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  1. Idea for next beta

    I had a theory a while back that maybe the sea and the sky both act as sort of "portals" between realms. For the sky: - Maxwell has no idea where birds are coming from, except for redbirds which he says come from "the fire lands." - Wilson got to Hamlet by crashing a hot air balloon. For the sea: - Merms were able to swim from the Elder Bog to the Constant, and at some point to SW where some evolved into fishermerms. - Wilson got to SW by, well, shipwrecking. This theory has a ton of holes at this point, but I still wanted to share in case someone else can figure out how to make it actually make sense with what we know now.
  2. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    The only characters I would call truly bad in DS are Warly and Woodie, because of the picky eating and forced transformations respectively. The rest of the characters are just fine, most of them can be played for aesthetics without much change and the others fill specific niches. There's no reason to play DS anymore? What about the two exclusive DLC worlds which add so much endgame potential through world merging? I don't see how you can call Hamlet an "empty 'house buying' simulator update", whenever it really does add so much to the game. - Slanty Shanties let you have a storage room with potentially thousands of chests that only take up one tiny area on your map, or you can use them to store mobs or make farms inside, or you can stay inside to farm dry season eruptions with no risk, etc etc. If you just see them as houses, then you haven't explored their potential enough. - Nettles are a mass-farmable food that never spoils. - Thunderbirds allow WX-78 to obtain large amounts of charge without requiring exploits or thulecite. - Every Hamlet turf is beautiful and most can be taken to other worlds for decor (or anti-flooding, if you're into that.) - Magic Flowers function like effigies that you can move freely and get more just from fighting an easy boss (or blasting him 4 times with a boat cannon) - Lamp posts can be built anywhere for infinite light during the endgame. - Speaking of building anywhere, Hamlet added merged crafting! Any recipe can be crafted in any world as long as you've learned it before. That's HUGE. - Shops allow you to exchange basic items like hounds teeth and silk for cutlasses, night armor, deerclops eyeballs, berry bushes, and so much more. - Three new tree types, which all have their own uses. That's not counting all the stuff that's unique to Hamlet itself, like temples, dung beetles,the ancient hulk or the BFB and its incredible taxi stomach, or etc. About the thread title, no Don't Starve isn't "dead". It's just finished. It's a finished game with 3 worlds to explore, and thousands of hours of gameplay. Once again, this is a problem with indie game culture. An indie game is expected to be cheap, provide thousands of hours of gameplay, and get constant updates. Don't Starve only checks 2/3 of those boxes and so people like to act like Klei is evil and has killed their videogame.
  3. So, uh, at no point in that sequence of events did you think maybe it was a joke? The mod is called "Twigs HD" and is an HD version of a singular inventory item that will still always be the exact same size in your inventory as the low quality version. The twig texture came directly from Klei so I don't understand why exactly a source is necessary, since it's a mod for one of their games. Did you not get even a little bit suspicious at the multiple mentions of me receiving reddit gold and platinum awards? Or linking a twitch channel which doesn't exist? Or when I mentioned Homestuck, or thousands of people tracking down my Tumblr, etc etc etc. I don't know how I could have made it more obvious that it was a joke. You're really twisting this to sound worse than it is. I didn't specifically seek out and remove every comment that pointed out I stole from klei entertainment, developers of don't starve together, I removed every comment period That's it. That's the joke. I didn't specifically seek out comments that revealed I, Skye from the Klei Forums, stole content from Klei Entertainment for my mod to Don't Starve Together, a game developed by Klei Entertainment, I just removed everything because it's really funny when a mod with 3k+ subscribers has a single comment saying "this will be don't starve together graphics in 2018" I got friend requests from all sorts of gross people just from having a mod at the top of the workshop, including someone with "69" in their name and multiple hentai images on their profile, so I put that in my profile summary in hopes that maybe the friend requests would slow down... which they didn't. Also idk why you suddenly started aggressively gendering me there at the end of your reply, it feels really unnatural with the way the rest of your post is worded. Anyway... what was even your goal in bringing this up? What was the point? What does this add? Why did you attempt to own me to death for something unrelated to any of my actual posts here?
  4. That's a nice idea, but no, I do not consider DST perfect, it's a very very flawed game to me. Mob AI having quirks like this is the least of the game's problems, honestly. - Basic actions like farming spiders are a whole task, because of higher mob health applying to both spider warriors and queens. - The caves are huge and largely uninteresting, and the ruins basically force you to prepare tons of armor and healing items if you want to clear them out properly. - You have to go all the way down to the ruins any time you want to craft more ancient items. - Farming pigskin for football helmets is a whole process, requiring you to either deal with werepigs or use a moonstone farm that only works on full moons. - Lower protection and durability from armor means any combat in general will require tons of preparation to make sure you have enough armor and healing items. - Even the best and easiest healing foods require a whole task to obtain, like fishing or gathering veggies and eggs or farming mushrooms. - Summer is just annoying without exploits, since you have to kill or pacify the Antlion and then live in the sandstorm, or you have to live down in the caves. - Deerclops eyeballs are limited to 1-2 every ~9 hours of gameplay, no matter how skilled you are or how far you are into the endgame. - Periodic hound attacks are nothing but an annoyance with no good solution except just relogging so the game skips over you. - Even boss items like mushroom lights require maintenance and repeated boss kills if you want them to make any impact. I really don't understand why people talk about how DST needs to be more "uncompromising" when it's the least compromising of the two games. I live a peaceful life in my DS world with a nice house, seasonal hazards that either do nothing or can be shut off by tooting on my dripple pipes, and a huge supply of fresh fruit crepes, yet I've never even gotten to a completely "peaceful" part of DST.
  5. This is a thread about DST on the DST forum and you're still using the "uncompromising" buzzword that's been purposely avoided by the devs, that's silly. Horrible acts which are on the same level as using console commands: - Lucky gold nugget farm which only works for a few weeks every 12 years. - Leading a treeguard all the way to a pig house so you save a few pinecones it would've taken to pacify it.
  6. That really looks like a magmatic imo. It's got the bit of gold, and the very questionable gradients.
  7. Wurt

    ...What? Warbucks had no perks related to ranged weapons, he just had a gun in his portrait.
  8. Personally, I feel like the appeal of DS/T megabasing is being so limited in what naturally-generating things you can recreate, and instead having to plan builds and custom biomes around the stuff that naturally generated there. Being able to create spiky trees or boulders for example would take a way a lot of that appeal, because you would be able to just bulldoze the swamp and desert of their spiky trees and then make your own somewhere else. It's the same kind of problem I have with mods that allow you to build ponds, planted carrots, merm houses, graves, etc. A lot of the clever planning around the way your world generated is gone, because you can just build anything anywhere. This is one of those places where I'd say limitation definitely breeds creativity.
  9. For reference: Webber and Wortox look especially different, but yep, these guys were designed really really early on. It's really interesting to me how Wilbur and Wortox weren't added until things lined up right for them to fit in.
  10. Wurt

    "Greenhorn" means someone who's new or inexperienced at something. In this context it could mean that this is a goat who was freshly mermified, i.e. they're new to being a merm. As for them looking like a dragon, there's one thing that makes it really look like a merm: the fins. All merms have got 'em, and all 3 we've seen in DST have the same general fin shape.
  11. It feels silly to use this as an example image for AI needing a rework, though. This is, in my opinion, a really neat use of the gobbler AI which is only useful in one event that comes around once every 12 years. The gobblers are attracted to the gobbler shrine, so they always walk to the left. Whenever you put a berry down, though, they prioritize it, and will go eat it, drop a lucky pouch and then walk back towards the shrine. That's really cool, but it's only useful during the Year of the Gobbler event, so It's silly to use this as an image for this thread.
  12. Walani in DST

    Do I need to bust these quotes out again? Gunpowder Barrel- "Hmm, was I in charge of keeping these stowed?" Cutlass Supreme- "It's been awhile since I held one of these." Captain Hat- "If only the boss could see me now." Deerclops Eyeball- "Aw. Kind of reminds me of the boss." Thulecite Club- "Know a few scallywags I'd like to introduce this to." Pond (Ruins)- "It makes me miss the open sea." Watery Grave- "That wound's a little too fresh." Anyway, about the original post... I'm not the biggest fan. Having three different surfboards where the only differences between them are the stats is just unnecessary imo. I've heard suggestions for stuff like a "living log surfboard" since early on in SW's life, and I've never been a fan. In DS, Walani's one type of surfboard is very useful in the early game, then continues being pretty useful in certain situations in the late game, especially if you're lazy like me and don't want to make boats for Hamlet's lilyponds. I'd argue that Walani's surfboard, if ported over exactly the same as it is in DS, would be incredibly useful just by letting you find the lunar islands and mine salt formations without worrying about boats. Splitting it up into three surfboards just feels like change for the sake of change, rather than change with a good reason behind it. Making the sanity aura modifier more extreme is a great idea, since it's so small it's not even noticeable in DS, but it should stay just for sanity auras. All this sanity item change would do is lead to annoyance, because Walani would have to eat more of the same food to get her sanity up or down. And this... this would be a good way to make me not enjoy Walani at all. The absolute worst downside any character can have in DS/T is doing things slower, because all it does is make things more tedious. This would add difficultly in very very specific scenarios, like being chased by a hostile mob while it's turning to night and you're trying to collect the resources for a torch, the rest of the time it would simply add tedium and annoyance. Whenever coming up with a DS/T character, you should always think: would this be fun? Particularly, would this downside be interesting and fun to work around, or just annoying? These downsides don't sound fun to work around, in my opinion, they just sound annoying. And as someone who mains Walani in DS, and has survived over a thousand days on a Walani save file, I'm sure you'd agree that my opinion is arguably more important than most. Why do you find it necessary to constantly make these creepy implications about Walani? She has the same proportions as a child, a robot, a monkey, three old men, a pig with hair, a pikmin, a red goat, and potentially a merm, so could you please just treat her like any other character?