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  1. Wilson finds out that potatoes are really gross and starchy when eaten raw. With his genius mind, Wilson decides to carve up his potatoes to make some very adequate cups. Based on a true story. potatocup.mp4
  2. Tents and Siesta Lean-tos both restore 2 health per second while sleeping in them while Walter's Tent Roll only restores 1 health per second. The Siesta also drains 1/3 hunger per second while the Tent and Tent Roll both drain 1 hunger per second, granted you must use the Siesta during the day. The Fur Roll is actually identical to the Tent Roll in terms of stat deltas. They both drain 1 hunger per second, and restore 1 sanity and health per second. The only differences aside from their crafting recipes are you have to set up Walter's Tent Roll as a structure, Fur Rolls have 3 uses while Tent Rolls have 10, and Fur Rolls will keep your temperature between 30-45 degrees (30 if your temperature is below 30, and 45 if it's above 45), while the Tent Roll will keep your temperature at 40 degrees (Tent and Siesta also keep it at 40), meaning the Fur Roll is actually better at managing body temperature during seasons such as winter and summer.
  3. I don't believe I need to provide any context here.
  4. You only needed to reload the server to gain access to the 5 second duplication window. AddRoom("LightningBluffLightning", { colour={r=0.3,g=0.2,b=0.1,a=0.3}, value = GROUND.DIRT_NOISE, tags = {"RoadPoison", "sandstorm"}, contents = { countprefabs= { lightninggoat = function () return 2 + math.random(4) end, }, distributepercent = 0.08, distributeprefabs = { marsh_bush = .8, oasis_cactus = 0.8, }, } }) Code taken from scripts/map/rooms/forest/DLCrooms.lua Right now, World Generation spawns between 3-6 Volt Goats in the Oasis Desert. The problem with this is that when these Volt Goats are spawned, they will most likely merge together into the same herd, which makes it possible to roll low and only get 1 Volt Goat herd. Might I suggest replacing the line lightninggoat = function () return 2 + math.random(4) end, with this line lightninggoatherd = 2, This way, instead of spawning Volt Goats, World Generation will spawn in the Volt Goat herds themselves. However, there's still the problem of the herd going extinct once all Volt Goats in the herd are killed. This isn't a problem with other herds like Beefalo since World Generation spawns in many more of them and their herds can be duplicated. This can be solved simply by removing line 31 in scripts/prefabs/lightninggoatherd.lua inst.components.herd:SetOnEmptyFn(inst.Remove) If the herd's onempty function is nil, then Volt Goats will continue to respawn even if their entire herd is killed off, making it impossible for them to go extinct in long worlds. For the summer rain, perhaps we could get an item similar to the Dripple Pipes from Shipwrecked that is crafted with the Beefalo Horn instead of the Water Beefalo Horn.
  5. Is there a reason why the Tent and Siesta Lean-to were nerfed with the introduction of Walter and Woby? Tents and Siestas used to restore +2 health per second while sleeping, and now they only restore +1 health per second, which is the same health restoration as Walter's Tent Roll. Interestingly enough, the Straw Roll and Fur Roll haven't been touched. A Fur Roll is now equally as strong as a Tent and Walter's Tent Roll. It's essentially a portable tent that any character can use, albeit with fewer uses than Walter's tent.
  6. My DST reenactment of Shakespeare's Macbeth He stabs him.
  7. There's a crash with Wurt. In scripts/prefabs/wurt.lua, line 37 says <currenthealth> instead of <current_health> I copied down part of the function. The bug is in the second to last line. local function UpdateStats(inst, maxhealth, maxhunger, maxsanity) local current_health = inst.components.health.currenthealth local current_hunger = inst.components.hunger.current local current_sanity = inst.components.sanity.current inst.components.health:SetMaxHealth(maxhealth) inst.components.hunger:SetMax(maxhunger) inst.components.sanity:SetMax(maxsanity) if current_health > inst.components.health.maxhealth then currenthealth = inst.components.health.maxhealth end
  8. Posted in Maxwell Memes the Sequel - Page 291, comment number 7 (comment ID 1208126), on June 10, 2019 by user Terra_Zina who joined the Klei Entertainment forums on November 10, 2018, boasting 4,346 community reputation and 431 content count as of today. Remember to always cite your sources kids, preferably in APA or MLA format. APA U. M., & T. Z. (2016, April 26). Maxwell Memes: The Sequel. Retrieved from https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/66717-maxwell-memes-the-sequel/?page=291&tab=comments#comment-1208126 MLA Unsound Mind, and Terra_Zina. “Maxwell Memes: The Sequel.” Klei Entertainment Forums, Klei Entertainment, 26 Apr. 2016, https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/66717-maxwell-memes-the-sequel/?page=291&tab=comments#comment-1208126.
  9. I made a comparison view of the new HQ item models. The the modded screenshot was taken on the beta branch so the Bone Helmet, Bone Armor, Insulated Pack, and Candy Bag are the same as the beta. The mod updates the models of the Krampus Sack, Bee Queen Crown, and Eyebrella. The mod in question is HQ DST (WIP) made by co.op. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1806500091