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  1. Shoutout to @ResettePlayer for the brilliant ideas as always lol: Sal: "Lmao Rook you got tapeworms bro"
  2. @ResettePlayerYeah I don't know how to paint so it's rough at best LOL but thank you! Also for real haha I remember that one incorrect quote sketch of yours that was like Sal: "Don't die, dude." Rook: "Don't tell me what to do." Rook drinking Raid feels like the precursor to that. EDIT: I found it oh my god lmao still one of my favorite sketches from you Hummel
  3. I dig this idea lmao a group of scientists so invested in pursuit of knowledge that they'll hire a spy & throw an entire region into chaos just to get their hands on it...Like even if the people Rook's involved with were like a middle-man organization that wasn't affiliated with only one faction or something, they could at least have been hired by a group like the Bilebrokers you've described and I love it ...I need more of this bilebroker shadow organization...
  4. Oh, some fanart I forgot to post! 1. Doodling random clothing/coloring stuff, before Reddit-user Scapewolf made a joke about Rook needing a bottle of Raid and I could not stop laughing. "Your Raid Special™, sir..." 2. Sal + parasites = more Bones And Teeth : ) (also me realizing painting isn't that bad actually)
  5. Bartender Sal learning with Fssh...my heart...
  6. Oh yeah for sure, I'd love that as well! The Grifters in a group campaign/interacting in some way does seem to be the number one thing everyone mentions when it comes to additional story content
  7. I mean it literally just released, so even if there were plans this second, we wouldn't see anything for quite a while haha. The team is still objectively really small, so since their hands will be full with general stability/bug fixes across different platforms for a while as it is, this just gives them an opportunity to see how well received the game is before deciding whether or not to plan or announce anything -- not to mention the absolutely mammoth task of translating the game (with how much dialogue/wordplay this game has oh god ). When resources/manpower aren't endless, it's always better to have a single, well-polished game than it is to have a bunch of extra content and 10x the bugs
  8. Even though there's nothing in the works at the moment, the community is quite dedicated! There's a ton of fan-content already and several impressive mods (and I guarantee you if we can crack how to mod the character art/animation, it's over lmao), so we haven't even scratched what's possible yet
  9. Thanks Kevin! They really did rock it, I'm still so impressed We hope the team enjoys it as well!
  10. Earlier this year, a bunch of us decided on a whim to do a game jam & make a Griftlands fan-game - so now with the actual game fully released, we thought sharing our little creation was the perfect way to celebrate and thank the devs for an awesome Early Access! Thriftlands on Itch.io: ◄ https://fymir.itch.io/thriftlands ► We held the game jam in February of 2021 with a team of about 20 participants -- and all but about 3-4 of us were touching game development/a game jam for the first time. It was a wild ride since we hadn't run a jam before either, and due to life events couldn't share it sooner -- but we couldn't be more excited to share it now! Special thanks to all the participants (in no particular order)! • Sei Bellissima • Newbiespud • RLHummel • Pika22 • The Wildman of Borneo • Warlepidoptera • sbuggbot • Steamerclaw • VeryRussianCorn • WrenchInThePlan • TazzMChazz • YellowShadeOfBlue • Wumpasaurus • JinxCrest101 • BonkboyDerp • M. Hiko • Fymir27 • OneTinyBee • TaschDraws I cannot thank everyone enough for their hard work (especially @Fymir27 and @onetinybee as my fellow organizers)! We held this fan-made jam both for fun, and as a love letter to the devs at Klei for their dedication and passion, and the journey of bringing the world of Havaria to life. Griftlands holds an incredibly special place in all our hearts, but we can’t express our love enough for the people behind it. We’ve been fans from Early Access, Alpha, even from the start. Now, here we are at the 1.0 release, and we could not be more proud of you all. ♥ Thank you for inspiring us. ♥ With love, Your Fans
  11. So damn proud of you all, thank you for the hard work and letting us join on this incredible journey!! <3 I-I'm not crying I swear.
  12. Art dump of some recent warmups lmao grump People were talking about a TF2 crossover (all I can hear is Smith laughing like this) I don't have an excuse for this one.
  13. I don't think I ever posted these but I really enjoyed these inexplicable pairings of Ximmon and Tom Scott quotes "Last time I was outside this pub with Durno, he taught me how to strangle someone-" "I am putting myself at risk of being sued."
  14. One man's "expired" is another man's finely aged™