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Terra B Welch    6430
1 hour ago, watermelen671 said:

It would funny if it didn't hurt so much inside. 


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For me it's basically week 7...what's my sanity level at? :wilson_ecstatic:


If you or a loved one is hearing this tone.


Then your(or their) sanity is likely low.

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Mike23Ua    10058
6 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

I'm sorry but why is this so important? I don't own an xbox so sadly, I don't understand most of these memes.

The Xbox Events App informs players of when upcoming events are taking place within their favorite games.

There are Two types of events listed on this page- Events that have an Exact Start and End date so that players know EXACTLY how long an In-Game event will last (Which would be super helpful in limited time events like Year of Carrat, Gorge, & Forge)

And then there are the events that announce the arrival of New Permanent in Game content that won’t ever end, such as GTA Onlines Diamond Casino Heist update or Red Dead Onlines Moonshiners Update.

The Events will read as Started On- Month/Day.. that is ALL it will say if the event content is like the above examples.. But for limited time events there will be a Started on date, as well as an Ends on date.

Don’t Starve Together Return Of Them Content SHOULD be displayed here right alongside Call of Duty, Fortnite, Battlefield, Apex Legends, Gears 5.. Which would allow people who may have never even heard of the DS Franchise to see it has an event or new update & may spark their interest in picking up the game.


For example- I’m pretty certain that very very few people outside of these Forums are even aware that Klei updates DST with at least one new content update each month.

This Events App lets information like that be more known by a wider audience of gamers.

The TL:DR- The Events App allows Xbox gamers to know when new content updates or limited time events are happening in their favorite games. 

Edited by Mike23Ua
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watermelen671    19431
1 hour ago, thomas4846 said:

damn why does this need a warning to use memes

29 minutes ago, bruhmoment23 said:

JoeW gave us many warnings before, some people just don't know when to stop or read.

People kept posting NSFW or inappropriate memes, and I guess JoeW got tired of telling us to knock it off and keep it clean.

I'll make a JoeW CEASE meme...but that's gonna have to wait while my computer updates.

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