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  1. Boat Adventures Showcase!

    A good compromise could be some kind of canoe for one player where you cannot have a sail, only a paddle. Less fast, more control. @Pimenteroo It is called "Beefalo widget"
  2. Boat Adventures Showcase!

    I need that fire pit I'll replace your crockpot and fridge by the generator. The generator with the firepit and I'll just bring bundles of food
  3. Boat Adventures Showcase!

    Amazing. I'm gonna copy it wether you like it or not
  4. I would like to have something like Hardmode in Terraria where when you finish the Fuelweaver, every boss gain more HP and or dmg output (haven't thought that through all the way tho). Maybe one or 2 new common enemies and one or 2 new items. That would give a further challenge to the old player fanbase without impacting the casual players and newcomers.
  5. Boat Adventures Showcase!

    Yes it is really not fitting to do it anywhere besides the coast. The structure also has a very 'harboresk" sound to it, like a lighthouse. Something important imo for a good harbor is to make it on a very narrow piece of land. Where I built mine is not the best shape imaginable, but it's kinda close to my main base. Something very narrow to make a dock would be nice
  6. Boat Adventures Showcase!

    I like when it looks symmetrical, which is not something easy to do with those boaty things And And ANd! Have you created some kind of harbor for your boat? Mine is quite rudimentary, its gonna evolve for sure and I'd like to have and see your ideas. And if you have no harbor cause it's pointless... Well go figure, you just don't get it >:P But I wish I might stimulate the idea of it in the community
  7. I don't actually like the fact that we always find the same ~20 dupes. I'd like more variation. Is there a mod out there?
  8. K so finally made the little mashup I wanted to do. It's all Wendy... Who would have guest... Those outfits include items but what the heck
  9. Hey ho wait fo me! Just finished my Wheeler submission Don't worry guys, Wheeler is fine. She's just too fast for That BFB
  10. Yey Willow join my world :3
  11. Exactly what I was thinking. Billy is a prime candidate for the new character, but reworking all skins, emotes and animations of all sorts would need so much work I really doubt Klei could attempts such thing for a 6 $ dlc and within the timeframe they gave us. However, we know from cinematics and the two in-game forms of Maxwell, that when a survivor enters the Constant, some shape shifting happens ; this to this (I could be wrong on that, I don't know all the lore to be honest so feel free to correct it if needed, thx ) That said, May be Klei found a way to remake Billy's character in the classic format. That would do it.
  12. Gimme your soul pretty pleasee. Managed to finish the thing in time. Ooff ^^'
  13. Look at that. I strike again, and on topic this time. Based on this current Wendy :3 This Poison Birchnut is nothing an heavily armed and experienced 13yo girl cannot take down.