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  1. On Base Locations

    For me, it doesnt matter. The biome I base in becomes the best biome once im settled either way Ps. Yes im a selfless egocentric person no need to judge xD
  2. Its straight to the point and says what it as to say =) . Also nice idea putting a blank icon for futur heirlooms skin
  3. At least you got something else then profile icon xD i just have that since the update ! Elegant in daily drops are legends from where i come hahaha.
  4. Klei servers

    They are indeed fixed on ps4 thanks
  5. Didnt receiving daily gitf

    Its base on a timer at Klei. Its set for around 2h40 Pm Pacific Time if im correct.
  6. The weavable skins are event related skins. For an unknown reason, klei decided to keep each event skin weavable since last hallowed night. I mean i dont mind at all that factor, but before weavable things were during specific events. Hope i helpped ! If you have other question just ask
  7. Daily Gift

    The daily reset is at 1:40 pm PT, so its likely to be in 40 min
  8. Maybe they are the new twitch drops that are coming next week ?
  9. Hi , There's alot of stuff on the Klei store that appeal to me. Though some of the stuff are currently "out of stock" and they are since quite a while now. For exemple the DT shirt (in most sizes), spider plush, calico chester plush, etc. I was wondering if those item were to come back at some point ? Im not really into a specific date, but knowing that they will come back at some point would be fun ! Thanks in advance for the answers P.s. i dont know if this topic is relevent, so sorry !
  10. Weaving system

    Maybe in the futur stuff like that will change. Though for what i know, all skin that were before the weaving system cant currently be weaved, even during the said event. I do hope at some point to be able to weave those kind of skin. I personnaly want that one !
  11. This is my Year of The Pig King Shrine. It took 2 full moon cycle to build and alot of purple gem. Just wanted to share this with you all and i was wondering if any of you also did a shrine for this event. Post your tribute below and fun survival for you out there !
  12. Screenshot showcase

    My Year of the Pig King shrine ! Thanks Klei for this fun WWE-ish event
  13. I mean if you got it its nice, but im pretty sure some skins can only be obtain during specific events. They dont stick all year round :/. But then again im not the skin dealer at klei so i wouldnt know :') grats on your sking though
  14. Present Drop Skins!

    My girlfriend got 2 roseate torso skin this week (webber and winona) Im so jelly >.< i got 4 common :')
  15. @CharlesB Hey i just wanted to let you know something about targeting that should be improve ! When you use a telelocator staff on a targeted ennemie, both the option to unlock target and to "telepoof" is done by "O". Though the unlocking option has priorety, so you cant teleport a locked target. I dont know if it can be fixed but yea hope its not to much to ask for. Have a nice day