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Pinyaps    716
2 hours ago, Terra_Zina said:

Banned in 3.. 2- woah, that was fast

i'm sorry...

i won't do anything like it again! i promise!

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azazel3221    254
8 hours ago, minespatch said:


Verdant Webber

Zipper T. Bunny's true form (bunny day ruined my life by replacing all the fish during the fishing tourney and all balloons carrying cherry blossom recipes and all fossils and most minerals with eggs)

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Pinyaps    716
11 minutes ago, GetNerfedOn said:

 Next up...

What do survivors do in the lockdown?

  Reveal hidden contents

 - runs around towns and cities taunting everyone else and screaming "MY VICTORY IS AT HAND FLESHLINGS; SUCCUMB TO THIS DISEASE OR FALL TO MY WRATH"


  - the disease doesn't bother him but he stays at home with his friends anyway


 - "What is quarantine"; goes out to explore and do their things only to be infected


 - Creates a clone/projection of himself that can go outdoors and do stuff for him without risk of infection


 - Creates an automatic disinfector bot which sprays down their place of residence every day, without fail, among other gadgets to keep them entertained


 - Attempts to replicate the previous two's feats; fails explosively (as usual)


 - Maintains the home and is generally happy about it (except for when the others' antics kick in and ruin her careful furniture arrangements (not to mention the furniture as well))


 - Cooks for everyone in the house


 - Entertains the kids with skits, acts and wholesome interactions


  - Her idea of entertainment is challenging everyone to fights with a backscratcher

Image result for wigfrid

 - Attempted to use shadow clones to get stuff outside but has been roundly berated by everyone else; he now joins the entertainers as a magic act


  - Wholly entertained by the entertainers


 - Her usualy depressed self, but joins the skits if only because Webber asks her too


  - Utterly bored with little to do inside 


 - Utterly bored with little to do inside; has been gnawing on furniture much to Wickerbottom's dismay


 - balances buckets full of water on doorjamb


 - burns the house down




thank you wormwood :)

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