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  1. Make the Carrat a pet.

    And they could have a sweet potato skin
  2. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    We could have a unique version of the three shadows chess piece on the moon biome. They could be made with the moon shard and we would have to break the statue during a full moon on the island. They would be a bit of an upgrade version just like misery toadstool. They would have different attack patern and have more healt. Maybe have sleep base attack ? They would have a white look like the gesalt. I dont know what there drops could be but here's my little idea
  3. Hi everyone ! With the new boat mechanic i was wondering something : Can you do the fight on them ? It would be insanely OP because you could have 3 boat separated a bit and fight each shadow individualy. If anyone could try this out ( if no one can i'll try it out when i come back from work and come back with the result ) it would be really appreciated
  4. Screenshot showcase

    Sea base in dst woot woot
  5. Heum Wes decided to talk with the new update xD you know things got real when a mime decides to talk #bug
  6. Wes character refresh

    I personnaly hope for either of three things for the Wes rework : - He have more ways to decorate bases. Like balloon sculture, potery, painting, etc. Those structure would act like sand castle in SW. They would have a sanity aura and would deteriorate with time. -If he could have a better version of the "one man band" it would be awesome and would fit the character. It would be more durable then the current version and would befriend 2 more entities then the normal one. His one man band would also buff other survivor (like speed boost or a 15% more damage). -Finally make him harder to play has. At the moment he really just feel like a bit worst version of Wilson. Mobs and bosses like hounds could aggro on him more and would target him more often then other survivor around him. Wes is my personnal favorite character and i hope his artistic side will shine with this rework. I think it would be the good way to go with him.
  7. Dear Clops Problem

    Yes she does but you have to kill dragonfly directly afterward. If you go out of the desert and then try to fight her, she will have all of her healt back.
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  9. Here's Wes when he is not being a mime. Irl Wes is a grumpy emo.
  10. Few question : On witch platform are you ? Are you sure that the klei ID that is with your klei account is the same that the one you use to play ? Do you watch DST stream with drops ENABLED ? Are you sure the streamer that you are watching really plays for 10h ?
  11. The BERNIE! Exploit Poll

    The most interesting thing in this poll is th e fact that exactly 50/50 people chose "yes" either of "yes" this is quite crazy when you think about it
  12. True, this brutal force of the constant needs to be stop ! So far we only seen 10% of his true strength. Nerfs needs to come asap to prevent even more use of his power
  13. The fact that he played 3000+ days xD i mean a DST day is 8 min, witch mean he invested around 400h in that world. Its nearly 20 irl days hahaha Seriously though alot of time and patient must have been pull out to create this master piece
  14. Objects made of beard

    I really like #9 : the fake hound costume made out of beard hair. It could act like a berry bush hat with over time durability and a insanity aura for other player nearby
  15. Well done ! I get amazed each time i see your creation!!! Didnt get the chance to hop in your world yet but eh im running out of time these days xD keep up the good work and good luck with the new city you wanna build ! Update us as soon as it's out