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  1. I don't get why people keep saying this, it's like saying Willow is better for griefers because she starts with a lighter. Just like how any player can craft a torch, any player can open a chest, take its contents and then relog. In fact, if you're leaving the game, then shooting items out of the pewmatic would be a pointless redundant step.
  2. I got updates when launching both DS and DST a little while ago, but whenever I checked Steam's downloads section it was just steamworks common redistributables updating for some reason.
  3. Personally I don't think changes should be made just because people would think a character is overpowered without it. It's like how people kept saying catapults should require frazzled wires to craft "just so people won't complain about the cheese." That's just silly. If something is already fine then it doesn't need a nerf just so people won't complain, especially a nerf like dodging taking hunger, where all it would do is add annoyance.
  4. Why say you can't speak for Wheeler, then immediately give an opinion on her? You should always play and experience a character in depth before trying to talk about their balance, and if you can't because they're not available on console then imo you should wait until they are before trying to say they're overpowered.
  5. Both of these only appear in adventure mode, with the latter only appearing in Two Worlds, as can be seen on the wiki page these two images were taken from.
  6. Personally I really dislike whenever Klei Officials get out of control like this. Klei Officials are the most, well, official way to experience the game on a public server, they're non-player-hosted servers with no admin interaction that reset every in-game year or so. I have a ton of fun joining pubs and just playing through the early game, it's like the McDonalds playground experience of meeting a bunch of people you'll likely never see again and having an absolute blast with them until it's time to leave. But there's so few Klei Officials, and when one lasts so long like this it means there's even fewer options for playing the game in that kind of environment. It especially bothers me because in my experience this kind of thing doesn't happen naturally, it's not just that people happened to keep joining at the right times for the server to keep going, it's that these servers almost always have a few people with hundreds to thousands of days online at any time. It's that people with high day counts rotate in and out to make sure there's always enough people to stop a vote to regen, and thus always enough people that everyone will never all be dead at the same time. Regardless of how polite the people playing are, it's still very scummy in my opinion to hold a Klei Official hostage so that you can play it the way you want to, rather than just getting some friends together and setting up a dedicated server of your own.
  7. I'm currently obsessed with a Mario theory that a friend of mine came up with, about Cataquacks actually being juvenile Wigglers that eventually combine together to make the individual segments of a single Wiggler. This theory is supported in a lot of ways by Sticker Star's Wiggler, so here's his segments with that idea applied to them! Usually there'd be 4, but the other 2 look basically the same. Paper Mario's rounder shapes and lack of legs + the Wiggler colors makes them look like big ducklings and I'm very happy with this.
  8. The two forums should not be merged, since they have completely different purposes. Suggestions and Feedback is for suggestions about the game and ways it could be changed or added to, while the discussion forum is for discussion about the game as it is. Whenever I go to general discussion, I'm looking for discussion on the game in general, not just ideas people have had. Similarly, when I go to suggestions and feedback I'm looking to see ideas people have had, not discussion on the game in general. I've seen a few people lately who seem to think that the only difference is that topics in the discussion forum contain discussion, leading to obvious suggestion threads where there's multiple mentions in the OP of "I want other people to discuss this" as if it's some kind of loophole. All the complaints about the suggestions forum lately just feel like people causing a problem themselves and then complaining that said problem exists. Nobody reads the suggestions forum? That likely includes you, the people complaining that nobody is reading the suggestions forum. You want people to read your suggestions? Then check the suggestions forum, read other people's threads there, and interact with the ones that interest you. If everyone doing all this complaining just used the forums how they're meant to be used, we wouldn't even have a problem of lack of activity. Regardless, I dislike this idea that's developed lately that the likeliness of a suggestion being added depends on how many funny forum points and replies it gets, that's just not true. I made a suggestion months ago which only got a singular reply, but it also got a reaction from a dev, and then got implemented into the game (two types of Koi during the lunar new year). That suggestion might've exploded if I had put it in the general discussion forum, but it also probably wouldn't have been seen by the people who can actually make it happen officially.
  9. Redesign the Oasis

    SW is a different world from RoG because it started out as an entirely standalone game, and was only turned into a DLC after fans requested it enough. Afaik there was never a point that the devs stated SW would've crashed if it was in RoG, because that wasn't the plan in the first place.
  10. You can do any of those, though you are required to visit an existing town at least once to get started on your own. You can get an item called the Key to the City by doing a sort of... informal quest, I'd call it, for the Pig Queen, and that item allows you to build almost any structure that you find in natural pig cities. The interior system is an obvious answer here (you can go inside caves, houses, and ruins that you explore like classic Zelda dungeons), but something that I'd say sets Hamlet apart from other worlds is that most everything is unfamiliar. RoG builds off of the base game so there's lots familiar there, and a lot of SW's content is DS/RoG's but slightly modified (you find spiders to get silk, you mine boulders to get gold, you pick berry bushes for food, etc), but almost everything in Hamlet is so different from what you're used to, especially in the early game. You want silk? If you aren't willing to pay up for some, you'll have to go sneak around the spidermonkeys and chop down their webbed trees. You want gold? Again, pay up or you're stuck flipping stones and panning in puddles. You want berries? Either you steal them and have the guards hounding you, or you buy the bushes and set up a farm yourself. And since so many things revolve around Oincs, the pig currency, you're going to have to play by the pigs' rules just to get the items you're used to. This is also, in my opinion, a big part of what makes Hamlet more challenging than what came before. You can't rely 100% on your regular DS knowledge in order to survive, because not all the mechanics you're used to are here, and lots of items are recontextualized and made significantly more valuable because of it. The seasons are shorter too, which also adds the challenge of managing your time properly, but that's easy enough to get used to imo.
  11. Charlie wasn't on the throne yet in that short, though. In the New Reign cinematic where Charlie takes the throne, her two halves fight against each other before eventually fusing into the current Charlie design with the red feather. In Next of Kin, however, Charlie's two halves are still fighting, which means it likely happened while Maxwell was still on the throne. Time flows differently in the Constant, and such. People are pulled into the Constant from all sorts of different time periods, yet the cast we're used to all got there around the same time. Winona's the exception, but she actually got there later despite being pulled in while Maxwell was still on the throne. My guess for the lack of gloves is because asymmetrical character designs don't look so good with how the DS series does character animations. It's the same reason Woodlegs has a set of two wooden legs rather than one. If Wagstaff only had one yellow glove, it would flip back and forth whenever he goes left and right, since the animations for going left/right are actually just one animation that gets flipped.
  12. If anyone else was having problems, try again now. It's working for me! Track 44 is exactly what I expected and I love it.
  13. This might be a bit of an outdated way of looking at things lore-wise, but I've always thought it was just Maxwell who chose who to pull into the constant. That's why he took family (Wendy) and various people from the circus (Wes, Wolfgang, possibly Wilbur.) We see him tricking Wilson directly, too.