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  1. I picked Charlie, Warly and Walter, reasons why have been already mentioned expect for Walter's parents. They must be extremely worried about their son now suddenly missing. I don't think Webber is someone who should go out of the constant, pretty sure he'll be still have the body of a spider, doubt he'll last long without being thrown into some lab or killed.
  2. Sounds pretty interesting, maybe when we get survivors from different cultures we can get more unknown dishes.
  3. I feel like the mods are going to delete this at some point. I understand what you're doing, but i'm pretty sure these posts are not allowed.
  4. I won't mind seeing more NPCs, i think Pearl is Klei giving it a test and seeing if they're a good addition to the game or not. So far from what i heard, it does seem to be success
  5. As someone already said, it might be possible for the devs to add this track if they add a gramophone. This track i'm pretty sure is used for Maxwell being stuck on the throne.
  6. Damn, you just posted a time machine. Makes me feel old hearing this, it's a pretty spoopy.
  7. I know what you're doing is a good thing, but the DST forums are designed for stuff about the game. Plus, the chances of someone falling for one these are very low. Only people who are gullible fall for these.
  8. Welp, for some reason i can't post or comment on anything.


    Not sure what's causing it.

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      Forum Maintenance.

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      Ah, i have the big dumb.

  9. Last thing you'll see after breaking one of the rules.
  10. Ok, now i'm willing to bet that that's actually a enemy we can fight. Not a interact-able NPC.I just got this feeling.
  11. If a Wes player is taking flowers from your bee farm, i'm pretty sure that's just the player being a donkey. Not him being unable to read signs.
  12. Wes should be given something more interesting than that imo.
  13. When JoeW finally looks at this thread.
  14. Ah manure, here we go again. Can we please just stop making this, JoeW has already gave us a warning. Best to stop before this get shut down again like last time.
  15. I think it's fair considering her new upsides, not having her attack butterflies sounds pretty fine when you can punch them yourself.
  16. You have somehow created a more terrifying profile pic.
  17. Good idea to make her balanced. When she's gets onto her surfboard, it breaks and she'll drown.
  18. I doubt they will, the rewards are for players who don't want to Twitch streams. Although that can change.