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  1. Guano is the **** (lol). 1.5x fertilizing power, wow amazing! And gloomer's goop is my go to fuel.
  2. Kicking people out for no good reason. One time, I built an Alchemy machine in some player's base to prove I was a cooperative player that wanted to take part of the "adventure". I immediately proceeded to hammer down the science machine next to it. Some dude saw me hammer down the machine but didn't see me build the Alchemy, he then accused me to be a griefer. 5 seconds later I was kicked out. This is infuriating.
  3. screen shot show case

    Aaah lol alright I see what ya did there. At least, in this scene, she's getting her dose of D vitamin from the dwarf star.
  4. screen shot show case

    .. need moar explanation buddy, I dont get it
  5. screen shot show case

    This could be usable to your advantage I think! You build fences on each side so when you fight the beequeen you step over with a door and the grumble bees are forced to go around the sea holes. Something like that could be done.
  6. screen shot show case

    Were you using those rocks to fight the Dfly. Did you figured a strategy?
  7. Spider queen and treeguard would be dope as statues
  8. screen shot show case

    Me and my pal resting after fighting Deerclop
  9. screen shot show case

    Enjoying the exhibit.
  10. screen shot show case

    Hope the smell doesn't wake him up.. (I happen to share that one somewhere already, but meh)
  11. At this point, I'm pretty sure the "Rose collection" is gonna come out with the "Rose" finale update. OOOrr maybe it is gonna be skins that you earn by finishing the game with respective characters.
  12. Have smelly dreams, Bearger

    Have smelly dream Bearger.png

  13. Mmmh realllyyy! Alright, it might be better like this actually. I was kind off feeling bad about chopping those. Poor trees, they look so terrified of being cut without being able to defend themselves.
  14. Meat effigies does not work!!

    It doesn't fix the problem for me, but I did not know that (I'm mostly a DS player). Thank you
  15. Heeelllooo. It has been 2 time in my present world that I died, clicked on the effigy button, black screen comes... the mac spinning wheel keeps spinning indefinately... I force quit the game and when I come back, I am a ghost at the exact place where the meat effigy was. Seriously, I was/am mad. Next time it happen, theres no more touch stone around and I lose everything because of a bug. I'm on mac, play as Wendy, no mods. Those 2 times were the first 2 times I used meat effigy in DST. Need more info??