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  1. It's not a physical, interactable chest, so I wouldn't think so. Root trunks all share the same inventory, it's like ender chests. You can't have sets, but they will have different inventories in different "layers," as in Hamlet, SW, RoG, caves, ruins, volcano. Root trunks won't share inventory across layers, only within a layer, which is kinda lame but it has some uses.
  2. That's likely coordinate 0,0, the very center of your world! Generally when something goes wrong with an entity and it doesn't know where it's supposed to be, it'll either spawn at or attempt to migrate to 0,0. In your case, it's likely that the pigs from those cities you busted down didn't have houses anymore, but still wanted to spawn for whatever reason, and so the game simply placed them down at 0,0. Usually with Hamlet's world gen, 0,0 tends to be on the Pugalisk island, so that lines up with your post pretty well. Some other things you can observe at Hamlet's 0,0, now that you know its location: - Pigs appearing like this when you bust down their houses or towers. - At the very start of dusk, you can see the light from every lamp post in the world briefly flicker on at 0,0 before they all teleport to their respective lamp posts. - If you've got any doydoys, you can hear doydoy death sounds perpetually playing at 0,0. In fact, you should try standing at the very center of 0,0 and listening closely: I've also heard some spooky water noises at Hamlet's, which I think were actually from the end's well? - Flocks of pigeons sometimes show up at 0,0, I believe due to some kind of bug causing them to build up there rather than spawning in the city. - Relics sometimes just kinda, show up? Who knows why. - Ro Bin, Chester or Packim will hang out here if their item is placed inside a root trunk. - Speaking of which, it's invisible so you can't actually see it, but the root trunk's main inventory is stored at 0,0! So at any given moment that a root trunk isn't open, all the items are invisible at the very center of the map. Personally I live in SW and find crabbits there all the time, just chilling on the water. And I've also heard of people's DST worlds getting filled with skittersquids at 0,0.
  3. I'd be interested in a character shaped like a bee that's actually made up of hundreds of tiny bees, maybe even with their size decreasing with their health to indicate bees dying off. Maybe the center bee (which you'd only see at 1 health) would be the queen, and her eating healing food is what allows her to birth more bees... or something along those lines. No clue how the swarm would go insane though. But the robot and the monkey and the pig can go insane, so whatever.
  4. I wouldn't necessarily want it to be "Singleplayer" and "Multiplayer," as that mislabels the two games as if they're the same but with different numbers of player slots. I'd prefer something more like Fortnite, which has the tags "Mode: Save the World" and "Mode: Battle Royale." In the case of of a Don't Starve / Together category, I'd say the best tags would simply be "Don't Starve" and "Don't Starve Together."
  5. I feel like a lot of people responding here are viewing this from the outside, rather than being people who use Twitch for DS/T streams. Cause there's a lot of responses here that are like "the categories should stay separate, because people who want to watch DS can just go to the DS category" but that's not really how things are going, as it is now there are almost no streamers for DS at any moment, and so there's no viewers for DS streams, and instead both streamers and viewers are over in the DST category. Merging the categories wouldn't confuse any viewers of DS streams, because there are basically none at any moment. Merging the categories would instead mean someone streaming DS would have a chance to get viewers, and people who want to watch DS would actually have streams to choose from. For someone like me, who enjoys DS streams a lot, I would go from having almost zero options for streams to watch, to having streams to choose from. Additionally, that's why the focus on how different/similar these games are in this thread is irrelevant imo, especially when comparing such trivial things as how you obtain bundling wraps. The focus here is that on Twitch, DS gets no activity and DST gets tons of activity, while a merged category would mean DS gets tons of activity and DST gets tons of activity. Worst case scenario, you'd have to go through a few extra clicks to sort by the "Don't Starve" or "Don't Starve Together" tag in the DS series category if you only want one game. There's the "Retro" category, which allows basically any retro game. Chances are, unless you're streaming something huge like Super Mario World, you're not gonna get any viewers by setting your category to some specific old game like Super Bonk or Adventures of Lolo, so you can instead set the category to "Retro" and have a chance with the thousands of viewers just looking for older games. Not relevant to the overall topic but someone's gotta do it: WX-78 uses they/them pronouns, please keep that in mind when talking about them.
  6. Oh come on, this is such a Reddit attitude: "If anyone disagrees with me about a videogame, they're simply casual players who don't understand me." I completely understand why you feel the way you do about the game's difficulty, actually, even if I don't personally agree. Regardless of that though, you have no idea how long or how actively I've been playing the game. Do I need to like, provide my steam purchase history in order for you to take my posts seriously?
  7. Acknowledging your problems doesn't make them go away. Joking about how you advertise Uncompromising Mode in every single thread doesn't make advertising the mod in every single thread somehow better. Whenever you talk about this mod in literally every thread about a game mechanic, it just gives off this impression that you all at the Uncompromising Mode team think you're better than Klei, which just makes me less and less interested in the mod every time.
  8. Just saw this on a stream I was watching. No idea how or why it happened, but uh, it did.
  9. A friend of mine had an idea once that feeding Slurtles salt could kill them and, since you didn't bash them in any way, always give a full shell rather than broken shells. I like that a lot.
  10. I actually made the assets once for a monkey watch meme that ended up being too much work to finish: