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  1. Man I always forget to post on the forums LOL but check out the partnered Griftlands Discord and on Twitter + Tumblr, etc. People post a lot more content there!
  2. Absolutely love how you have Smith stumbling along after knocking the family portrait off the wall lmao this is lovely <3
  3. Shoutout to @ResettePlayer for the brilliant ideas as always lol: Sal: "Lmao Rook you got tapeworms bro"
  4. @ResettePlayerYeah I don't know how to paint so it's rough at best LOL but thank you! Also for real haha I remember that one incorrect quote sketch of yours that was like Sal: "Don't die, dude." Rook: "Don't tell me what to do." Rook drinking Raid feels like the precursor to that. EDIT: I found it oh my god lmao still one of my favorite sketches from you Hummel
  5. Oh, some fanart I forgot to post! 1. Doodling random clothing/coloring stuff, before Reddit-user Scapewolf made a joke about Rook needing a bottle of Raid and I could not stop laughing. "Your Raid Special™, sir..." 2. Sal + parasites = more Bones And Teeth : ) (also me realizing painting isn't that bad actually)
  6. Bartender Sal learning with Fssh...my heart...
  7. Art dump of some recent warmups lmao grump People were talking about a TF2 crossover (all I can hear is Smith laughing like this) I don't have an excuse for this one.
  8. I don't think I ever posted these but I really enjoyed these inexplicable pairings of Ximmon and Tom Scott quotes "Last time I was outside this pub with Durno, he taught me how to strangle someone-" "I am putting myself at risk of being sued."
  9. One man's "expired" is another man's finely aged™
  10. Yo this marshmallow smith is gonna be the DEATH of me <3 <3 <3
  11. KEVIN. I was in the middle of working, KEVIN. You can't surprise me like this, KEVIN.
  12. I KNOW RIGHT but alas, I was just replicating the original photo in the dropdown. OTL
  13. I think I've officially gone too far smh PART 1: PART 2: (Meanwhile, with Sal...) (ORIGINAL:) There was some one-off joke on the fan-Discord server about Sal's run being based on who you simp for and not which faction you pick...Which led to me making a Team Edward vs. Team Jacob joke....but I was a fool. Because the first pic that came up in google was so goddamn iconic and terrible that I had no choice but to commit to the bit. I'm never putting luscious lips on a slug EVER AGAIN.
  14. Silly doodle based on what happened when I just picked up the game again for the first time in weeks LMAO (RE: this post)