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  1. yes and no. A lureplant will diggest (delete) an item it managed to store every 20 second. So for exemple, if you feed it 3 battle helm, after 1 min, all of the items in the lureplants won't exist anymore. If it still had objects in it when you kill it, it will indeed drop the loot. Having a lureplant at the corner of your map near your base is one of the best trash bin you can have. Hope that helps.
  2. This option is a bit hardcore, but you could leave them inside of the ancient guardian chest and then proceed to reset your ruins. Any items that are left inside the chest will dissapear with it upon the reset! Otherwise krampii might be your only "quick" option if the lureplant really dont work.
  3. No the event won't run again! If you leave the staff in the Moon Stone or place a Moon Caller staff in it, it will offer you an infinite light source equivalent to a Polar dwarf star! -Infinite light source of a screen wide -Infinite sanity gain of 25/min when really close to the moon stone -Will cool you down to the point of freezing Note: you can at any point take off a staff and place it back in to have that effect. You can also place two scaled furnace on each side of the Moon Stone to create an area where you'll never suffer from any temperature problem in any season! Hope that helps and if you have any other question im up to answer ^^
  4. Hello everyone! Today, I present to all of you 3 methods that i came up with to complete the Moon Event. I'm a bit lazy and I thought that creating a cage with statues or end tables to complete the event was either to long or was really ressource intensive. Another reason that pushed me to find a way to get the staff, was that i think the Iridescent Gem will have it's worth in a future RoT update. So i started testing out a bunch of different methods to see what could work for a solo player to complete the event. After alot of trials and errors, i ended up with these 3 methods. "The Lureplant method", "The ice-flingo method" and "The wall/bone method". Each of them are all unique in their own ways, are rather quick to set up and are quite efficient. Below you'll find a video showcasing the 3 methods. If you have any comments, ways any of these builds could have been improved or ideas you wanna share with everyone leave them down below, i'm really curious when it comes to weird and unique technique :3 Have an awesome day everyone!
  5. This is my submission for this week challenge! I tried to do a scientist lab on the theme of "Resurection". I tried to make it as creepy as possible x)
  6. That's both sad and funny haha i was working on a video for youtube on different kitchen design and never got to finish it (i should probably go back to that at some point) but here's a few screenshot that i have to inspire you
  7. Hello everyone! I've recently thought of using bees to help me out in killing Ancient Guardian and saw how effective it could get! Bees will take some of the damage that you should be taking so it helps you save on armor and healing. I wanted to showcase it in a video, but thought it would be lame to just spawn everything in to show to all of you. So i decided to turn this showcase into a speedrun! I was able to get a couple day 5 run, but i knew day 4 was possible with good world RNG and luck. So here's the entire run speeded up and with commentaries! Hope you guys enjoy and if you have any comments or things you wanna point out that i could have done better, let me know down below! Have an awesome day everyone!!!
  8. I had the pleasure to play and build some creation in @gaymime's world! Here's what we have done so far! Here's a super cute garden that Gaymime did!!!
  9. @nome im trowing my two cents here cause i've been desperate for those skin since i've started playing the game, but would it be possible to add some of the "proof of purchase" or "loyal" skins on the reward page like the pirate bird cage, mini monument, or even other ones? It's a shame cause those skin are super mega cute and are pretty limited to PC... I know its not your guys fault that Sony rules makes it so that we can't redeem codes anymore on Ps4, but i see the reward page as an alternative for us to get those skins... That being said i would make them have a different rarity to make up with the real proof of purchase, to still have that feel of exclusivity for the one that actually managed to get the real version of the skin. On this i hope you guys at klei have a nice day and keep being so awesome!
  10. They can take him out of the forum, but the confuse face emote will always live on! You can't thanos snap it out of everywhere x)