to burn all of them, specially in the caves where I fished for Eels and they kept reappearing after some time, I just never knew it was every summer (I'm glad you showed me this). On consoles these bastard coated plants are more than an annoyance when you can't aim your fishing rod properly.