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  1. It's a cool set piece in a cool location, does it have to be "useful?"
  2. Yeah, this happens with any mob you try to put on a boat sadly. I believe what happens is that when you get far away from the boat, it unloads and so the edges don't block movement anymore, and while it should load and unload at the same time as mobs on it, sometimes things will line up just perfectly for the mob to walk straight off the boat before its collision is properly loaded. You might want to try making a little pen on the boat if there's room? But idk how that'll work out.
  3. That's... kind of bad advice on your part. You say yourself that new players don't know the regular game, but then you got annoyed by your friend asking questions and told him vaguely to not pick up "anything about halloween." I feel like I would've ignored a walking cane too in his situation, since you got annoyed by his curiosity and then told him not to pick up anything abnormal in a game where he doesn't know what's normal. Regardless, you can turn events off in the world settings entirely. The first world with a new friend likely isn't going to become a long enough playthrough to go through holiday events and want to take advantage of them, so you won't be missing out on anything and they won't be confused.
  4. "A strange pig scrawl" is one of the names that Wagstaff's nearsightedness can display for a far-away entity, and the Magic Farm Plot was a third tier of farm very early on that was capable of growing any food, even meat.
  5. your icon is super cute, do you have a link to the original art?

    1. Sunset Skye

      Sunset Skye

      Thank you! I always keep a source in my signature for my PFPs, but here's another link.

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      oops, sorry i tend to stop looking as someone's sig after about the 20th or so time i've read it, haha

  6. I disagree, they're simply two unique games. DST isn't just an improved version of DS, since it's missing SW and Hamlet, two huge DLCs that add entirely different gameplay from DST. I can't go to DST to get my 3-world gameplay, or my incredibly high speeds, or my merged crafting basebuilding. Just as I can't go to DS to get my super involved boating, or my engaging boss killing, or any of those events I love so much. Not to mention I'm constantly missing Hamlet or reworked characters depending on version. Even when looking at them without considering multiplayer, DS and DST are two different games that give different gameplay to scratch different Don't Starve itches. There's no version that's better, or one that you experience and then can't play the other.
  7. Why's this thread just turning into being mean to Mike? Is it suddenly some kind of controversial statement to say you prefer using items that you enjoy aesthetically?? Like, the comment about spears and skins and such is certainly off topic, but going "no you're the only one who does this ever, here is my reaction gif to own you to death" is just rude and doesn't seem to be coming from a good place at all. Personally I can really relate to the whole thing about using items more because of preferring how they look, like how I wear a shark tooth crown over a tam in DS, or how I have a friend who wears fashion goggles or a rain hat most all the time in DST. I've also considered using marble suits lately just because of how much I like the look of the marble suit skin added with Wigfrid's rework, and I probably would be already if my gameplay lately involved combat at all. If y'all actually have an issue with someone saying they prefer using items that they like aesthetically then that's cool, and you can express that, but I don't get that vibe from most of these responses at all.
  8. I believe you have the weavable filter turned on, that little spool icon near the search bar. The version of your Rookiebot skin should be a marketable heirloom, so try toggling that off? Notice how WX-78's market skins are missing here, like Guest of Honor or the Survivor.
  9. I feel like the issue here isn't with the celestial portal, it's with the gamer attitude of "if it's in the game then I have to use it, even if I don't like it," I've seen that a lot with bundling wraps and catapults. But really, I assure you, you don't have to. Rather than enforcing a 20 day cooldown on literally everyone playing DST, which would cause some people like me to effectively lose a feature they enjoy, why not just enforce that 20 day cooldown on yourself?
  10. I'd love for it to just be shark fin soup but with an instant krampus spawn. I've always thought SW's shark fin soup was a super neat way of sort of raising awareness of the fact that shark fin soup is a real, horrible thing (not gonna go into detail, but shark fins are gathered in super inhumane ways and then the actual soup is described as being mostly flavorless, just faintly tasting like chicken.) but... in-game it only adds 10 naughtiness, is farmed from a super annoying mob, and was in the same DLC as doydoys, so it never was and never is used by anyone really. And so the message didn't really hit. I'd love for it to get a second chance here in DST.