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  1. well regardless of discourse about the reasons why the gorge and forge never came back, ill throw my opinion in there as if it could be a real thing a lot of people have the idea of the portals to the respective event appearing in the existing world after some sort of unlock condition. i dont think this is a good idea. i think it really should just be its own gamemode you can choose at the start.... because the idea of needing randos to fill spots being able to waltz into your existing world well, it just seems like bait for easy greifing. i suppose this could be avoided by making Garbage Worlds with the only purpose for doing this. (and cheating for "beating all the bosses.") all in all, with having to have that existing world, caves, and then forge/gorge on top of that, it just all seems like a lot more hassle than its worth. so yeah, just have it be a "game mode" like wilderness, survival, endless, etc. as someone who spent like half their hours in dst playing the forge mod(yes i know. insane) i would never spare a moment of my time to beat all the bosses to unlock it when i can just boot up the mod and do it immediately. and the consoles players who arent able to cheat such a task ://
  2. yoo walani time. and she gots her cool dog Nacho the fire hound pup. (she finds one i dont know how) (new pet though warly was not enthusiastic about it) inspired by this screenshot i have. i dont know how to play shipwrecked
  3. i know it will never happen. but the loading time for singleplayer is just embarrassing compared to dst. in fact, it sucks really really badly. and the lag does too. this game needs to have whatever was done to fix dst's loading times done to it. it makes things unplayable i just wanna play hamlet man...
  4. how did people find a thread from 2012 O_O
  5. how do you get a tagline below your screen name i want one :wilson_cry:

    1. Blue Moth

      Blue Moth

      gotta have 1000+ posts for that, assuming that's what you're referring to.

  6. hounds and bosses do not spawn as long as you are on a boat! (i spent all of winter sailing) i actually do not know if they will spawn once any land is visible in the distance (which definitely could cause problems!!) there is a mod i use to help that warns ~2 days in advance when hounds are going to attack, so if that is an option, it's a valid one. or, simply, you can tunr hound attacks off! it's fine. i know the topic is wanting people to argue and you are being argumentative and rude, but really you can turn whatever settings of the game off that you want, it's your game how does a depths worm farm get you grass and twigs? :v /gen
  7. oh no..........................................not the dreaded................. HEADCANON POST???? So, let’s talk about my general Wilba headcanon. But in order to do that, we have to talk about my pig headcanons… As a general reference, I see the humanoid characters with the hunchback model (Gorge goats, pigs, bunnymen, and merms) as being around 6 to 7 feet tall fully grown on average (without notice to species/environmental differences), bigger than the average human. As an example to environmental differences, Hamlet pigs are taller than the average Constant pig, and Wildbores are shorter than average. Let’s talk about the dreaded werepigism. Werepigism originates with Swamp pigs, their bodies already hairy and furry (woolly pigs exist in real life) from their environment as well as being the “least domesticated” of the species. In the Gorge, the Swamp pigs there are shown wearing clothes and accessories, not unlike Hamlet pigs. Overtime, as pigs spread out throughout the Constant and developed new adaptations, Swamp pig culture quietly advanced. While a good amount of the population does not live in the Elder Bog, that is their origin. They were the first to have werepigism. As it was passed from generation to generation, pigs with the status of healers, elders, or other positions of power and guidance developed a way of halting the destruction: jewelry. It soon became custom to have necklaces, earrings, or other fancy adornments to stall the transformation while in the view of a full moon. When the pig breeds started to branch out, the prevention of jewelry to stop the transformation became almost none, with the pigs’ hatred of being outside during the dark a valid reason. Some pigs had werepigism completely bred out of them, which makes up the Hamlet population. Pure Swamp pigs still continued with their traditions, creating their own towns and cities, though not exactly as sweepingly grand as the mainstream Hamlet pigs. It’s not uncommon to see interaction. With how I draw Wilba, with a hairy face, pointed ears… Wilba’s father is a Swamp pig! He gave her the necklace due to werepigism of course, every swamp pig knowing about it and how to prevent it. Are he and Queen Malfalfa divorced/not together? The answer is no, they are still a couple. Long distance? Yeah something like that. “So why the tail?” Because it is cute. Simple!
  8. i dont remember actual first time, but not long after buying the game i was in a public server with a good amount of people. by the time the middle of winter rolled around, there was a good amount of people. base at spawn. i did not know how to play the game correctly or how to keep warm, so all i did was dance around the fire. when deerclops came... somehow, it seemed(?) like no one in the server knew what to do. we all scattered in a panic, freezing to death, and seeing the screen shake from those stomps and the deerclops's horrible red lazer beam !! and yeah, we all died... lol
  9. my support goes to you, sorry transphobes keep bashing you for such stupid reasons. makes me sad to see such random bigotry in the forums of all places:wilson_love: 

  10. *crawls in here as a moving corpse* h....hello....look at this bingus...
  11. im so glad i got into don't starve, when i first discovered it, i feared that i would buy it and never play it. cue 550 hours later... while i have spent a majority of those hours doing the forge and gorge (which, i havent done the forge in months. i hope the community for it is still active, i never seem to get those pings in public servers for the forge role anymore) the forge is honestly one of my favorite game modes and im not sure why. alongside awesome forgers, i've beaten red/green light, double trouble, and hard mode! and the gorge, we would do matches a lot, even 2 hour long matches... and the game itself, the characters, the artstyle, the environment/character design... and the fans! so much fanart that has inspired me and made me so happy hooray for dst!!!!!
  12. i miss drawing characters from this game....

    i want to do it again ........

    corn screem.jpg

  13. Funny clown man


    1. kittem


      oswald the clown is my best friend

  14. i've had many, ranging from scenarios where i see characters acting out as if i was playing the game, from dreaming about telling my friends about the game, to creepypasta-like situations that will never be possible (including having a dream where deerclops was in real life, destroying everything and killing everyone i knew.) most notably, after a day of me playing dst and preparing to engage in going to the ruins, i had a dream that went over every single thing i had done in preparation and was successful in my ruins journey! i woke up pleased note: said ruins journey never happened because right after this, i pretty much stopped playing dst and i may be better off making a whole new world if i ever were to do this again