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  1. Mistakes were made. Feels bad for this dude. XD Must be around 120$USD
  2. Ho man, no matter how cute a critter gets, there will inevitably be an "alright that's enouugh, you're done" moment. One gamer needs a break
  3. Huh what's this big fluff? Oh Shheett!!! Wendy the Boofs whisperer, spring edition That's my new fancy victorian kitchen I use for mass food production. Please wash your hands and dress accordingly before entering; this is a germs free zone.
  4. Blergh. Just throwing a couple out there. Merry Chrismas Reenacting Mad Max Trying new sneaky techniques for the heist. Not easily fooled tho (yes I added the bushes and tufts around) Thx Klei for this gloomy facial expression.
  5. OO geez. I just realized this is not a chin on your avatar but some kind of pestilence mask!
  6. K so finally made the little mashup I wanted to do. It's all Wendy... Who would have guest... Those outfits include items but what the heck
  7. Hey ho wait fo me! Just finished my Wheeler submission Don't worry guys, Wheeler is fine. She's just too fast for That BFB
  8. Gimme your soul pretty pleasee. Managed to finish the thing in time. Ooff ^^'
  9. Look at that. I strike again, and on topic this time. Based on this current Wendy :3 This Poison Birchnut is nothing an heavily armed and experienced 13yo girl cannot take down.
  10. First time posting an artwork here. Here is my fav giant :3 in his natural habitat
  11. Since the Wortox update, My tamed befalos become invisible when i'm hoping on to ride them. This is only with Wendy...