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  1. If you're having trouble locating bosses there is a boss indicator mod you could download.
  2. You can think what you like as can I. When I read it I knew immediately what the OPs intention was. It wasn't to give her a disease but to give her a forgetful mechanic. Besides, when it comes to random diseases that precedent has already been set. I have and continue to agree that using Alzheimer's was a poor choice but sometimes intentions truly do matter. I am sympathetic to those who have had first hand experience with it but I also have empathy for the person being unfairly scolded. As for lore I don't see the same conflict that you do. Time does indeed exist in the Constant. There is very clearly a day night cycle and a seasonal progression. Both of those things require the concept of Time. You can argue one doesn't age in the Constant, and you would be correct, but that does not require the absence of Time. Wicker is the librarian. Presumably her vast knowledge comes from reading copious amounts of books during her tenure as said librarian. An extremely small percentage of human beings can truly claim to remember everything they've ever read. Sometimes something has to be read again to be remembered. In the Constant Wicker no longer has access to her library. In order to maintain her knowledge her mind will occasionally let go of information she has learned while there. Better to lose information learned with a device you have access to rather than a book you may never see again. Now I am not saying I want this mechanic. Honestly I don't think it adds anything fun to the game not does it really make anything more difficult but it is an interesting idea. I think creativityshould be encouraged. Ideas should be discussed in a civil manner. The pros and cons should be thoughtfully weighed. People shouldn't be immediately attacked because someone doesn't like their idea.
  3. The hostility here is hilarious. Lighten up folks. In fact go watch the movie, "Folks." It's a light hearted comedy centered around a character with Alzheimer's. Is it a terrible disease sure but to get upset and go on a diatribe just because someone mentions it is ridiculous. On top of that politicizing it like only the left gets triggered is just plain ludicrous. If anyone thinks the far right doesn't run for their safe spaces just as often you either live in a bubble or just plain refuse to look at things objectively. Don't let these people beat you up OP. It's a decent idea. Was it a poor choice to link it to a disease, probably, but you're not a monster for it.
  4. All this shade and lecturing on how terrible a disease Alzheimer's is seems a bit unnecessary. Especially to someone who is a non native English speaker trying to formulate an idea so that the rest of us can understand. I actually don't hate this idea. It doesn't have to be Alzheimer's but maybe a forgetful mechanic. Something akin to an absent minded professor. Wicker is the librarian. Presumably she knows a lot because she's read a lot of books. Maybe after a certain time of not crafting something she needs to quote unquote look it up again before she remembers.
  5. I voted no and I do not own the skin. I know I owned DS before DST was even a thought but I didn't really play much and never even knew there was a beta for it. I still don't have more than 80-90 hours in DS but I am almost near 1000 for DST. I would love to have that skin but I think rewards are well rewards. What's the point of doing something special to get a reward if later that same reward will just be handed out to everyone. It takes away from it being a reward. To that point I am completely against any type of give away or weaving for that skin. On the other hand I would not be opposed to Klei selling it. In fact I wouldn't care if Klei did away with the steam market completely and offered all of their skins for a price. I would rather pay Klei for a skin I want then anyone of you. As for the arguments of I couldn't play DST or I didn't know about it well unfortunately that is the way time works. Each one of us knows of plenty of things that existed and then ceased to long before we knew of them. For instance I would have loved to catch Bob Marley in concert. Unfortunately he died just a few short months before I was born. Do I want to see him cloned just so I can catch a concert, No. (I realize cloning and rereleasing a video game skin aren't exactly the same thing but hopefully you get the point.)
  6. Should water freeze

    But they do. https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/oceanfreeze.html
  7. What if the water froze during winter? It could start freezing during early Winter, become completely frozen by mid Winter, and then thaw out again for Spring. There would be the chance of getting stuck on the lunar island or worse in the middle of the ocean. It would also add the possibility of icebergs appearing further increasing the risk of sailing. If the ocean was frozen perhaps you could even walk on it. At a risk of course. They could introduce a thin ice mechanic. If you fall through death by drowning.
  8. I voted for bosses and weapons. I liked how the bosses got progressively more difficult as the Forge progressed requiring the use of additional armor and stronger weapons. I would like to see new raid style bosses added that require new powerful weapons to defeat. These new weapons would make current Giants a cake walk but the new weapons and raid bosses wouldn't become available until all the current Giants are defeated at least once. Or maybe a difficulty moderator is added so that current Giants get stronger as more time passes in the world. That way the new weapons would be needed to defeat them as well.
  9. Screenshot showcase

    It may not be MEGA but it's big enough for me.