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  1. I don't know about Woodie, but Willow was definitely not changed due to griefing. That's a common misconception that doesn't even make any sense when you consider a torch can be crafted within minutes of spawning in, and the lighter can be used immediately after spawning as Willow. Willow's fire immunity was removed because of PvP, which was a very popular gamemode at the time (I remember Flare2V, one of the biggest DS/T streamers back then, played it constantly), because it meant she was the only character who would not take fire damage from a torch, which is one of the main ways to damage and confuse a heavily-armored player, so she absolutely dominated PvP for the time before she was changed.
  2. Does nettle immunity effect stack?

    I think it works like hunger. Just like how eating two meaty stews won't put you above 100% hunger, eating multiple foods with nettle immunity will not make the immunity pass a certain length... I don't know exact numbers, though.
  3. The only reason most people are okay with skins costing real money is that they're purely cosmetic. I don't think it would "make everyone happy" if Wendy got a new ability locked behind her $40 Guest of Honor skin, for example. Even if we look at this idea in the context of the reworks (where nearly every character skin can be woven), there will always be the Costume Collection's skins. And then does this extend to item and structure skins? Would a warhound helm have extra protection against hounds? Would a creepy cauldron give extra sanity from cooked recipes? Would a tesla coil lantern have a larger light radius? Would a brute case keep animals like rabbits alive for longer? Where does it end? This kind of stuff gets into very dangerous territory quickly, and I can already see the outrage that it would cause.
  4. You can't even bring befriended mobs through, as far as I know. I've only ever heard of befriended mobs "glitching through" the skyworthy from people with modded games.
  5. That's correct, Epic Games, like most big game companies, perform unethical practices on their consumers (aggressively trying to set up a storefront monopoly) and especially on their workers (like coercing them into working 70-100 hours a week). I wasn't trying to defend this company, that's not the point. I think everyone can agree that these companies are horrible. If this wasn't about Klei, then the situation changes. Since unlike an indie studio, a higher revenue cut for AAA games wouldn't mean more money for the workers (because they have fixed salaries), the higher cut would just go to the executives and publishers. You honestly can't blame Klei for taking the deal is the point. As for the argument that you're supporting Epic's practices by using their storefront: If you want to achieve ethical consumption, then think of everything else you consume, not just videogame storefronts. If you buy a AAA game, the developers most likely worked 70-100 hour weeks and got laid off as soon as the game released. Would buying those games mean you support that practice? Would buying shoes mean you support the child labour used to make them? Would buying smartphones mean you support the military conflicts caused by the mining of their raw materials? This argument doesn't really work and I doubt this even is why people are refraining from using the Epic Store.
  6. Which countries are served by Steam but not by EGS?
  7. It's only for the alpha. Both early access and the official release of the game will be available on steam, not just the Epic Store.
  8. I have the feeling that the majority of complaints about Griftlands being in the Epic Store is just unfounded bandwagoning. Complaining for the sake of complaining, adding nothing new to any discussion. In my opinion, Klei actually made the right choice in the long-run. Their deal is especially beneficial for an indie studio like them who need all the money they can get. Remember, they're not a AAA company that thoroughly milks its costumers and workers for profit, they're merely a smaller studio. While there are legitimate reasons to dislike the Epic Store (it's annoying to install yet another launcher) and Epic Games (a company proven to be conducting unethical labor practices), it's silly to act like it's somehow the end of the world just because a game was put on their storefront. We can try to look at the positives here, like the revenue allows Klei to be better funded for future projects or maintain current ones like Don't Starve Together.
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  10. Annouceing quotes interrupt bush hat

    Not really a bug, since this is how the bush hat has always worked in DS. It would be nice if the ability to talk while staying hidden was ported over from DST, though.