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  1. this looks absolutely exhausting to write out a full reply to so i'll just say 1. almost everything you're saying here hinges on a video game bug (clipping out of the map and walking on the ocean) which i really doubt is intended lore 2. i interpreted the turn of tides trailer as using a clear visual contrast between cardboard and real ocean to convey the major shift in the world and gameplay of DST, not as the moon chunk literally colliding with a bunch of cardboard and turning it into liquid salt water 3. you're doing exactly the thing i said is not great in the post you quoted, reaching highly specific conclusions for vague lore and confidently stating they cause problems 4. singular they has been in use since the 14th century. we don't know if They are a group or a single entity, but come on, "to justify the plural"?
  2. Poll's a bit wonky, the first one is multiple choice while the second one isn't, and both fields are required so you have to choose at least one character from each field. Either way, I enjoy Wurt most in DST and Walani most in DS, so that works out well enough for me
  3. But how are you reaching the conclusion that these things HAD to have happened after the moon chunk fell down? DST's lore has always been super vague and it's not good to be so certain that something is absolutely one way and then say it makes a mess of the timeline. Pearl and Crab King are crabs, could they not have been out in the ocean living their lives away from the survivors this whole time? Maybe they lived on a different island before, or maybe the moon chunk even landed ON their old island and destroyed it all? There's a lot more options than the single one you're talking about here. The survivors never sailed until the lunar island's creation prompted them to go out to sea, unless you count the one time Wilson tried on his own and crashed in like an hour and then SW happened in an entirely different part of the world. They were never in a situation where they would find either of the crabs.
  4. How is it a mess? Her quotes heavily imply that she just moved onto this moon chunk after it fell out of the sky, and that she's unfamiliar with the moon in general.
  5. The DS/T community used to be really purist about using mods but thankfully people seem to become more and more accepting of them all the time! I mostly use small things like the Nautical Hud and Seasonal Color Cubes mods for visual variety, however I've been trying to play with larger content mods like Feast and Famine or Tropical Experience lately, and I've been meaning to try Legion and that Black Death mod. Character mods I've had trouble getting into in the past but I should definitely try more, anyone got any recommendations? DST's modding community is super creative and I love seeing all the new ideas people come up with and the cool art that comes along with it!! I've been here through a lot of projects that fizzled out, like Unnatural Selection and Creeps in the Deeps, so it makes me happy to see so many projects getting started and making it to a workshop release over the past couple years!
  6. Oh hey, it's been a while! I've been diligently working in the background this whole time but didn't have anything polished to show until now, sooo: Here's a new Star Fruit tree, no longer just pixel art! Only the large stage, cause it's more time consuming then you might think just to make one tree stage. On the mechanics-side of things, the idea's pretty much the same, but you can go back to page 1 if you want a refresher. I don't have a ton to say but I'm super happy with how my art's been steadily improving! Though I imagine it comes across as a sudden, jarring leap here since it's all been mostly in private
  7. It's designed like that because of PVP, the intention for moon rock walls was a very hard to obtain but tough wall that other players would have trouble getting through, it's the same reason they can take so many hammer hits. It's silly design in the present, but it makes perfect sense for when/why moon rock walls were first added.
  8. There's a language barrier here due to English not being Vagner's first language, so I'd rather not draw my conclusions based on a single thing he said with absolutely no further context around it. Do you have any examples? This is a bold statement to make so confidently and it's being treated as a given that everyone knows, when to my knowledge there's nothing stolen in the current version of the mod.
  9. Sad to hear, but I would be surprised if anything stolen is still in the mod. I remember it having some megarandom content early on, but that's been removed by now after people explained why that's a bad thing to do, and Vagner even learned from it and worked with an old dev of Creeps in the Deeps, a mod developed way back in the RoG days, when wanting to integrate its content into Tropical Experience. Also sad to hear, however my experience of two in-game years has been the absolute opposite. Everything works perfectly fine throughout the RoG areas, SW areas, Hamlet areas and interiors, and the underground Deeps. I've experienced a huge swath of content across several different areas, and yet my only crash or bug was when I accidentally ejected a surfboard from my inventory on land while all my slots were full. In terms of bugs, there's absolutely not many you'll encounter when just playing casually. I'm sure TE is full of bad practices, I've heard about that several times before, however as a player it's really not relevant if all the content works and the mod dev updates it to keep it working. You can say why X or Y is badly programmed, and it's 100% true, but as a player it's never relevant as long as the mod functions and doesn't feel bad. And TE doesn't feel bad. I'd also like to mention that this is a fan project, a mod for a video game made out of love. TE may not have code up to the standards of other mods or actual games, but it doesn't have to. That's why I specified in my post that it's not meant to be a SW port but can be enjoyed like one if you aren't concerned with the intricacies of how mechanics work, as unless you're a hardcore SW fan (or constantly checking the wiki) then it's unlikely you'll notice/care about every single little difference. If someone's looking for a perfectly accurate SW port then there isn't one anyway, TE isn't trying to be one and IA is lacking a huge chunk of SW's content. I simply recommended the one that's worked best for me and was being treated as a dead/broken mod, despite me having some of my most fun solo DST gameplay with it over just the last week.
  10. Since it keeps coming up I want to mention that Tropical Experience is actively maintained with bug fixes and new content, I've only experienced a crash once in two in-game years of gameplay and every bug I've reported so far has been fixed within a day. It's not exactly a Shipwrecked port, it takes huge creative liberties with its SW and Hamlet content and adds a ton of new stuff on top, but it's an awesome mod that's been actively updated for years and is in a very stable state. If you aren't concerned about the intricacies of SW (like the specifics of how jellyfish sting you or how the Sealnado suck attack works) then you could definitely go into the mod config and set it to the SW only mode and have a very complete experience!
  11. There's a ton of food and resources in a SW world, which I feel would be absolutely enough to feed a full server of players if everyone was exploring in different directions. Either way though, if this was a problem wouldn't it be an easy one to fix? Klei could just bump up the number of seaweed that generates, even.
  12. If you've got the console autocomplete turned on, you should be able to just keep typing carnivalgame_a, carnivalgame_b, carnivalgame_c, etc, until it autocompletes to something that sounds right, and then you can spawn that in to see.