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  1. When you go to the lobby page it tries to ping all the servers on that screen to see what your ping time to them is. That manifests as a lot of outbound UDP connections (one to each server listed).
  2. So the curl command shows that your ubuntu host is just unable to initiate connections to our server - it's failing in the SSL handshake. Nothing to do with the game in particular. I would be very interested to know if you're able to use curl to contact various other international websites - obviously we have limited insight into the workings of China's internet so we're not really sure what's going on here. We are in talks with various companies trying to improve the situation however.
  3. That log shows DST is unable to reach Klei's servers. You can try in your browser to confirm connectivity but a lot of users in mainland China have been reporting connectivity problems lately.
  4. Looks like it can't make outbound HTTPS connections. Tried visiting the URLs manually? Can you do it with curl from the host?
  5. may be of help in situations such as these
  6. Yes, I send @PeterA messages like that all the time.
  7. I'm afraid we don't currently have cross-ownership between platforms. We'd love to have it, but this is an area the platforms are understandably rather sensitive about and was not an option when we developed DST. Now it's something that's at least open to discussion but it's difficult to go back and change it, and it's not allowed across the board.
  8. We are aware of this issue, we see it on our end as a huge number of connections initiated by customers in China but from which we never receive any further data. The cause seems to be a network issue outside of our control however We're looking for ways to improve the situation.
  9. Thanks, this seems really well researched! Love to see bug reports like this. We're hoping to step up the quality on the mobile ports (fingers crossed!) so please keep this kind of feedback coming.
  10. I think we used to have instructions for the super brave to go into the save file and edit it manually, but it was a bit technical even back then and probably there's all sorts of new gotchas now with how many changes have been made to the game. IIRC most of the issues were around players (as you'd expect) so have everyone drop their inventory before trying, then if the player doesn't translate cleanly you can always just spawn again as a new player. WX will have to find new fridges to eat the gears out of however.
  11. And since big pile of spool is a thing now, you can effectively still get them for points - it's just less obvious how. The issue was that before people would get the skin for points, unravel it for spool, then try to buy it for points again and not be able to because points are only supposed to grant loyal items.
  12. Cross platform play isn't a thing for users on the internet because we don't have a good cross-platform NAT traversal system integrated and because we don't have the infrastructure to support keeping all the different platforms in sync, but internally for development we sometimes need to connect a PC build and a console build together to debug something..
  13. Try for now. We'll look into what's wrong with the redirect on the old URL in the morning.
  14. We'll be looking into the reports of performance issues starting next week. Thanks for reporting everyone. If you have any other issues, or have any details on the perf issues that haven't already been given (such as whether the issue is RAM or CPU or GPU) please be sure to let us know.
  15. Oxygen Not Included's rendering path is a little convoluted and it's easy to get turned around on which things need how much flipping where. The person who did the Linux and OSX ports used to sit next to me and I remember for a long time watching him try to play the game with large percentages of the world rendered upside-down. Often they'd go back to being upside down as he found another place in the code that it looked like it needed to be flipped in, and accidentally flipped it too many times. When the team get a chance to look at this there's notes on what the cause is, but as I said it can be a bit of a hunt to find the right spot to flip sometimes.
  16. It depends on your platform. Some platforms' NAT traversal mechanisms allow one to hide one's IP by relaying all traffic for the user (Valve has a new mechanism written which does this, but it was introduced after DST was already written using their existing, non-IP-hiding NAT traversal). I can add an option to the lobby to not list the caller's IP, but unless your platform has full relaying it won't really do anything as your IP will still be leaked through the platform NAT traversal, which is in the lobby.
  17. Ping times aren't really related to which lobby you list in. We really need to update that message to be clearer. Your ??? ping times are because you haven't opened a hole in your firewall for other players to ping you.
  18. It's a display bug - inside the database there's a transaction record for exchanging spools for an item (points for item) but also another one for receiving an item (create an item) for legacy reasons from before we had spools. Our new webdev is still getting up to speed (and working on something that I hope at least some of you will think is _really_ cool!) but I'll add this to the bug backlog for when they're ready. Thanks for reporting!
  19. You can undo a transaction that does spools -> items or items -> spools, but you can't undo the undo and it's only valid within a 1 month window.
  20. The lobby doesn't influence your ping time. Traffic between player and server travels directly, or through steam's NAT traversal if necessary (e.g. if you forgot to open the right UDP ports in the AWS security group). The lobby server just dictates how fast your server shows up in the lobby listing. That said, it's weird that you'd hit the US lobby. Our Asia lobby server is located in AWS's Singapore region.
  21. I'm working on a self-serve undo function that will be incorporated into the transaction history page on Klei Accounts. Thought it would be something everyone would like so I started throwing it together in my spare time. No promises when that'll be available though. And it'll only have a 1 month window, so don't get too excited about getting all your old mistakes back.
  22. Which lobby server you list against has nothing to do with your ping times, don't worry. Traffic to your server goes either directly from the client or maybe through a valve relay server but never through the lobby - that exists only to act as a listing of what servers are available.
  23. Definitely a misfeature we want to improve upon, but I can't commit to any timelines just yet!
  24. It's possible that the one you unravelled was actually acquired from the rewards page. Unfortunately you can only claim the axe once. Check your transaction history to see exactly what happened.
  25. Yup, that was a bug! Klei Accounts wasn't recognizing the new twitch drops as twitch drops. Should be fixed now, thanks for reporting!