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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Just make your own memes pls.
  2. I think I've been playing this game since the 3rd update. Now I'm very happy that Hot Lava is finally going to be released.
  3. Who do you main?

    Warly is my main. I liked him in the shipwrecked, but now in dst he's almost perfect
  4. Who do you main?

    Wicker. I love her science machine knowledge upside.
  5. Twitch skins aren't new content. When klei said something about other thing that console players would especially like, I thought of the Gorge and not of some twitch skins.
  6. We've got this instead of the Gorge. I'm really disappointed
  7. Sounds quite interesting, huh
  8. Plain and simple: here's some ideas that I'd like to see in the game.(sorry for the bad grammar, i'm just tired) 1) Scarecrow armor stand The ability to give scarecrow items that player can hold and wear would make an awesome decorarion possibilities. Combined with theWho wouldn't want their scarecrow to wear a straw hat? 2) Skin changer This one is simple, too. You can press on the skin image in the crafting menu and then "apply" it to already existing items/structures. It can be really useful if you used wrong skin for an item (or to change Willow's lighter and Bernie without crafting them again) 3. Bones into bone meal You could smash some bone shards with a hammer to get bone meal which can be used as a fertilizer (something like rot) 4. Mount HUD While riding a beefalo, health indicator will pop up (just like with boats) which will indicate beefalo's hp. pretty simple, i guess. (Same can be applied to Abigail, but her indicator might be "bound" to Wendy's (just for aesthetics)) 5. More boss sculptures Why is there still no antlion sculpture? Or fuelweaver? Peck, even toadstool deserve it's statue. That's all, for now. Share your opinions etc.