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  1. "There is still work to be done backstage. But - we'll make sure to share something well before showtime" - Wickerbottom rework Some people think this is a clue to the next rework being Maxwell's, something I do believe to be true. But I think it is more probable this is referring to the next content update... "Three "setting the stage" Content updates" - Don't Starve Together Roadmap 2022 Sounds to me like there is going to be some kind of "finally" once the content arc is finished. We've got the Moon Quay last time, I wanted to ask you what you think Klei has in store for us... My personal theory: I think DST is coming to an end - Only two characters left to refresh; both the shadows (fuel weaver) and the lunar champions are defeated; Charlie has acquired the ancient torch... I think we will see two more "anomalies" from Wagstaff that will open rifts between worlds, and then there will be some kind of battle between Charlie (The dark) and Wagstaff (The light). I think by the end of it all, Wagstaff will collide reality and the constant, and the survivors will finally be able to "escape" (And then Wanda goes back in time and destroys the Codax Umbra or whatever narrative end they decide to end on, like Warly going back to his mum) I say this, because I feel like Klei is finishing telling their story - All characters (Except Woodie) are developed; they are working on the new games as Rotwood and helping with Mind Over Magic; the last few animations have been lore heavy as if they finally play their cards they kept close to their chest... And what better way to bring an end with a "show", for which they are setting the stage? They might continue with events such as the Gorge or Forge, but I think they will be done with DST for a time and focus on other things. But that is just how I see it, might just be a tease of the next reworked being Maxwell's
  2. With a new re-work coming soon, and only two characters remaining in the roaster without any updates, I though it would be cool to share my general toughs on the 18.5 characters we've got. It's not really a tear-list, but rather an analysis of why I enjoy some characters more than others. Alright, also disclaimer that this is just my opinion and in general everyone likes someone more or less depending on their taste. Aside from than, I also want to mention that I use the celestial portal on a regular basis; some people like to play one character only, but I like to try different things... Buckle up cause this one is long... Wilson As everyone has been getting their re-work, I haven't played him in ages, since he has nothing others don't have - He is neutral, which honestly is good; the game needs him so we can have a base character. I usually use him to try out beta branches, since it shows how difficult is it to kill a new mob/boss without any damage increases(like Wolfgang) or decreases (like Wendy), how much does a food give (Wigfrid can't eat meat, Wurt can't eat veggies, Warly can't eat ingredients, Wormwood can't gain health...), how useful will a weapon be, etc. Aside from that, he is the face of the game, so he always will be a nice guy. Willow I actually really liked her re-work, and since then I play as her around 1/8th of every two full DST years. The main reason is because I like switching to her during summer, as she can put out wild fires faster and overheats slower; doing the pearl's quest, sailing in summer to find the lunar island and seeking figs for giant trees has been a nice alternative to going to the ruins for powerful gear. Thus every second summer instead of going downstairs I stay upstairs as Willow. With the new rain-book and the pyro-book from Wickerbottom though, I think I will probably leave Willow for some time and try the librarian in this role. Aside from that, she is as neutral as Wilson. Wolfgang Killing bosses such as Misery Toadstool takes forever for normal characters. I personally want to save myself time, thus when I go for a boss rampage, I take Wolfgang to spear me items and time. I don't have anything more to say about him, I don't stay as him for too long since his mechanics are literally to murder giants, and I don't see this as something overpowered, since I could kill bosses as Wes if I wanted but it just would take much more time... His re-work was fine, adding some QoL changes to the character, and in general gets my approval. Wendy My favorite character to play during spring, since if there is suddenly a frog rain Abigail will help me deal with it if no Moose is around. It's also nice to not worry about hounds as her, or killer bees when collecting honey. I enjoy base building in peace when I play as her, and the re-work was also very nice giving more control over the ghost. WX-78 WX is the other character I play 1/8th of every two full DST years. He is very practical for ruins rushing and clearing with the night-vision model and with gears as food+healing. Again, aside from going downstairs I sometimes stay as him for awhile, since although he doesn't have any advantages for peaceful playing (base building, game progression towards the celestial champion, etc.) he doesn't have any major downsides and provides a fun experience. Once again, the re-work was nice. Wickerbottom I didn't play her at all tbh, since I never bothered putting contraptions to mass-farm items as food or grass or twigs. Neither did I use the tentacle-book to kill bee queen, since I find it more fun to kill her using Wolfgang, some pan flutes and brute force. However, now that her re-work is very close, I will gladly play as her, since those new books are very interesting making the early game and late game more dynamic (rain, full moons, bees, pyro...). As I commented in my Willow section, I might switch to her for summers now too. Over all I am happy with her re-work Woodie Woodie used to be one I would play for quite some time after his rework; mass farming wood is useful before first fall when you don't have Bearger, then it becomes trivial. The moose was also nice to explore the map early game and find the moon island quickly... However, this was before Klei added QoL for sailing, two more islands and the water-logged forest on the sea, all of which made the boat stuff actually fun. I don't mind taking the additional boat trip now a days, thus I don't really play him anymore. He is a nice character, but I have fun with others more (Sorry Woodie, I don't want to play with you anymore). Still I'll switch to him once in a while. Wes Nope. I don't get why people even want to play as him, are they masochists? You do understand that he is just weaker, making you take longer fighting anything and thus loose the time you were given on this earth? He doesn't even have any quotes when looking at items, which I like to inspect while traveling long distances. I guess there is someone out there who enjoys Wes, but to me he is just a walking punching bag I'll never play because others are more fun. Maxwell He doesn't have his re-work yet, and just as Wickerbottom was last month, he is just not interesting for me at the moment. He is nice for mass-rock mining, since his puppets do it faster than Woodie as a beaver (Once I needed a ton of rocks for a project I was making, and I figured out Maxwell could do the job quickly). For now that's the only use I have for him - rock mining; but I am sure when his re-work arrives he will thrive once again as the shadow king! Wigfrid Doesn't make it for me - There is Wolfgang already in the game; you need to do additional stuff to gain Wigfrid's songs and I just find it time consuming... Her helmets are nice, but I usually go straight for thulecite crowns from the ruins, making the helmets useless late-game. I still start some new worlds with her, but eventually I switch and never come back to her... Can't win them all, I guess, her re-work just didn't get me thrilled up... Webber Although Webber is a fun character, he is not base-building friendly: His spiders are only for his use, and trying to kill giants with them seems like too much effort of trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. I do enjoy playing the first year as him sometimes, since the slipping in tier 3 dens is a big QoL for him; but in the grand scheme of things he is not that interesting for me, and he doesn't add anything late-game. His re-work was nice, and I do switch to him sometimes, but really rarely. Warly Now this is my favorite character of all. And it is simply because I got bored of DST for some time, and Warly provides way more fun than people think. In a game where the title is don't starve, starving is long a solved issue. Warly makes this once again a concern. Having played the game for far too much, Warly is a breath of fresh air that requires you to plan out what you will eat in the upcoming days. I most often play as Warly an entire year, by that point I have some reliable sources of food set up, I change to other characters then to kill bosses, build the base, etc. He is also quite nice to go to the ruins, since he can cook the glow-berry recipe, and the damage gained is negated by wearing a football helmet/thulecite crown, so the first ruins clear I do it with Warly (I usually don't complete it it fully, since there are dangerous regions with too many clockworks, but then I just finish it with WX later). Actually I don't bother farming with him, since I am lazy mostly, and I don't get into his peppers or garlic or other insane stuff; Instead I get creative with a fishing road on day 3, making fish-tacos, guacamole, chili... Everyone else just eats meatballs non-stop, but for him eating becomes a mini-game. Thus I play him mainly for the challenge which is fun early game. Of course, latter when you have a billion ways to get food, he becomes a normal Wilson with poor ways to heal himself in a boss fighst, so I switch back to others. Wormwood He is meh. Since I don't farm much, I don't pick him often. Neither do I use him for living logs, Mush gnomes are much cooler to kill. His down side is pretty massive for me, since I use food mainly to out-heal damage. The character is just not appealing for me. His "challenge" compared to Warlys' is not that massive in my opinion, since you could theoretically create tents and healing with honey, spider glands and manure... Thus, I just don't play him often. He is a fun addition to the game, but others are more interesting. Winona She is Wilson 2.0 and the first with a re-work. Before the option to change characters, Winona would be my main; simply because she has aces to all DST content without restrains such as being disliked by certain mobs or having a damage modifier. She doesn't have any significant upsides or downsides compared to others, and over all she is a fine character. When the celestial portal was added though, she became more boring to play as. I still like to switch to her once in a while and enjoy the raw DST experience, but I don't have any specific role for her as others have. The duck tape is a great QoL too, so that's also nice; but aside from that the re-work could have been better. Wortox Again, as Winona, Wortox didn't use to have any upsides for me that made me want to play him; healing is not a big issue and teleportation is great but not that essential. But now that he can soul hop trough the entire map, I think I will switch to him more often since I do dislike walking long distances. He is a nice character to switch to once in a while and a great addition to the game in my opinion. Btw, I don't find him as over powered as some people see him, especially in a solo world. Wurt Wurt falls into the category of Wigfrid and Wormwood for me (maybe I just don't like when the game starts to restrain some of my options and forces me to play in a certain way; but somehow I do like Warly). I find building merm-houses and getting a merm king too long and time consuming, and again similarly to Webber these things are too exclusive and don't have much use in late game base-building aside from decorations. I guess she is a fine character, but I personally played her only when she was released. Walter I genially dislike Walter. I think like he needed just some more flavor to make him interesting, but to me he is tasteless with random upsides. Aside from that, you can't really like everyone and play them all enough to see all the situations a character can thrive in. Perhaps some people enjoy his playing stile, but for me it is not interesting and I never play him. Even when he dropped I spent maybe a few days with him, because I just didn't find him appealing. Wanda Wanda is Wolfgang, but better. She is a very interesting character, who rewards you for playing risky (aka going to the ruins early and being an old grandma). She is a nice addition, since now you change to her instead of Wolfgang to kill big monsters. She is also a nice character to start the play trough as, because of that style she promotes. I really like her and she is certainly one of those I really enjoy playing. Wonkye? Unfortunately since Klei changed the pirate raids spawn rates to insanely low, I never got a chance to turn to Wonkey the intended way (Sure I tried him in god-mode when the beta came out... But that's not "playing" a character, is it?) And that being that I've been sailing around on a 300+ day world, and never got above 10 trinkets. (Klei, maybe reconsider the pirate raids chance?) Thus I don't have any actual comments on him; cool that he exists, I guess... Final thoughts As re-works and new characters have been dropping, I've been enjoying most of them. Good job Klei! Here is a small outline of a possible timeline of characters I use: I start as Warly and survive 1 full year, setting up food sources, clearing the ruins and finding the lunar island. I then switch to Wolfgang next year to kill Bee Queen, and Dragon fly in Fall 1, Claus and Shadow Pieces in Winter 1. In Spring 1 I switch to Wendy for some time, just because she is a nice to play as that time of year. In Summer 1 I go with Willow on a sailing adventure to finish pearl's quest. Fall 2: Changing to Woodie/Winona/Wortox for some time and finally building a chest-area to organize all that stuff on the ground. Winter 2: Spending some time with WX with the heat-model, getting his model-recipes. Spring 2 - Activating archives and getting the celestial altars ready (Including the Crab-King fight). Summer 2 - Using WX to finish clearing the ruins if anything left after Warly, and killing the Skeleton-boy. Atom 3 - Preparation for final boss: Warly cooks some insane stuff for Wanda who finishes this adventure by killing the celestial champion. And then I basically the game is complete, so I switch to all characters once in a while till I get bored from building stuff and killing stuff. I think that over all it is cool how you can try different characters and enjoy all their possibilities. I know this might not be the fastest way to go (Pick Wolfgang and speed-run the game is sure faster), but it's one that is the more fun for me. Do you like switching characters? Or do you stay as your main till the game completion? Ok, that's all. Hope you have a nice day!
  3. In the last couple of days people have been heavily debating weather an Iridescent Gem [IG] is a too high cost for infinite full moon. Being a member of this community (although not a very active one), I wanted to present my opinion. Take it with a pinch of salt ofc. A little bit on Balance "Balance" - The thing we can't figure out quite well... In a game where you can get bundling wraps, you usually get from killing Bee-queen, for free by enabling hollow nights and have your food never spoiled; a game where we can change to Warly via the portal to cook insane recipes, change then to Wolfgang/Wanda and kill bosses in seconds; a game where no-matter what new food Klei ads, we all will eat meatballs+pirogi 90% of the time... The idea of "Balance" sounds ridiculous. Let me remind you that DST is mainly a sand box game; it doesn't have too challenging bosses, or doesn't have harsh permanent death mechanics. Starting from there, the idea of infinite light to ease the experience of base-building and survival is indeed a pilling. But how early should we be given this privilege? Is the change to Iridescent Gems [IG] costly? I personally don't see the change to the IG that significant, due to the 2 archive IG - You can easily "borrow" them early game and enjoy infinite light early on. Some people are afraid of griffin potential, in here I am afraid I am not an expert. Others, claim that the resources needed to restore the IR are too costly (Are they?): Living logs can be farmed by Wormwood/Killing Mush-gnomes that are close to the archives, yellow gems don't have any use aside from the star-caller and the yellow amulet (You need max. 1 per player since it's refulable to use it in boss fights as the Shadow pieces, the guardian or Claus 2nd phase for speed), and at least I don't really need a ton of them (I need them only to light up boss arenas, and sometimes in winter I prefer to explore with a staff and a thermal stone), but I guess some people use them more regularly... The real problem with the IG The problem I do see with the current recipe, is that it is an illusion of being challenging - No one stops you from taking the archive IG early on; some people suggested making it impossible to take them, but I think that is just poor game design. If you think the reward of having infinite full moons is too high to be given away early game, the IG is not a solution! The only difference it does make, is that it requires you to go some cave exploring. My preferred solution: Here is the middle ground I see would fit best: Make the recipe use Distilled Knowledge [DK] instead of an IG. *Disclaimer: The idea is not mine, it's been on the forums for some time, but I don't quite know who first suggested it* "This makes getting the book too easy", I hear you argue, no it is not: To get the DK, you first need to activate the archives, and to do so, you need... Yes, an IG! However, by having the DK in the recipe, you would solve the issue of having the two free IG, making the player work for the reward more (that's your main argument why the IG is better, right?). You can't just go to the Archives and get some DK on day 1, the fountains are inactive until you activate them; and then you would have the "hazard" of fighting the robots in there to claim the reward At the same time, using a DK would compromise the issues that star-caller lovers have, with having to waste valuable magic stuffs for a book (you would only need to deconstruct one to activate the archives). But wouldn't this cheapen the recipe too much, after all you can get infinite number of DK for no cost once Archives are active? I don't think so, you only need 3 books max. any way to have full moons all the time, the difference would only be in that for IG you need to invest some more time into getting yellow gems and living logs to get to the maximum; I don't see this that much. If for instance the book had less uses (extreme case 1), then of course we could make a point in here; but otherwise it seems reasonable to me. Final thoughts: As I said, DST is not balance, so I think in the end of the day it is not that important what the book is made of. However, if the recipe changes from an IG into a DK, I think it will justify more the idea of putting effort into getting a reward. But then, if you want to have infinite light you have WX (Who also kinda has infinite healing from gears). I would live to hear what you guys think - Is a DK a better choice? Do you think it would be more challenging (Since it actually forces players to do the moon-storm event)? Or it is more cheap (Since after the first book-craft the next ones become cheaper)? Remember, we all want DST to be a great game, and at the end of the day Klei releases this stuff for free which is just unbelievable! Ok, I am going back to being a silent observer, see ya! :)
  4. Hi. Sorry, I recently have a lot of going on in my life, I wanted to say that it is probably is something with my computer and not the game. Although my files were fine after verifying, now I do see the image right. I had some computer related problems recently, but if it were you who fixed it, thanks Klei!
  5. You full it was a a picture of a portal to an parallel universe, where the image is not corrupted, yet. But if you zoom out! you will see that behind the portal is the other picture! It will never die! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh WALTER R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. Mua hahahahahahha
  6. Walter! Be careful! Your antagonist is really dangerous!
  7. IT'S TIME TO .......... fill in the blanks!
  8. This is just getting stupid! I have an idea for it too: ad a Wortox hiding in the bush eating some souls!
  9. What is more fun: Fishing; or running from a bishop, 6 killer bees, 3 merms, 3 spiders, 1 rook, 2 pigs, 3 frogs, 5 mosquito's, 3 nightmare monsters and 5 hounds? (minespatch, someone, make this a meme, pls!) From:
  10. Let me fix this really quick for you! Now it will be easier to win the boss!
  11. I am still waiting for hidden messages Klei, could you pls put one on the next one?