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  1. Ho yeah good idea. Nothing fancy, just a bunch of different color schemes
  2. I'm quite satisfied for reasons previously said above. The only thing is that I really thought Klei would make the graves renewable. Let's say, if you help a Pipspook coming from a night of the full moon, his/her grave gets filled back with dirt (if the grave was dug up in the first place). I'm sure they looked at a similar idea about the renewability of graves and they took the decision to not do it ; Why? WHY KLEI? What's the big deal with graves?! Trickets are too OP? Dug UP GRAVES ARE UGLYYY bleh! arrh.. srry
  3. Oof the ones that want and try to reason a good mechanic for Wes... Hell no please God no. He is the cactus that kills you or the uncooked monster meat you shove into your mouth by accident; he is the shenanigan character (**not that he is detrimental for the team). I'd like him to have a bunch of semi-useless perks, that would be awesome. But but, with all these useless perks, it is important that other players do not hate him. So these perks could be useful for the others but not him. For example, he could have a nice sanity effect when you are around him. Idk maybe Wes starts to do mimes and blow some balloons so the other players get sanity boost. There could be some gameplay around that. If you ask me he could be even weaker! (or not idk) But All in all, Klei should make him so others want to keep le Wes alive. And If you playin alone?.. Well that's on you, that's the challenge you're maybe looking for.
  4. Mistakes were made. Feels bad for this dude. XD Must be around 120$USD
  5. Amazing! Got chivers and a little tear. On my second watch I noticed the noise of tires screeching while Abi fake the fall. Did she really dies of falling idk, but it might be related to a car accident.
  6. Hi guys! Is it the official waiting room? Yeah, k, Imma sit here do nothing thank you.
  7. Ho man, no matter how cute a critter gets, there will inevitably be an "alright that's enouugh, you're done" moment. One gamer needs a break
  8. Huh what's this big fluff? Oh Shheett!!! Wendy the Boofs whisperer, spring edition That's my new fancy victorian kitchen I use for mass food production. Please wash your hands and dress accordingly before entering; this is a germs free zone.
  9. Blergh. Just throwing a couple out there. Merry Chrismas Reenacting Mad Max Trying new sneaky techniques for the heist. Not easily fooled tho (yes I added the bushes and tufts around) Thx Klei for this gloomy facial expression.
  10. OO geez. I just realized this is not a chin on your avatar but some kind of pestilence mask!
  11. A good compromise could be some kind of canoe for one player where you cannot have a sail, only a paddle. Less fast, more control. @Pimenteroo It is called "Beefalo widget"
  12. I need that fire pit I'll replace your crockpot and fridge by the generator. The generator with the firepit and I'll just bring bundles of food