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  1. Hi, It would be amazing if all the existing collections would have a little mark showing in a circle (e.g. Forge collections have a little anvil, Victorian collection has the Gnaw, Hallowed Nights has a pumpkin etc.). Rose Collection - should have a tiny rose Guest of Honour (Formal) Collection - should have a tiny bow Year of The Pig King - should have a tiny pig matching the YOT Varg Lunar Collection (which should be renamed Year of The Gobbler) - should match the above YOT collections with a Gobbler Triumphant/Shadow Collection - a little shadow creature mark Survivor Collection - a cute campfire Costume Collection - a bat Heart Collection - a heart ...and so forth (YOT Carrat?). And then each of the character specific unique collections which will never get other skins for the other characters (e.g. Next of Kin, Forlorn Doll, Canadiana, Trawler, Abyssal etc. + all others to come with the reworks) should have the character's little outline in a circle such as this one for Wilson but of course specific. It would make our inventories much more OCD friendly. Thanks!
  2. It depends on the rarity for the profile items for example.. some are cheaper some are 450! Unexpected twist.
  3. . …and finally Winter Feast is here so I can have these sexy percentages since I was missing the Snowfallen skins!
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    *has back for remaining characters snowfallen skins without content added and part of her really wants to explain in detail how she pictures them*
  5. Welcome to The Forge

    ..the big burning question for me regarding Winter Feast 2018 is: will the Snowfallen skins be available once again or should I just go cry in a corner with my incomplete skin collection and many spools? My OCD side is already very bothered by the fact that Wilson and Wolfgang both missing 5 pieces are not at 85% and Wick missing 4 pieces is not at 88% like Willow, Wendy and Webber . edit: I am also secretly hoping the 6 skipped last year WX, Woodie, Wes, Maxwell, Wigfrid and Winona will get Snowfallen skins and I hate myself a little for not being able to draw how I pictured them.
  6. Yes, the Funko skins will be tradeable and marketable elegants. Only thing that annoys me is that I cannot find any retailer that already has them and I have to wait for popinabox!
  7. Looking at skins and such (great thread btw to keep track of what is missing) and my question is: if I participated in the Gorge.. shouldn't I have received this even if not placing like how I received the normal Cornucopia portrait?