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  1. Shameless plug-in *cough* I was a bit sloppy in the demonstration, but using bunnymen for Crab King is really effective and quick. 15 bunnymen were used to kill him in 2:15. It's a set up that also allows you to redo the fight multiple time. That's how i'm getting my ornaments this year actually, it's way less stressful of a fight like this, at least for me. Though for all the parametres you have to take into account, doing the fight normaly is indeed really hard when you consider that the celestial altar is mendatory if you wanna advance the plot of the game. Luckily, like others have pointed out, it's a fight you really only need to do once with the pearl and call it a day. Get through the trouble of killing him just one time and you'll be set (unless you are a ornament maniac, then good luck on your irl sanity).
  2. That's both sad and funny haha i was working on a video for youtube on different kitchen design and never got to finish it (i should probably go back to that at some point) but here's a few screenshot that i have to inspire you
  3. I had the pleasure to play and build some creation in @gaymime's world! Here's what we have done so far! Here's a super cute garden that Gaymime did!!!
  4. They can take him out of the forum, but the confuse face emote will always live on! You can't thanos snap it out of everywhere x)
  5. I've finally gotten into building an Aquarium for all of the fishes that are in the game so far! Took me around an in-game year to build this whole section from start to finish. Hope you enjoy!
  6. @DavePlaysDST Wig-fridge (wigfrid) Wave-staff (wagstaff) Willow (willow) Wolf-gang (wolfgang)
  7. final_5ee54f2d4fae60001505fbc1_852666.mp4
  8. might have be done before sorry if so >.<
  9. *Laughs in woodlegs* Took me 9 in game days to go around my map to collect those 4 chest hahaha. Was it worth it? Maybe not but it was fun ish ^^ Sailing with Warly, when you have lil food supplies, is actually pretty hard and fun to lmao. Not starving stranded on my boat actually felt like a challenge. Warly definitely changes your approach with the game!
  10. Kirby never been so dapper. nononononononononononono..... NONOoooome, the potato knight who fight injustice towards any potato!