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  1. -Gather up folks, the gnome festival is upon us- "Shoot the balloon to win a prize"(original design by @glooomy ) "Come test your strenght" "What does your fortune hold for you" "Small eating area with their own music band" "The smallest attraction park in the world" "Can you guess the size of the giant pumpkin?"
  2. It has been a long time since i've posted anything on here, but i've had alot of fun with the new stuff and went on a building spree (klei did such a great job with those assets they look amazing). Those builds were done in creative mode, but i'll replicate them legitimately inside of my normal world in due time. I mostly wanted to get the layout of things before hand with those new items. I've designed an area for each of the 3 minigames of the Midsummer Cawnival: Thank you a million time for this event Klei, the minigames are super fun, the items look great and the ambiance is really enjoyable :3
  3. Thank you Klei for this rework! It's exactly the kind of approach i was hoping for him and it's really reassuring that he didn't get straight up "buff". Thank you a million time for all your work, you guys are awesome!
  4. That's both sad and funny haha i was working on a video for youtube on different kitchen design and never got to finish it (i should probably go back to that at some point) but here's a few screenshot that i have to inspire you
  5. I had the pleasure to play and build some creation in @gaymime's world! Here's what we have done so far! Here's a super cute garden that Gaymime did!!!
  6. They can take him out of the forum, but the confuse face emote will always live on! You can't thanos snap it out of everywhere x)
  7. I've finally gotten into building an Aquarium for all of the fishes that are in the game so far! Took me around an in-game year to build this whole section from start to finish. Hope you enjoy!
  8. @DavePlaysDST Wig-fridge (wigfrid) Wave-staff (wagstaff) Willow (willow) Wolf-gang (wolfgang)
  9. final_5ee54f2d4fae60001505fbc1_852666.mp4
  10. might have be done before sorry if so >.<