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  1. Woodlegs creepypasta time okay here we go: on tiem in da shprekt contiesnt, walson was mining his on solt roc wen he aw an ghomst shenp. redy ying fo cobtaom, winglbangledongle groped hisspearb an redided to fit shadow bot but B U T itaws wudlig an he was d e d and wigglefiggle sed ohk no an dne da wugfug sa t up and sed "i heær û" an then higsbor was deddddified
  2. Hey guys, I had a nice conversation about a DST experience I had and it led to this, can we get some artistic and variable renditions of Meatball Warly? I'd toss together a low-effort PNG, but I am feeling a bit on the lazy side today.
  3. Am I really about to be vore-assassinated by a living cartoon box creature right now
  4. When you make a post about how the Woodie rework was amazing and everyone downvotes you
  5. People who are meh or worse about Warbucks: Yea, the gun is cool, but it's not super interesting or cool, it just does a lot of damage. Warbucks "mains":
  6. Look there is a private DM for us to discuss this, we don't need a safety net for our safety net my guy.
  7. But Warbucks wasn't even good But Gorge and Forge were just tossed in But Maxwell Memes is only temporarily locked, unless JoeW decides to just say no, which is respectable. Also, if he does, if I hear any of you nefarious scoundrels be annoyed by that, I'm going to *REDACTED*
  8. You, see, what you then get is a character that doesn't really add up to anything but "I have a gun." Also, the issue is that nobody cares for a boring imperial explorer stereotype. They are boring. Big Game Hunters have no interesting characteristics to them about 99% of the time. Just because Hammerlock was a good character doesn't mean it will work almost any other time. You are asking for Klei to rework a bad and boring character into a boring and bad character. Six of one, half-dozen of the other. That, and it's too much work for Klei to do for it to even be worthwhile. Hell, I hate how most of the characters are just archetypes. It's boring, but its not the focus of the game, and they can say some interesting stuff. Warbucks cannot do that. Also, using an already existing character for a DLC slot is wasted potential on Klei's part, and as good as Wormwood is, it was super disappointing to just have Wormwood take 1 of 4 DLC slots. Yea, thats right. The Memebucks War I helped start is now a Constant National Crisis.
  9. JoeW: warns about wendy talk Everyone: laughs it off JoeW: warns of tiny meme war and using a word that doesnt mean what it should in the West Everyone who didn't make a meme on that:
  10. Agreeable. I offer my supreme cooking and armaments from outside of the Constant in order to combat this menace, and create the legendary being, Warly TF2. Currently only available in Survivor variant, but soon will become more durable and more powerful. To arms! (Also, I will be bringing a near endless supply to Ham Shanks to the war effort, as well as firearms and other various things to hit old englishmen with) (Also, P.S. to minespatch, don't play both sides of this war effort. I'll be watching you closely, good sir.)
  11. Damnit you proved my point How the media sees us after our Don't Starve spree
  12. When you make an actually funny meme but its about Warbucks so you just get a bunch of sad reactions because of a meme on life support.