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  1. Don't start fearmongering now
  2. originally i was skeptical about the update but after giving it a fair shot i actually love it now
  3. I drew this because I thought Monster Meatballs were really funny
  4. I don't like Walter and it's because I think his inclusion was pretty unnecessary. All of his stats/perks or whatever are all mishmashed together to create a confusing character. Is he supposed to be a ranged character? Why doesn't he 'care about fashion' and why is he allergic to bees??? The losing sanity depending your health is pretty bad too. Other than Walter, I'm not a fan of Wurt, but Wurt actually has a coherent playstyle and perks.
  5. damn i forgot about that looks like i really will be waiting 3000 years
  6. me ordering stuff from klei while also living in the middle of nowhere feels like this also if i had waited like a few days the stores would've been restocked and i would have gotten my mandrake for cheaper lolololololololol
  7. would you guys say that the recent update was a... ... 'froggers' moment?
  8. i'll let you figure out what's wrong with him on your own
  9. i am very late but i am surprised to be included here at all thank you though lol
  10. i'm sorry... i won't do anything like it again! i promise!