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  1. just because people do things do not make those things moral or right
  2. Twitter is its own entity separate from the government its a company yet it still tries to act like it is a part of the government it banned a lot on both sides after the new president was elected officially
  3. Where did you hear this? did your Chinese media tell you? because if they did then I can prove it is a lie because I actually searched "1984 book" and the first result was this a literal shop to buy and read the book: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=1984+the+book&hvadid=78408928218455&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&tag=mh0b-20&ref=pd_sl_6dlpb5g71m_e YOUR media is lying to YOU TOO! its not any less corrupt then ours and not admitting it would be admitting cognitive dissonance there see? you claim how we have been lied to and delusional yet you have also been lied and put into a delusion by liars from YOUR media, which means YOU are the one being hypocritical to us for claiming that we are delusional. and we do not need to listen to what you as a hypocrite says until you follow your own ideas then why should we?
  4. I sense a misconception between us did you think that we think the Chinese Communist Party was committing genocide on Jewish people? I get my news from non news outlets I don't like the mainstream news they get paid for posting the radical click bait they have immense bias that does nothing but divide our people and misinform this is the main problem we have, that's why I do my own research and look for people who are trustworthy who don't get paid for doing what they do because that is more likely to be in good faith you Don't like Twitter and bias mainstream media ether? We have more in common then ether of us must have thought Twitter has no morals only hypocrisy that's why I don't have a Twitter and I use alternative privacy browsers to not give companies my data for them to sell because that is a business practice I do not believe in with Tencent's recent putting spyware in fortnite after they bought the company and now they come after Klei I fear this may end up with them selling personal data and do not believe they they should be able to do that so this is just another act of defiance to such bad business practices by telling others why and by not giving them money. I go out of my way to avoid businesses that don't promote some sort of moral standard that is why I liked Klei so much they actually cared about customer satisfaction and I wanted to promote that in the markets if the assisting in covering up genocide is proven false Tencent is another hypocrite like Twitter with no morals so I do not reward this behavior.
  5. I know its a little late. can we remove the prejudice of the past and start anew? I wish we could just start asking good faith questions rather then attacking each other so we can better understand each other? I am interested in what you think in order to better my understanding. I hope to put aside this bad foot forward and have a genuine good faith chat we could even do it in PMs if you desire. I hope we can get some actual headway in understanding what each of us think I am going to ask earnest questions about your beliefs so I can better understand why rather then refute or try to disprove, is that okay with you? yeah genocide is morally wrong we agree so this is common ground for us to work off of. you thought I was talking about Jewish people being victims of genocide in China? not to be rude but that is what this looks to be saying so I ask politely for further elaboration into this point so I can completely understand what you mean.
  6. we are not prejudice against the Chinese we are prejudice against the actions for the communist government no country should commit genocide the Chinese are just the ones doing it now current day ok then why don't you look inwards and look why we are not okay with our money being sent to helping genocide? Do you think genocide is good and justified? I genuinely want to know. 见贤思齐焉,见不贤而内自省也。turn in and examine the company you defend Tencent unless you want to admit to being the hypocrite you defame others as. most here who don't like Tencent hate those bias media too yet you just assume we don't have a critical eye to see the lies in the media. Your assumptions are rude and a defamation of character. "OH NO POOR MULTINATIONAL MONOPOLY! SOME MEAN PEOPLE ONLINE VOICED CRITICISM OF GENOCIDE AND SCUMMY PRACTICES BY NOT SPENDING THE MONEY THEY EARNED!! WAAAHHHH!!!! WAAHHHH!! HOW WILL THEY EVER RECOVER FROM PEOPLES MEAN WORDS AS THEY RECLINE IN THEIR GIANT MANSIONS?!?! THEY WOULD HAVE TO USE THEIR MONEY TO WIPE THEIR EYES BECAUSE THE MEAN INTERNET PEOPLE MADE THEM CRY FOR NOT GIVING THEM MONEY FOR THEM TO USE SILENCING PEOPLE AND PUSHING PROPAGANDA!!! WWWWAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" in all seriousness people are not required to give any business a cent you can just not support something you don't like, like genocide. also you have still not addressed my previous rebuttal We do not stand against China we stand against genocide, do you?
  7. can you, elaborate on this? I am not entirely sure I understand what you mean.
  8. What has BLM done that is anything close to the evil and corruption as the government that literally right now as we speak committing genocide and many other atrocities? Twitter was the one who removed Trump and his supporters and they went after the BLM types after that. answer me that. also you are using ad-hominem https://effectiviology.com/ad-hominem-fallacy/ if you had a point wouldn't you say it rather then call us names? You are the one spitting insults maybe you are the one addicted to hate venting at us?
  9. Steam does not promote genocide
  10. A investment is not a MAJORITY STAKE and control in the company and its resources
  11. Tencent is known for putting spyware in the games they snatch did you know that the Chinese Communist Party owns a portion of Tencent? The same CCP that holds Uighur Muslim concentration camps? we are not "sinophobic" we are morally against funding literal genocide
  12. so you would rather have totalitarian genociders to roam free and people to not have rights then allow people you don't agree with to talk?
  13. I am talking about your personal data a lot of digital companies (especially Tencent) sell personal information to make a quick buck while damaging your privacy You are a consumer in Steam because you choose who gets your money and who doesn't, you are in control of who makes money and who doesn't you are not a product. When companies sell your data for profit you have no say you are a product not a consumer.
  14. can you find a developer or worker that, with full and entire honestly swear that "Any data collected in any of their games including Don't Starve Together's data collection is not being sold or in any other way mishandled for corporate gain." for clarity for us?