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  1. Makes me wonder, what was not working back then that they had to make the change. And what's different there, from OP's idea.
  2. Wheeler in DST

    Yeah who's gonna start shooting green gems. I mean, there are dumb people out there, but that dumb? Stingers and flints all the way bruh
  3. How to get spools?

    ? Guys, yes you can get easy spools with money Go on the steam market > DST And then buy anything cheap that can be unraveled for a good amount of spools in-game. This method might make you save money but not a ton lot if you compare with the DST game shop with discounts for bundles and all.
  4. Glommer's Gender

    Alright! That closes the subject I suppose! Many thanks to all participantss.
  5. Glommer's Gender

    just wanna say hello
  6. w WAAHAAAOO!!!

    You are as hyped as me that reworked Webber is gonna be able to ride spider queens!? Too slow to kite, but deadly
  7. Deerclops is a she?

    As far as I am concerned, all characters in-game are just heteronormative ignorants. They should ask all monsters and giants their pronouns before fights; simple mark of respect. You don't know some deerclops might even be trans or non-binary go figure. Too far? Alright sorry
  8. So I bet, you, like me, were training your cute new little friend, racing along playfully and then SMACK! you crushed it with your hambat! Then you cried, like me, for 3 hours, cursing your violent nature and having mad remorses. So huh Klei, why is it I can eviscerate so easily my carrat racer and yet I can't hit a butterfly without Force attacking it >8( please thank you
  9. [Poll] Summer

    You don't need caves. You could use fireflies as fuel for your miners' hat
  10. And it is a cane guys!! Looks amazing
  11. Ho man, no matter how cute a critter gets, there will inevitably be an "alright that's enouugh, you're done" moment. One gamer needs a break
  12. Huh what's this big fluff? Oh Shheett!!! Wendy the Boofs whisperer, spring edition That's my new fancy victorian kitchen I use for mass food production. Please wash your hands and dress accordingly before entering; this is a germs free zone.
  13. Wardrobe idea

    Where's the science? I can see magic yes. More science please.