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  1. It's normal that all my "trick or treat chest" now heirloom elegant rarity?
  2. Where exactly was this link? As the name suggests, this link should be timed to coincide with the terraria collaboration event. It definitely worked, but apparently it shouldn't.
  3. Why bad? All seasonal events are good for me. For me the problem is non-stop updates because I constantly make new world. Personally I look forward when all the characters will be updated and finally I can play in the one world and possibly events like forge come back. In any case, it is free and provides some kind of variety and good mood.
  4. Very expensive. I think it’s worth waiting for oil to fall in price and then invest in spools.
  5. Thats can be how with tragic torch skin or real bugged. I want to check how it looks in game. Perhaps this is a new class of skins. But most likely i have spend my klei points for bugged items. Good deal i think
  6. Faced the same problem. I also don't see the activated Clucky Slippers in the game
  7. More like hypertrichosis. Don't go against the Rise!
  8. It's hard to find the right clothes for monster characters.
  9. I spent 1200 points on a hunters axe. Before I realized that it was possible to craft it with spools. Unfortunately, this is not mentioned in the news. Is it possible to replay this situation? And what logic to add such items to rewards. Initially, it was supposed to make this branch to get items that are out of use, for example, as previously introduced twitch drops. I do not understand this system. Is this a hint about the subsequent "constant" introduction of points in the rewards branch, or some useless model? And now 450 spools= 1200 pts? Thank you very much for such a nice update in the game. But the rewards system looks stupid at the moment.
  10. After 100 thousand the last digit of the spools disappears if it is 0 or remains unchanged if 5. After the million two digits disappear.
  11. Winter's Feast Chest now not replaced by classy items? Dropped white cardigan from 4 week present. Unfortunately I missed the moment for a screen in surprise. But yesterday the chests Dropped.
  12. In the description it is written not to die. maybe you were killed for once. either from previous experience no one should die from team members. I see 22 total deaths:)