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  1. KEVIN. I was in the middle of working, KEVIN. You can't surprise me like this, KEVIN.
  2. I KNOW RIGHT but alas, I was just replicating the original photo in the dropdown. OTL
  3. I think I've officially gone too far smh PART 1: PART 2: (Meanwhile, with Sal...) (ORIGINAL:) There was some one-off joke on the fan-Discord server about Sal's run being based on who you simp for and not which faction you pick...Which led to me making a Team Edward vs. Team Jacob joke....but I was a fool. Because the first pic that came up in google was so goddamn iconic and terrible that I had no choice but to commit to the bit. I'm never putting luscious lips on a slug EVER AGAIN.
  4. Silly doodle based on what happened when I just picked up the game again for the first time in weeks LMAO (RE: this post)
  5. - Playing as Smith - Defeated the Day 1 Boss (Weezil this time), and spared him. - Got Three-Fingers graft from Moreef right after as the boss graft reward. - It just so HAPPENS to pick WEEZIL to hate me. - He's now offering a whopping "friends and family discount" of 400 SHILLS to hire him - His Bane makes you regain 30% less HP when sleeping and is called "Hounded" - Can't even provoke him because he's "suspicious of me." So yeah, apparently he's just gonna lurk up there and glare at me for the ENTIRE CAMPAIGN. This is honestly one of the funniest things to happen to me in-game oh my god I'm dying Bonus:
  6. Local himbo can have a little angst, as a treat : ) "...Sal?"
  7. Yeah sometimes the update wipes that launch option in steam, so even if you've set it before you may have to check it again
  8. Yeah it's been fixed for a while Worked fine for me last night
  9. Thanks a million! That was a hilarious bug though it had me cracking up last night
  10. 7 days and 42 pages of this is more than enough.
  11. WOOO! Day 3 HYPEEEEE (*Side note on a bug which I've already F-8ed, but every time I play any card (apart from attacks) I'm taking damage? It seemed at first like it was about 4x the amount of defense I was trying to apply, but after testing some more it seems to be affecting most cards on all 3 grifters for random amounts!) Didn't realize it was the Masochist Update LMAO
  12. Congrats on negotiating that, and thanks for being transparent with us <3 Sounds like it's for the best, and I look forward to seeing you guys continue developing amazing games! Some people are getting particularly nasty in the comments, but I know none of them are really taking into account the absolute nightmare that the past year and beyond has been for everyone, let alone a small team trying to keep an independent studio of any size running. I'm sure even with it being positive and in the studio & team's best interest, management must have been stressing about making a change like this long before finalizing with Tencent, too. It's a complex decision with a lot of factors (and not just negative ones like people seem to be assuming). I can understand people being worried, but these decisions are not made overnight. There's a lot of preparation and time involved as it is, and yet you also put in the work to find someone you were confident would respect and grant full creative control - and like you said, you've been working with them since 2016. There's already a working relationship there. I support you, I'm not here to assume or speculate (apart from 2020 = Bad for Everyone™ haha). All that matters is that you guys knew this was a decision that needed to be made...and the biggest thing for me is that you clearly put in the time and fought tooth and nail to get someone that would allow you to maintain creative control/autonomy. From what I understand, that's insanely hard to find in the industry so I'm sure other "easier" options came up before Tencent did, but you bid your time and searched for the best possible route. Finding it probably involved a good deal of sacrifice, time and otherwise - but you did it anyway. Because you care. You care about what you do and the games you craft. You care about all the people your games touch, care about us. You are one of the few studios that seem to genuinely take care of your devs and try to actively promote a healthy work environment and fight crunch. You've made donations to important causes, and have helped lift other developers and studios around you, giving devs and games a chance to thrive that they may not have had otherwise. You all are truly an inspiration and a force to be reckoned with. So the only thing I care about? That you can stick around and keep that up. And you deserve to have stability, to take care of yourselves, and be able to grow while doing it. As with any major decision, this seems like it was probably a hard, complicated one - and also an important one and an opportunity for you all. I hope it lightens the load a bit so you guys get to continue focusing on what you love! You've been in the game for quite a while, I trust you Thank you, for all you do. I look forward to continue supporting you! With love, A ride-or-die Klei fan
  13. I've been dead to the world for a while but seeing all the new updates is so exciting! can't wait to spam Kra'deshi cup like it's spring break LOL
  14. The only frivolous detail worth dying over is oddly-specific card art for no reason (RIP Masochist, 2019-2020)