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sinisterrkid    1790
5 hours ago, Machine Reaper said:


Ah yes, the Putting-someone's-name-on-your-signature-then-making-a-couple-of-posts-begging-for-a-response move...

I see, very classy.

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LunarCat    3085
16 minutes ago, Szczuku said:

Oh come on, how are we suppsoed to react to sad memes now?

they still havent made a terrified emote, a angry emote, etc. what the hell are the devs doing???

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wigfrids hat    5213
2 hours ago, Owlrus98 said:

Hey guys, just gotta say something while I can.....

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Heh Heh Ha! Whatcha gonna do? CONFUSE REACT ME?! Just post your laugh reacts already, I'm waiting. OH and don't even think about those sad reacts either! :twisted:

This is a joke by the way, just to clarify.

....welp. i am now as silent as my dear sweet boi wes. i have no more will to carry on!

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