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  1. another anonymas request their name is Dusk they requested I draw them running in the figure 8 like Sonic in Sonic CD I think (I don't play Sonic much)
  2. thanks much I am proud how they came out I have pet chickens one of them being Specks, the bird they are holding, so I gave Wesley pet chickens as well so not a farm
  3. A request that involved a more realistic style they are Markus the vampire comes in dark and light mode theme Wesley with Specks and just standing
  4. my main fears are of Tencent's:track record of censorship in their media and questionable personal data usage bothers me with Klei seeming to not have any say or involvement of the game I feel like some of these may be sneakily stuck in: but if Klei keeps Tencent's reign under control and Klei or some other trustworthy source confirms no foul play with data then sure I would love to try this I am not against Klei making money with a mobile game I just question Tencent's reputation and past
  5. nah more just a fictional group and setting I named my public discord server after I am really the only one who does much with this story I kinda made the plot idea myself kinda want to try actually making more of a lore with other people but I don't think I am that good at getting my ideas out or advertising them nor do I know where and how to start
  6. Another request they hunting for... I don't know and something I did a LONG time ago since I am terrible with names and wanted a name other then just a city in a dumpster I was suggested Areston. Looters keep stealing projects and work so a ridiculously cobbled together security force has been made
  7. it is still 2020 its nearing the next mouth (Wave) please don't
  8. Its not that I don't like the idea... its more I just don't like Tencent
  9. the Inn Keeper said they had a nox impling that there may be a domestic nox somewhere and they grow horns when in large form that may be similar to this mystery creature this may be it the I N N K E E P E R L O R E!
  10. they are not that long as the one I thought was a hockey stick and don't have the stuff wrapped around it also why would they have one more if they already had the two you pointed out?
  11. those don't really have any grip like the picture plus the handle is too long