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  1. Pugalisk tail

    ah i see
  2. Pugalisk tail

    how is it to them i dont think i saw the artichoke accoicated with them
  3. i wonder if they go for the pilots theme will they still crash in a balloon? or will they have a plane crash?
  4. rabid beetles

    rest in spaghetti never forghetti
  5. Pugalisk tail

    i like that theory lets roll with it : maybe that would probably mean an artichoke is some sort of crest for pig rulers (for Wilbas necklace shows that the pigs to have some sort of ties to it) so does that mean the ancient pigs found and wanted to guard the fountain of youth or built it?
  6. A very worrying mod on the workshop

    i hope this is just a clueless and not... you know those guys we should probs look into it maybe delete the mod even if the intentions where more harmless just because certain people may use it in that way
  7. Pugalisk tail

    ok a artichoke still doesn't clear up why there is so much symbolism for it everywhere or at least for the pugilisk and all that's associated with it then that does make sense for the "pinecone" boulders they had the pig statues and mant and pugilisk
  8. Pugalisk tail

    i wonder whats all the idea with pinecones in hamlet
  9. i. e. the adventurer is the one who will be in vanilla DS while the inventor will be hamlet i wouldn't get Wagstaff hope up yet personally
  10. well they are a explorer ... in hamlet ... THE PROPHECY OF THE WARBUCKS IN HIS SACRED MANUEL HAVE FINALLY COME TO PASS!! ITS THE REINCARNATION OF WARBUCKS NOW WITH 100% LESS CONTROVERSY (i hope) (i know not the same character its just a certain character role that was lost when he was removed) thats odd i thought this place would have blown up with comments ... weird they never said who is going to be hamlet so it is possible that they are giving us the slip and reversing who we think it will be with the other one
  11. Sculpting Lost Relics out of Stone

    if you make the smiling Indiana Jones reference i'd buy (possibly i am kinda miserly)
  12. i mostly want Warbucks back for their neat battle cry and fast start spelunking but if you make a new character with Warbuks voice sounds (specifically the attack one) i would be content