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  1. I didn't though, it went remarkably well and then the thread moved on.
  2. it is weird to try to argue about this when it is a thing that is seen in so so many character quotes since like 2017 now
  3. Nice!! Looks like I can finally uninstall Steam!
  4. I don't think being passive aggressive about this is very productive.
  5. It's not a "change" it's... a bug fix. It's not a change to a feature or anything, it's a bug that was fixed. Also, It absolutely did affect people. I've seen a decent amount of threads over the time I've been aware of this bug of, for example, people being confused as to how some random Wendy or Willow in their server was crafting battle helms. It definitely made things unclear and confusing for people not in on the whole thing.
  6. Yeah, if moonrock walls are being changed then I'd definitely like that too!! The original design iirc was that moonrock walls would be walls for pvp, so they take a TON of hammer hits to actually destroy. But that didn't ever really work out in practice, and now pvp isn't such a focus anymore, so I think it'd be a nice change if they were down to a few hammer hits like other walls.
  7. Admittedly, moving from console to PC is pretty difficult, especially lately. Buying a gaming PC can be super expensive, and building one is more intimidating than ever with so many people getting into crypto and driving up the prices for specific parts (sucks, killing the planet AND making it hard for people to just play games). Even if I don't personally struggle with the same issue of the inventory being obscured, moving to PC and using a mod isn't the most accessible solution.
  8. It's an artichoke, yeah! Some of these textures are labelled with that. Lots of artichoke imagery in Hamlet for some reason.
  9. Glad this little joke mod could actually be helpful for someone!! I didn't do the code myself but the friend who did is super super competent at modding, so I have to imagine that it's an easy and effective way to do this kind of thing.
  10. While I think fossils might as well drop from the bone armor/helm, I must admit it would be super super weird if the only renewable way to get fossils required... being able to summon the fuelweaver, which takes fossils. If it's changed also I hope the bone shards stay, 20 of them from deconstructing the armor and hat seems pretty nice!!