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  1. my other arts

    i'm not dead! check this out SCP-4975
  2. my other arts

    more SCP stuff
  3. my other arts

    hahha, the clothes are pretty similar in style. funny u mention kitsunes cause the scp itself is a kumiho and becomes violent when referred to as a kitsune. yeah being covered in scar tissue gives off a really fleshy, fetusy look.
  4. my other arts

    more scp stuff warning for body horror, gore/injury.
  5. my other arts

    bonus update: i want to show my improvement of art from over almost a year, so heres a comparison of one of my old drawings of 3333 vs a new one
  6. my other arts

    i draw other things too, mostly stuff from The SCP Foundation universe. here's a few posted here. spoilers cause of mild blood, implied death, and upsetting imagery i also have an artpage on the SCP Foundation site where I post my stuff in, i might post more here soon, but as of now i just wanted to showcase what other drawings i do other then draw merms, wortox, and wilson getting Scare.
  7. oh god, that trailer is so damn sad
  8. silly drawings i make

    i checked and it seems that it's missing.
  9. silly drawings i make

    i don't seem to have any no, but i wouldnt know how to access it either.
  10. silly drawings i make

    update: i think i might take a break from this forum. this doesn't mean i will stop drawing dont starve stuff all together it just means im going to be posting here less frequently. ive been getting more dedicated to drawing other things now. i really want to thank this Don't Starve and the forum community for being super kind and also helping improve my style! i might make a thread for my non-dont starve art some time but i dont know when
  11. silly drawings i make

    2 minute merm sketch
  12. silly drawings i make

  13. silly drawings i make

    desert time
  14. silly drawings i make

    where's he heading off to?