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  1. These look amazing @FruitShake & @onetinybee I'm in awe!! <3 I should finally post the stuff I've been working on myself here as well - Been thinking about the concept of a parasite that infects kra'deshi specifically - and the possible consequences if the Cult interpreted it as a "gift" from Hesh... (CW// Body Horror)
  2. Yes I'm just soft and have love in my eyes
  3. [ QUICK NOTE ON CONTENT ] (I'd love for any devs to chime in and clarify as far as potentially disturbing content goes, since I double-checked and it seems like the guidelines don't technically specify anything on that front?) Even if devs don't weigh in on this topic & the guidelines don't explicitly say it, just be mindful of what you post here! "Parasites" being a big thing means body horror/blood will obviously come into play & shouldn't break any rules by default - but if you make something far more graphic/gory/realistic than the game portrays parasites, maybe consider putting that in a spoiler tag!
  4. BOGTOBER™ HAS BEGUN. So we might have started an impromptu Community Challenge over on the fan Discord... I have the details below for the thread, but check out the site for the prompts and links! Bogtober Website: https://bogtober.carrd.co/ Know that this is a casual challenge for fun, and that it's fan-made! ⚠ (Bogtober & the fan Discord server are not affiliated with Klei) ⚠ ____________________ How Do I Participate? Anything you make that's Griftlands-related counts! It doesn't have to be spooky™. (There are no "required" prompts, even the main theme is just to kick things off if you want a place to start!). Share what you make here in the thread and/or on social media. All mediums and skill levels are welcome! Just be sure to tag your creations with #Bogtober and #Griftlands! ____________________ Other Useful Stuff on the site! Custom Prompt Generator! (Don't worry about the text crammed together it's just like that™) Each column is its own separate generator (so you do not have to combine them all don't worry LOL) The prompt will display above so you can read it, just hit the buttons underneath the prompt. When the prompt says [Character], just use whatever Grifter, NPC, or original character you'd like! The Character spinner's not required. There's 150+ prompts, so here's a few favorites Character(s) of your choice in a Halloween costume that was NOT their idea. Griftlands, where everything is the same except all weapons are replaced with ____. "Are there supposed to be that many teeth?" (loads gun) "The bar's haunted." Other Generators and Tools! Everything from Color Palette Generators and more prompts, to hilarious stock photos of muscular dudes. A link to the Fan Discord! Invite link posted below as well: ____________________
  5. If you mean spend a day switching out/coding in one of the other voices already made then yeah that would probably be doable in a short time frame! But if you guys have seen the sheer number of voice lines there are (not to mention all the variations for every one depending on the emotion/disposition of the character), the devs can't just add them on the fly -- Voice over is expensive and it takes time to coordinate with the actors, record, edit/process the audio, then hook the individual lines into a character, etc. So I'm with you! I'm all for adding more voices that would be fun to mix it up on the bosses - but to add any completely new voices would take a lot of time/money (and probably just isn't a priority while getting Smith out). It will be worth the wait if they do though!
  6. ^Me, after retweeting Hummel's amazing comic of Rook brutally cutting parasites out of his own body (Also another Danny Devito for the pile I've accumulated)
  7. Oh yeah dude no worries at all sounds like you got a lot on your plate!! I'm set for now so no stress just wanted to throw that out there to just in case anyone was working on it already or someone else was giving it a go Also I don't know what's needed for the repository system or if hosting it in something like a collaborative Google Drive works, but I'll hit up your DM's maybe I can help
  8. Random question but do we have all the environmental art assets that have been ripped thus far in a specific place? And if not already can I request them? (I know they're usually split in layers to achieve the parallax effect, but that's actually how I prefer it to see the intended depth a bit better! So no one has to worry about combining or processing anything haha) I'm lowkey working on some environment projects so the reference helps a lot but I know people probably haven't requested much on that front before now Sei already graciously got me the stuff for the Grog n' Dog, and I'd love the other two main bars (Last Stand & Moreef's Place) - but I'd love literally any and all enviro rips if anyone has time thank you, you have my endless gratitude
  9. Y'all I had this picture I forgot about waiting in my backlogs for this exact moment
  10. How exciting!! Obviously you all have plenty of work going on and can't give an exact ETA, but do you have a rough time frame on when you're aiming to release Smith now that it's this close?
  11. Literally seeing feedback I sent in addressed within days. You guys are spoiling us. <3