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  1. This right here is enough of a reason to have a "dislike" reaction of some kind on the forums
  2. Hey I realize that I haven't been drawing much DST stuff here is there like a general forum for art and can I change this thread to that while keeping all the posts?
  3. HELLO AGAIN!! I'M BACK!! my tablet is functional and I got some experiments with the smudge tool
  4. I may not have functional tablet drivers but I do have a Wesley redesign!
  5. my stuff still acting up sorry for the lack of content I have been contacting the manufacturer on this issue which appears to be a driver issue
  6. you know how I said this, Nevermind it is still not working as I want it to
  7. uh yeah this is for Josun you know them too? oh and my drawing programs are working now so I'm back to drawing!
  8. sorry for the lack of posting my tablet drivers appear to be having compatibility errors and drawing with it in this state is just a pain so untill it is fixed I will probably not be adding much here anyway before it all went crazy I drew this for a friend but held on to it just waiting for their birthday