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  1. I feel like this was meant as a "gotcha!" comment but like, yes? I try to cook as many dishes as I can. The main ones recently being: - Dragonpies - Barnacle Linguine - Bacon and Eggs (rarely, when I wanna use my leafy meat) - Barnacle Nigiri (I prefer this over pierogies due to the super fast cook time) - Soothing Tea - Melonsicles - Taffy I've been wanting to try Veggie Burgers too but haven't had much luck with growing onions. Guacamole also sounds like it could be nice since it's just two ingredients + twigs/forget-me-lots for pretty decent hunger, and I go to the desert with my beefalo for tumbleweed picking pretty often so using cactus for it kind of sounds perfect for me. Variety's super important in DST! I only make meatballs if I'm feeling super lazy, and I even use an insulated pack so that spoilage time isn't as big of a factor in deciding what I want to cook. I definitely stick with an eyebrella during Spring cause it's the best option for how I play, but in Summer I tend to start/end the season with a fashion melon while only using an eyebrella in the hottest part in the middle, with luxury fans for quickly cooling off, and during Winter I'm always experimenting with stuff like stuffed pepper poppers, fire nettles, and I've been meaning to try that sunfish thing people always talk about. Warly's dishes also sound really cool for seasonal hazards, Cordon bleu especially sounds interesting to farm. I've gotta try those one day too. Combat isn't super fun to me so I tend to not engage with it all that much, like I mentioned in my last post, so I actually tamed an ornery beefalo just for when I have to! For the occasional deerclops and treeguard and such. No armor or weapons needed, cause the beefalo's both! Before that though I tended to use bee queen crowns as my main armor against bosses, while padding out their durability a bit by using a cookie cutter cap for smaller nuisances. Different armor types really shine when you're only fighting infrequently, cause they tend to take a long time to break over those long periods. For weapons, I mostly stuck to tentacle spikes and spears since they're just reliable, but I did used to try keeping a bat bat around as a sort of "secondary" weapon back when I did combat more often. How could I waste my time in a sandbox game? I'm always having fun with whatever I'm doing, I wouldn't be playing if I wasn't, so that time isn't wasted at all. The way you've written your reply implies that you think it would be absurd for me to not be always following the meta, but playing a sandbox game by only ever engaging with the meta is really the most miserable thing in my opinion, it's so so much more fun to experiment with all of the options that the game gives you for completing any task. That's why I took issue with the initial use of "viable" here, it shows a competitive attitude leaking into this sandbox game, with the idea that any feature must reach a certain meta threshold to be considered "viable" and worth using. That kind of thing can really sap all of the fun out of a game that does such an amazing job of giving you so so many options and mechanics to play around with.
  2. How do you waste your time in a sandbox game, though? There's no goal or way to win and there's nobody you're competing against, so there's really no such thing as wasting time unless you're not having fun, in which case you can just not engage with the thing that isn't fun for you/try to find a way to use the mechanics involved to make the thing more fun for you.
  3. I prefer the ones without effects honestly, stuff that's constantly got flashy FX happening on your character at all times when you're holding it is just distracting to me. The Hallowed Nights ice box skin with the bats that fly out is pretty cute though!
  4. Right now would be the best time for it if you're fine with changing events (like the OP here is), though. All you have to do is switch YotV on once and prebuild a single Varg Shrine and then you have the ability to craft shrines and Hound Whistles forever, so you can switch back to default or whatever event you'd prefer.
  5. Endigo Starve By Ost720.mp4 (made with
  6. I disagree, because you can just... choose to not change events if you don't like being able to change events freely. I've been through every event since Year of the Varg on my current save file, playing actively during each one to maximize the cool items I get, but I still intend to go through events naturally because I have the choice of doing so, and I don't think other people choosing to play events freely diminishes my experience at all. That's the cool thing about world settings: everyone gets to choose which ones they personally prefer, and it only affects them. Plus people are still 100% going to get active and want to play events whenever they turn on naturally, since they usually have new content and they've got increased and/or exclusive skin drops.
  7. You'd think so, but sadly no. The spawners identify structures via the "structure" tag, which statues don't have. There's no way to know what does and doesn't have the structure tag without datamining, so it's understandably a bit confusing.
  8. When spawning the loot stash, the game goes through each Klaus spawner, and spawns the loot stash at the first one it finds that has no structures in a 5 units radius and no players in a 35 units radius. If it can't find a valid location, it instead spawns the loot stash at whichever spawner has the least structures. So, yeah, you'll need to place a structure where the sack was after opening it, so most of the suggestions in this thread (including a beefalo?????) won't work at all. For your meteor problem I'd recommend catapults! They regenerate HP over time, but are considered structures by the game, so will properly block the loot stash from spawning.
  9. Twiggy Trees alone absolutely would not be doing that. Without any other context, I'd chalk it up to either a very packed base or a large amount of (server or client) mods? Try relogging far from your base and see if that makes things any better?
  10. It's an ender chest from Minecraft. Root Trunks have 12 slots, and those slots are shared between every Root Trunk in the world.