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  1. One time I told a new guy that he could get honey from hammering the gigantic bee hive. I hammered it one time to show him, left the hammer on the ground and left I think that's the most evil thing I did in this game so far
  2. Just random images nothing to see here
  3. Kills a hound in the desert Meat drops Buzzards: aZlzNNB7_700wv_0.mp4
  4. JoeW words, don't forget it guys "Ok look. Here's the thing. The reason I have to calm down posts is for a few reasons. 1 - I don't want to babysit the thread. 2 - If I don't draw lines you will get out of control 3 - Originally, I said keep it cool or I will make it go away. As many of you know, this thread technically shouldn't be allowed. But, it's funny and normally you're cool. But now, many of you want to ride the line to see what I will or won't allow and it's wasting my time. No sexual content, no profanity, no racism, no anything that generally breaks our forum guidelines or anything that even hints at these things. I shouldn't have to spell this out. To put this in perspective, if everything that was hidden in this thread where no longer hidden, it would be 503 pages long. That's how much has needed to be hidden here. If you do not know if what you're posting is appropriate or not, then it probably isn't. "
  5. I had this weird dream last night.
    I was at a street fair of some sort, and there was a stand selling a huge heart-shaped popsicle.
    I ask for it and a young girl brings me one. Dragon fruit colored with little black dots in it. It looked super delicious.
    I ask how much is it (was a bit expensive, but the thing was huge so I don't complain), pulled up the biggest bill I had in my wallet and give it to the cashier girl (13-15 ish).
    While she picks up the change I start to unwrap the transparent plastic the popsicle had.
    She gives me the change and as I turn back I realize she gave me monopoly money. So I turn back to her, give the fake money back and ask for real money. She sais she is very sorry and give me 20 cents. I look the little girl dead in the eye for like 5 seconds, look at the back and see someone that looks like her mother in the back and ask if she could help the little girl with the change. She comes and take some time searching in the cashier box, opens her purse, picks up a wallet, search for money in it, then calls for a guy in the back, the guy comes searches in the cashier box, in her wallet, in his wallet... and for one moment I look at the counter and see my giant popsicle upside down in a plate, half melted in a pool of red suggary deliciousness dripping all over the counter wall to the floor. 
    At this moment I wake up super mad because I didn't even tasted the thing
    Now I want one :wilson_ecstatic:


    1. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

       Yeesh... and you remember ALL that?!

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      I woke up 4 am and I couldn't sleep, so I started typing it before I forgot.