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  1. While this won't resolve the issue on all servers, I made a mod that makes the Terrarium target the closest player instead of a random one. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2785785516
  2. So I looked up Don't Starve Wilson and found this in my search results.
  3. Hey look, I turned Wilson into a gamer! gamer.mp4
  4. I ran into the same issue. Just restart your game. I believe it's because the beta creates a new folder in your documents/Klei folder which doesn't exist until after the first time you open the game.
  5. Sometimes I purposely put on no skins, icon, background, and pick Wilson in public servers with the sole intent of bamboozling players like you =)
  6. Sometimes the console spams a Stale Component Reference error that refers to line 1065 of entityscript.lua which is the following function function EntityScript:GetPosition() return Point(self.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) end Calling GetPosition on an invalid entity will cause a Stale Component Reference. The entity in question has been traced back to Gingerbread Pigs, more specifically line 22 of brains/gingerbreadpigbrain.lua which is the following function local function GetLeashTargetPosition(inst) return inst.leash_target and inst.leash_target:GetPosition() end leash_target is defined in behaviours/leash.lua. If a Gingerbread Pig calls GetLeashTargetPosition on an invalid player (e.g. the player has logged off), it will cause a Stale Component Reference since leash_target is referencing an entity that no longer exists. I'm guessing changing the function to something like this would solve the issue? local function GetLeashTargetPosition(inst) return inst.leash_target and inst.leash_target:IsValid() and inst.leash_target:GetPosition() or inst:GetPosition() end Here's a snippet of how the server log might look. The Stale Component References go on for much longer, spamming the console for several minutes at a time.
  7. Uh oh, Wilson gets himself stuck in a genuine pickle as he finds himself face-to-face with the court of law.