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  1. Skins for split screen

    Sadly, if you put your gameplay in offline mode, there's no way to access your skins or to earn skins while playing. If you have PS plus, i would suggest you put your Ps4 as your "primary PS4" to give everyone that is playing on your console the advantage of playing online too. If none of you have PS plus, there is no way for anyone to use skins.
  2. Maybe a cave biome could be added to our caves that is only accessible via the lunar island. We could see some creature from down below but with the lunar twist : bunnymen, rock lobster, depth worm, slurper, slurtle\snurtle and splumonkey could get such a revamp this way.
  3. The Dev that created that set piece did the simplest of jobs and yet, this is one of the most talked about set piece. They must be laughing at us, in the studio, us fool trying to decipher what it means... well played klei, well played.
  4. Substitute for Item Codes

    Same on my side... i got the games on pc (shipwreck and rog) to get the pirate birdcage and the mini monument fire pit... sadly i wasnt active yet on the forum and the games didnt give code like they used to... so i went on the forum and saw that they didnt do the code process anymore for those game and rather did it automatically on your steam dst account. I was really sad
  5. *cough cough* voted for all of them *cough cough* But Klaus is my all time favorite, music, mechanics, art style, ideas behind the boss and finally the loot is really nice (being the only renewable mandrake source is also really cool)
  6. starve149 site?

    It's like a bootleg version of our forums hahaha everything we got written here is there too. Theres just weird and questionnable adds all around said forum.
  7. Year of the varg. Here some in game image that i have from them : They would stay as statue like that for ever unless a player would go near them. They would wake up and aggro instantly on you
  8. This is valid enough. The thing is, shattered spiders are not your day 1 thing that you encounter, they are not that common. There's still a learning curve that needs to happen for players. If one is not a crazy lunar island rusher, i would say that the lunar island would be mid to a bit late content. Shattered spiders having AoE damage are way more dangerous then many of the mobs that you'll encounter during your first autumn. So them having such attacks is fitting for the experience or knowledgeable player that encounter them. As it is, i see plenty of people dying from tentacles, regular spiders, pigs, etc. So adding common mobs with new attack pattern sounds cool and interesting, though it wouldnt be fair for new players. Though making more ennemies that are in the spirit of new attack patterns is a thing that i would really look forward to, but Klei needs to balance those things properly or make the area where those ennemies more harsh to show to new player that this is not content that is accessible yet. That being said im not fearing that Klei knows how to do such things as they impressed us many time in the past.
  9. Cause theres people that actually enjoy those kind of challenges ? I really dont see the point of your statement right there... Asking for new bosses is as valid as asking for new biomes or new game mechanics. I can think of so many reasons : 1. New loot, new items, that can help you thrive and survive even better 2. Just for the trill of doing it ? I mean just take a look at some of the big streamers of DST. They do boss killing on a regular basis because it's fun to watch. Well let me tell you that it's even of a better feeling to kill those bosses on your own or with friends. 3. It gives the opportunity to the Dev to go crazy a bit. Creating new attack pattern, making cool new animations and special effects, creating new small game mechanics. Finally making the bosses optionnal don't make them a hassle for newer player. Plus having them optionnals means that you go out of your way of survival to actually attempt to kill them. I raise my cup to anyone that take the time to collect the proper ressources to kill those said boss. Lets say you are bored of doing the same old farming day after day, well there's always those bosses out there to spice up a bit your gameplay. But then again it all comes down to preferences. Though asking for new bosses shouldn't get overshadowed or diminished, for i'm rather certain that they are a big chunk of what people like about this game.
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    This is a joke though, take your time to do it
  11. I'm assuming you are trying to play on PC with a controller, if so any DualShock 4 controller can work or a Xbox One controller should work to. You litteraly just plug your controller with a cable to your PC and you should be good to go !
  12. I wanted to practice doing some decor but didnt really knew what to do haha So here's a half horned volt-goat eating some tasty grass