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  1. I have my leafy meat farm on desert turf. One tile is not covered and only one eyeplant can grow there. Thats my 1x1 tile trashcan. Does not take that much space that way.
  2. Hoy Ok. So I really think most of the rework should be all around Abi, the character, the twin partner, the AI. I like the concept of Wendy being weak without her dead sister. I like the way Wendy/ Abi is a really good character against large groups of small mobs and very bad against single large mobs (aka bosses). However, there needs to be something new around Wendy/Abi that makes her more attractive later in game when you need to tackle those big large mobs; I'm a bit tired of fighting along a dead Abi laying in her flower watching me wacking my lil spear like a wimp. This "something" should be from Abi (we get to it further down here). Abi's stats don't need change I think. If Klei makes her stronger, she'll kill small mobs instantly and thats gonna be too powerfull. Changing the stats will make fighting large groups of small mobs too easy and boring, especially if, like I'm about to suggest, Abi's gameplay evolves with the rework. Soo, Wendy and Abi keeps their respectives stats! That said, why Abi needs most of the rework? Because she is one of the twins! Klei made bunch of pins and toys ; Abi is popular and should be more important. At the moment, when playing Wendy, Abi feels like a very simple standard follower. Abi can only attack, she does nothing else and she does so without warning on anything that is not friend. Big dumb dumb this Abi, it's hard to believe she's her twin sister. I want to play Wendy and Abigail. The basic orders/commands, as people and OP said before is a must thats for sure. As I said I don't have giants ideas at the moment. But There could be something like a defense stance you can activate where Abi does not attack or barely. Defense stance activated! : When in defense stance, Abi loses her AOE effect and start kiting and to "aggro" the ennemi. She becomes more transparent (like a ghost that she is) and therefore the mob does not deal lots of damage. This has for main purpose to save Wendy from the ennemi luring him away. Wendy can also use this at her advantage to attack the boss while Abi has the attention. However, this stance has an insanity aura effect on Wendy cause se doesn't like to see her sister fades into oblivion. The stance has a timer, if Abi fade completely, she disappears without leaving the flower . That would make Wendy and Abi a more viable character late in game. This plus something that is not related to fighting for Abi would be great but I don't have any idea as of for now.
  3. I can't believe what OP is arguing. As a proud owner of 2 great tamed boofs, I tell you when I see one falling from cave roof, I grab it. Nitre is actually one of the only basic resource you have (I have anyway) trouble finding late in game beside the obviously rare ones like gems. Petrified forests are a blessing for that. Nitre is highly valuable in my eyes. DONT YOU DARE >:(
  4. Title says it all. I mean, you can eat the Clops eyeball (very tasty, I don't miss one). Of course the Guardian horn is also a tasty treat ; I can't resist it either. But what's weird is that you cannot eat Houndius Shootius! All the ingredients are eatable! (almost). Klei what the heck, this must be a bug. I want to eat it so I don't starve.
  5. I'm surprise people haven't voted more for the tentacles in the swamps! I somehow, always manage to get distracted and get hit when looking at the map (no minimap mod no). This or I am also just too impatient with mobs that you need to hit only once before the kite like frogs, krampus and those vicious tentacles.
  6. Yey Willow join my world :3
  7. The game is not easy at all. Common ! I bet all o ya who said it was have played at least more than 500hours. Any game is easy after 500hours. DST is knowledge based. You know stuff, you plan ahead, it gets easier. Other than that, your base is on fire, you're fighting nightmare creatures and "Darn!" hounds are now attacking. rip Any experienced players would have trouble dealing with this situation, the thing is to not let it happens.
  8. I'd like to see Wendy running on all 4. She's a wild child
  9. Exactly what I was thinking. Billy is a prime candidate for the new character, but reworking all skins, emotes and animations of all sorts would need so much work I really doubt Klei could attempts such thing for a 6 $ dlc and within the timeframe they gave us. However, we know from cinematics and the two in-game forms of Maxwell, that when a survivor enters the Constant, some shape shifting happens ; this to this (I could be wrong on that, I don't know all the lore to be honest so feel free to correct it if needed, thx ) That said, May be Klei found a way to remake Billy's character in the classic format. That would do it.
  10. WINNIE

    Second time in a few days I see you acting like a jerk on a newcomer's post.
  11. @Auth Keep in mind I am not really saying it would be OP. I was merely trying to find reasons for not implementing the idea. No disagreement here.
  12. Hi! Devil's advocate here Choosing the emplacement of Tallbirds nests would be actually super OP. I'd put a bunch around Mactusk camps, near hound mounts to farm meats, load around the beeQueen and I am not been creative here. Too much options. So if we want to keep the idea, I'd say the Tallbird could makes his own nest. He gathers grass (5) and twigs (5) by himself, then leaves your side (fleeing you in random directions, lets say, like butterflies do) to creates his nest some amount of time after that. So the nesting would be more aimless or at the least, not optimal. But may be if you are lucky and work hard on him you can manage something decent. When the nest is done, Tallbird becomes hostile to you.
  13. Great fudging idea. Always found the smallbird mechanic to be meaningless and useless. But with that! every players would have their own protege around. How does the growing bird choose the nesting site? The place where he falls asleep the night after he becomes an adult??
  14. What if Winnie comes?

    True, but imagine she comes with one of those heat lamps for plant grow. Could be some structure with range like the flingo. Does not emit light because it is solar powered. That would be a game changer. And that would be nice to have more types of foods instead of the classic icy meatballs. I really like Winnie's mod. The gameplay would be very different of what we are used to.