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  1. What have been the most inflamatory subject on the internet for the last past years? Political correctness? Trump? Nah man you have it wrong, thas the beefalo taming mechanic in DST. ... I'm not better than you, I'm here smh during the whole thread. You guys don't get, the way the beefalo mechanic is unbalanced when considering cost and benefit actually balances the game as whole. Let me bring the reason from bottom - up instead of top - down. Let's say you're a game developper and you have a semingly balanced sandbox game, then comes a really awesome idea that you can't resist but implement into your game. Thing is, this idea actually breaks the whole thing if you make it too good. Keep the idea or trash it? Well the decision made was to rise the cost to not make it so it becomes THE overpowered thing that 100% of the player base aim at and as soon as possible. I can clearly see how beefalo taming could render a lot of items and current mechanics irelevant, hence why I understand the dev's decision to desuade a good part of the player base from using it. If Pudgy beefalos are for the kings, other tamed beefalos are for princes and princesses. And it is super alright as it is. And tbh, I personnaly think the cost isn't that big. It takes great amount of cheap ressources (time and food) and no rare ressources; that's a big plus. You can, on first day, start the taming process with knowledge and motivation and this is great. I'm happy with how Klei designed the mechanic. Can we keep the bell tho plz thank you!?
  2. I really hate Maxwell and the lack of control most players have on theirs puppets. They just straight up destroy everything. TBH a good player with insight can make Maxwell works, but most Maxwell players are the lazy ones and just destroy trees and rocks and the world becomes blend and filled with stumps, logs and rock pebbles everywhere. Pick up your trashes Maxwells >:(
  3. Hi there, I have a Quenchtion. Do I need coding skills if I want to create a mod from an existing file and just redraw on the template. How would I go about that, if I may? Ty
  4. Mistakes were made. Feels bad for this dude. XD Must be around 120$USD
  5. Ho man, no matter how cute a critter gets, there will inevitably be an "alright that's enouugh, you're done" moment. One gamer needs a break
  6. Huh what's this big fluff? Oh Shheett!!! Wendy the Boofs whisperer, spring edition That's my new fancy victorian kitchen I use for mass food production. Please wash your hands and dress accordingly before entering; this is a germs free zone.
  7. Blergh. Just throwing a couple out there. Merry Chrismas Reenacting Mad Max Trying new sneaky techniques for the heist. Not easily fooled tho (yes I added the bushes and tufts around) Thx Klei for this gloomy facial expression.
  8. OO geez. I just realized this is not a chin on your avatar but some kind of pestilence mask!
  9. K so finally made the little mashup I wanted to do. It's all Wendy... Who would have guest... Those outfits include items but what the heck
  10. Hey ho wait fo me! Just finished my Wheeler submission Don't worry guys, Wheeler is fine. She's just too fast for That BFB
  11. Gimme your soul pretty pleasee. Managed to finish the thing in time. Ooff ^^'
  12. Look at that. I strike again, and on topic this time. Based on this current Wendy :3 This Poison Birchnut is nothing an heavily armed and experienced 13yo girl cannot take down.