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  1. Sometimes I purposely put on no skins, icon, background, and pick Wilson in public servers with the sole intent of bamboozling players like you =)
  2. Sometimes the console spams a Stale Component Reference error that refers to line 1065 of entityscript.lua which is the following function function EntityScript:GetPosition() return Point(self.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) end Calling GetPosition on an invalid entity will cause a Stale Component Reference. The entity in question has been traced back to Gingerbread Pigs, more specifically line 22 of brains/gingerbreadpigbrain.lua which is the following function local function GetLeashTargetPosition(inst) return inst.leash_target and inst.leash_target:GetPosition() end leash_target is defined in behaviours/leash.lua. If a Gingerbread Pig calls GetLeashTargetPosition on an invalid player (e.g. the player has logged off), it will cause a Stale Component Reference since leash_target is referencing an entity that no longer exists. I'm guessing changing the function to something like this would solve the issue? local function GetLeashTargetPosition(inst) return inst.leash_target and inst.leash_target:IsValid() and inst.leash_target:GetPosition() or inst:GetPosition() end Here's a snippet of how the server log might look. The Stale Component References go on for much longer, spamming the console for several minutes at a time.
  3. Uh oh, Wilson gets himself stuck in a genuine pickle as he finds himself face-to-face with the court of law.
  4. Wilson finds out that potatoes are really gross and starchy when eaten raw. With his genius mind, Wilson decides to carve up his potatoes to make some very adequate cups. Based on a true story. potatocup.mp4
  5. I don't believe I need to provide any context here.