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  1. A weird goober. they aren't related to the character I was leading up to I just had the idea I tried some different lighting
  2. after their diving through the city dump for what they were looking for they go though a cleaning process to disinfect the pieces to avoid bacteria and the only problem is now their neighbor thinks they are a cereal killer now they start the rebuilding process
  3. I like the idea of WX being just the argueably flexible character with certain things they can improve on making you able to play them mutiple times with different stats
  4. they are that big dog from awhile back but since then I gave her a name
  5. after their time of planing in the darkness Wesley has taken their mighty steed (Princess Garbage truck) to the dump to scavenge whatever they are trying to find
  6. also the second panel is them turning on the bulb right next to them
  7. these did not turn out well I was trying to do Wesley in the dark but its my first time plus this would be part of introducing the character(s) so it didn't really go as planned they are feeling kinda alone when a idea comes along
  8. I imagine what the topic starter said: or its Wilson or Maxwell on the throne with the gramophone playing the music
  9. trash cannons! notable components are the bottle sight crutch stock, bolt handle 8-ball, and can for you to place your hand and for the (theoretically) reliable sidearm its barrel is made of a soup can a toothpick makes its hammer and the exposed hammer spirng I have an idea on the character(s) who may wield them but they need an introduction... and I had the ideas now for their weapons and so I drew these first
  10. catcoon cap the critters would make great plush I would love those
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Wortox has taken the role (and size) of Krampus they don't want your items they want your memes!
  12. I agree up until the sanity loss at day because they still are a child at heart so it would be kinda funny yet logical for the spider boy to be afriad of the dark also the beefalo thing doesn't make much sense nor is it a good downside for them honestly I kinda wish that monster jerky would give some other stats like +5 sanity +3 health natural night vision sounds fun as long as it only activates in darkness and isn't a always visible blemish on your screen
  13. Wesleys house!! perfect for raising birds and testing [REDACTED]! sure its alittle worn but still operational
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    seriously like that's the one meme I can't stand