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  1. I don't know how about you, but I am sure that the best graft for brawl mode is "Terrid Clone". What this item does, it plays the first card each turn, twice. I think that is the best graft in all griftlands, playing your first card twice, means that you can get double defense from portable bunker (30*2 = 60 defense!) and essentially, it gives items that had only 1 usage left, 1 extra use! That means that that card you get from Joe the drone assassin, which sum ins 1 drone, will sum in 2 drones for the fight. So does the card that you get from the robot fight, with a funeral auto dog. Then the attacks, you can use kicks that normally deal 8 damage, to deal 16! The problem that I have with this graft is that other grafts from brawl mode, seem too small in compression with it! If you use any other graft for brawl mode, let me know how and why!
  2. Hi. Sorry, I recently have a lot of going on in my life, I wanted to say that it is probably is something with my computer and not the game. Although my files were fine after verifying, now I do see the image right. I had some computer related problems recently, but if it were you who fixed it, thanks Klei!
  3. You full it was a a picture of a portal to an parallel universe, where the image is not corrupted, yet. But if you zoom out! you will see that behind the portal is the other picture! It will never die! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh WALTER R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. Mua hahahahahahha
  4. Walter! Be careful! Your antagonist is really dangerous!
  5. IT'S TIME TO .......... fill in the blanks!
  6. This is just getting stupid! I have an idea for it too: ad a Wortox hiding in the bush eating some souls!
  7. What is more fun: Fishing; or running from a bishop, 6 killer bees, 3 merms, 3 spiders, 1 rook, 2 pigs, 3 frogs, 5 mosquito's, 3 nightmare monsters and 5 hounds? (minespatch, someone, make this a meme, pls!) From:
  8. Let me fix this really quick for you! Now it will be easier to win the boss!
  9. I am still waiting for hidden messages Klei, could you pls put one on the next one?
  10. A modern mother with 15 children! P.s.: each time I kill her the mooslings just destroy me and I die, so I roll back and start again! Why does she have to have so many children?
  11. Found Wolfgang in the my near by supermarket. (Fell free to do memes)
  12. If you don't understand, read this: