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DragonMage156    27491
19 hours ago, HeatAndRun said:

But.. In RoT beta, the moon glass axe is even better than Lucy at chopping. Which could be used by everyone.

18 hours ago, Alarsin said:

It’s not better. It has the same chopping effectiveness, however, Woodie also has 2x chopping speed. But yes, you have a point.

Well I don't know anything about the glass axe so I can say for sure. Maybe we should have a Woodie vs glass axe video next.

But yall seem to forget about his curse.

8 hours ago, -Variant said:

I never said WX, I said "EX" which I meant to say "ECT".

Wagstaff has his logging machine, the thumper, plant trees, instantly destroy them all, no need for chopping.

I still have no idea who else you're referring to >->

Also I know Wagstaff has a thumper, I'm saying he isn't even in DST right now which makes him irrelevant.

17 hours ago, minespatch said:


Ok ok!! Just wanted to reply to this.

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