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Hx380    820
12 minutes ago, DragonMage156 said:

Why is this the only think we have on Woodrow?


I can't even understand it so my knowledge on this character(?) remains shrouded in mystery.


He was found in the game files and we know nothing about him. 

There is nothing to confirm that this character will ever be made (or if its even a character) 

It has the same sounds as Wx78 has

According to Klei on twitter it was supposed to be Wx78's name but they changed since it wasn't fit for a robot.

I don't know how to translate the rest 


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Caochu    980

Robin looks like he went into the Don't Starve fandom and lost something of itself down there. Can relate

Beware my new power as I start to steal video meme from internet and modify it on my own relying only on my unsustainable skills and english grammar. Also check out the sound, it might be a bit loud


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