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  1. Hello everyone! Today i present to you the Crab King fight with a pearl against an army of 15 bunnymen! I knew that Bee Queen and Dragonfly were already doable using bunnymen, but i was wondering if Crab King could also be done with this technic. I showcase in this video everything you need to know to actually do this fight without to much trouble! On my attempt, the fight lasted for 2 min 12 sec. It is quite efficient if you ask me. For now, Crab King doesnt have any valuable loot to be farmed all the time, but i think this technic can help a solo player take down the boss. On this i hope you enjoy the video! If you have any question, comment or suggestion leave them down below and i'll make sure to answer you back! Have an awesome day
  2. Base build: i get to be really creative and just let myself create some really cool stuff. It's a passion i haven't found in alot of game. Killing bosses: The bosses are all so unique and fun to encounter and prepare for! Finding new ways to kill them or trying to rush as many as possible in a single season is really fun! Play and chat with friends: i've met a great deal of awesome and nice people with this game. I feel apart of a community by playing DST and it's a nice feeling :3 The DST community is just amazing. The aesthetic: The artstyle of the game is so unique and appealing to me. It reminds me of Tim Burton alot! I just love the colors, the weird monster hybrids and the pencil style of the game! Edit: Also the fact that there's numerous ways to play the game and there's just so many options to survive with makes the experience so unique!
  3. @DavePlaysDST Wig-fridge (wigfrid) Wave-staff (wagstaff) Willow (willow) Wolf-gang (wolfgang)
  4. From a basebuilder perspective, getting rid of any non-renewable ressources is a sin. It's especially one if it's for a ressource that can be as easily collected as pig skin (4 monster meat to a pig), or collecting trinkets for gold, gems or nightmare fuel from graves. All those ressources are really plentyful and can be aquired by other means. This truly comes down to playstyle though, if one is doing a speed run in a not long term server, sure go ahead. But for worlds that will last for over 300-500 days, there isn't really any big advantages to destroy non-renewable ressources. Never will you see me dig a grave or hammer a pig head. It just ruins your possibilities to create something beautiful in the long run.
  5. I played for more then 3000h on console and around 400h on pc. What i can tell you is as follow: -If you really are a console player, playing with a controler will feel alot more natural than a keyboard. Keyboard playing is way harder then controler, imo, if you don't have geometrical placement, which in your idea of cross-play such mod wouldn't exist. At that you should already have an advantage. -Fishing rod casting: it's mostly the same then on PC. If you don't have the right quills you won't cast as far on both pc and console. Both platform have a maximum range for fishing, so your assumption on that is a bit false. -Range weapon: range weapon are pretty much the same for both platforms too. The only difference i could think of is the weather pain casting. Other than that, ice staffs, walters slingshot, blow darts mostly have the same range. If the character is not in range on PC he will just walk towards the target until they are indeed in range for shooting. Same goes for console. A target that isnt in range won't be seen with the auto-locked feature. Wortox/ lazy explorer : this is indeed a big problem if you compare the two platform. Console really has it rough with those kind of teleportation and there's no arguing with that. Pc really has it much easyer and has alot more freedom towards that. Edit: -Wheelers dodge is the same distance on both platfrom Final note: it really must suck to hear that over and over but you have to learn with the tools you have at hand. Playing this game on console really isnt as bad as most people make it sound like. I mean, obviously if someone has more affinity with a keyboard they will find that more useful than a controler. Same goes for most console player with a keyboard. The game has been playable on console since it's very beginning and Klei has done a pretty good job with the controls if you ask me. There's nothing a console player can't achieve that a modless PC player can do. Both game function the same way.
  6. As much as the idea behind it could be interesting i see two problem with it: -First, it would leave alot of different tool all over the world. You suggested having a mob cleaner for tools, but as of now we don't have such a mob and as such it would create alot of lag after leaving so many tools on the floor all over your world. -Second, i think it could make Wes totally OP. Imagine going to dfly, you craft one dark sword and one football helmet. Then once your "invisible" tool are broken you just take back the one you drop and continue the cycle, saving so much ressource. I personnaly wouldn't mind that so much but it would make Wes way stronger at saving ressources compare to other characters(would i mind that? Idk, i would just find that really powerful for a character supposed to be "hard") An alternative to your idea, would be the ability for Wes to mime, at the cost of 1 sanity per swing, an axe, pickaxe or shovel! Keeping it to those specific tools, without cluttering a world with random tools on the floor, sounds a better idea. This perk would also act as a small team benefice, cause the other players in the game would be using the flint or twigs that a Wes player would use. Those two ressources are the most looked after in new worlds, so having one player not needing them would be really usefull.
  7. Hello everyone! Lately i've been wondering about alot of different scenarios to kill certain bosses. I was wondering how the elephant cactii from Shipwreck would fare against Bee queen. Using Kynoox's mod the "Architect Pack" i was able to make that scenario a possibility! The video down below gives you the informations you need to reproduce this technic. In my opinion, it comes back to the same efficiency as a tentacle trap of Wickerbottom! So ya this video is more of a test, i wanna see if people actually enjoy those kind of alternative! I won't always be using mods (if i do, it will only be to get content from other dlc) and i'll try to find the weirdest technic out there! "What if that worked?". It's gonna be a bit like a myth buster with only good outcomes x) On this feel free to comment down below, any opinions are welcomed and have a wonderful day!
  8. For this case, i don't think it's a mod problem... i got the same bug on my ps4 a few months ago. Basically, everything that usually spawn back with the ruin regeneration after a fuelweaver kill didn't spawn(see spoiler). My guess is that upon a world generation, there's a rare bug that occurs that prevent every single one of those spawner to exist in a world...
  9. The architect pact from Kynoox. It's not a steam workshop mod so you'll have to download it manualy. The link to the mod will be in the spoiler. If you need help to install it properly private message me! I also wanted to apologise to everyone, because of my original promise with those song. They take alot of time to make (at least on my end) and they are quite hard to do cause i don't know music or rythm all that well... that said i'm not giving up on making more song but i haven't managed to do a song a week like i originally promised
  10. final_5ee54f2d4fae60001505fbc1_852666.mp4
  11. Where did you even get that information? I play on console and i can guarantee you that this statement is false.
  12. Those are two builds in my current world! ~Dfly arena~ ~Hound trap/Spider farm/2 Walrus clearer~ When i'll have enough, i also plan to do a bee queen arena with them! Hope it inspires you I personnaly find them only useful when you have a couple. Having one by itself is either to risky or not efficient enough imo.
  13. Hello everyone! So me and @reichull got bored a bit and wanted to try out something original for a change. We decided to do Bee Queen without using any common technics like catapults, pan flute or even flingos. After alot of failed attempt we started using the Napsack. Believe it or not that item was suprisingly effective for the fight! I feel the urge to put a little disclaimer though: Napsack are really the star of this video! They can be mass produce with a couple of green gems and shroom skins. The AoE sleep effect can help just focus on Bee queen a bit better then what the pan flute does too! I won't bother you with my talking to much and i'll let the video speak of itself: Hope you guys enjoy the video and if any of you have questions or things to point out that i missed in the video do tell me down below! I'll definitely reply back! Arena concept and design by @reichull! Have a nice day!
  14. ~~This response is mostly a joke~~ BASE. BUILDING. IS. A. WORK. THAT. IS. NEVER. OVER. NEVEEEEEER. More seriously, it is a constant expansion. There's always more to build, always a little project you can work on. Sometime you do duplicates of certain area (farms, bee zone, mob pen, etc.) or sometime you just try something creative! Build a cemetery, build some shrines, build a museum, a castle, a pig village, etc. But the true answer to the question, when ever i managed to "finish" a megabase, i either rework certain zone to my current style or i just start a new world. Starting new creations is really fun imo! Have a good day!