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  1. i love thinking about this sort of thing! i love the creatures of the constant. my headcanons arent super set in stone (since when is anything) and pretty ridiculous, but its still something i like to think about and its not like theres a lot of canon information so! to me, the swamp pigs are one of the oldest of societies of pigs in the constant. they seem to have more traits that are unlike domesticated pigs that the others are based on, such as having large tusks and have a lot of fur. i see the wildbores of shipwrecked being the next in line after them for similar reasons. then, the common pigmen, and hamlet pigs after that. as for why they are pretty different from each other, i think its cultural and societal differences between them, along with where they live. i actually see the swamp pigs as being more similar to the hamlet pigs than others. they wear fullbody outfits of clothes, have hair, and have accessories for themselves like hamlet pigs do. with the islands of shipwrecked being isolated by bodies of water, i feel like wildbore society is based on having little being around them, hence why they get upset when bothered too much. there just isn't usually many others to bother them, let alone persistantly (as they would understand the hatred of being annoyed with each other.) the pigmen we see in game are said to descend from hamlet pigs, but i think thats not true for every single one, just like how i see merms as not nessesarily always having been former goats. mainly, these are the pigs associated with the pig king's village specifically. as for other animals... i see bunnymen as being heavily pack-minded and follow each other's actions. there isn't a "leader" of their burrow. their social groups often are pretty much treated as a "family," with the "family" a bunnyman lives in being who it is near-exclusively loyal to. other "families" of bunnymen are rival groups. we can see from the gorge that goats, or at least the ones living in the bog, had a thriving society at some point. i feel like the goats were more focused on individuality and their mate/offspring, based on lines implying that goats didn't even want to help the swamp pigs who were their neighbors. merms heavily value their "family" members like bunnymen, but they have a ruler too. they live in packs (such as how 4 merms come from 1 merm house), but will fight for others of their kind. i see merms as highly adaptive, though some are born with more traits leaning to one thing than another, such as wurt being a young warrior. i also think that merms can come in different colors, such as with fishermerms from shipwrecked. speaking of shipwrecked, merms exist there too. not in hamlet. i see the hostility between merms and pigmen as nonexistant in hamlet, simply because merms do not live there. the next closest thing would be hostility against mants probably. (supported by wilba seeming to be disgusted by mants while not really being so aggressive towards merms.) wow! that was long! sorry for the huge ramble. i like the silly animals
  2. i think this was a more common viewpoint when the lunar island was new. or, tbh, just people wanting their faves to come back to a game that is being worked on, to have more interactions, examine lines, etc i would think walani would be a character who would get a substancial overhaul if she ever were ported to prevent her having nothing without her surfboard.
  3. singleplayer being dead wouldnt be sad to me if it werent for the high amount of bugs, unfinished content, and quality of life changes that would boost gameplay from dst that would never touch singleplayer. (im not even talking about big changes, such as farming, if thats scary for some, though i would welcome it...) i think people that dont consider it dead are kidding themselves (as much as i wish it was wrong), at least a spare crumb of bugfixes please
  4. last year i decided to play again on my 150+ day world i hadnt touched since autumn 2020, and made this meme to show my feelings on all the updates that happened in the game since i last played it
  5. i wonder if its because theres too much for your computer to handle? try starting in 32 bit mode (to do this you have to open the game through your steam library) because it being 64 bit is relatively newer
  6. thought it would be messed up if in some sort of weird dst species x psychonauts 2 thing, compton was a goat, and his mind level being "a cooking show" was revamped to be related to the gnaw (and him having some slight merm traits)
  7. actually i like the mactusk idea. people debate about the different sentient species of the constant, but never about the walruses! walruses, what are you hiding from us!?
  8. tbh im just a fan of the whole "naming of eras" thing. lol. i voted for classical era. my favorite trailer EVER, the gorge trailer, is a part of this era. ive watched this trailer a lot and i promise it is not just because im a gorge stan. (uhh, i promise) (its not what it looks like!) this era being marked as 2017-2018 is interesting because its a small amount of selection, but theres interesting things to be said about them in regards to the whole art style discussion topic... for instance, the new reign trailer as THE reworking of the sketchy style, keeping to it and its desaturation. the forge and gorge trailers, well what can i say except i love them???? everything...i cant say more. ive already said my favorite. its actually the two hamlet trailers that align with more modern era complaints actually? the first trailer is like, really smooth actually. i actually do love that trailer, i love the climax of the music as the mayor picks up the artifact wilson had dropped while being mauled to death. this trailer has clean lines, and flat shading people complain about. the second hamlet trailer actually mixes smooth lines and sketchy lines. i actually want to believe its intentional. the smooth lines are used for animation focused on the pigs society, with the rough ones for the dangers and environment. like the rough style is meant to push that you are in danger!
  9. i love thinking of headcanons for the constant's species! not all the taxomoneys...... but like general stuff. i dont have anything off the top of my head here on the spot but it is something i love
  10. when i think of characters with pokemon, i dont think in terms of type, i just think of individual pokemon that fit them. i think warly could have a lickitung as his taste tester since they got hyper-sensitive taste. (actually, looking at lickitungs dex entries, i never realized they made its tounge be so dangerous. what the...) and, an alolan marowak. for the bones to prepare, the fire to help cook, and the whole.. mother thing.
  11. kind of silly but wendys rework is sort of a favorite in terms of nostalgia value, i got into dst in january 2020, so wendys rework was the first major update (not counting year of the carrat here). i was already predicting based on previous 2019 reworks and new characters that someone new would be coming around the first quarter, and i was so happy to be right. i was so happy and hyped seeing the video, and playing and everything. me and these kids i used to play dst with made an all wendy world that we messed around in for the full ingame year. it was a nice time
  12. clicking on this i thought this was about the START menu... lol. what i would change about that is being able to select the visuals and music of your choice. having the wolfgang rework music instead of winters feast was sad lol (i dont have much to say about the actual topic, sorry)
  13. literally speaking, the last game i played was plants vs zombies. zombies could be sort of like hound attacks, the plants would be like a way cheaper houndius shootius.... if we are not literally speaking, im actually thinking of a crossover between psychonauts 2 and dont starve right now