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  1. silly drawings i make

  2. silly drawings i make

    rookie mistake, billy!
  3. silly drawings i make

    speaks for itself really
  4. silly drawings i make

    those damn gobblers...
  5. silly drawings i make

    smallbirds are tiny and small
  6. silly drawings i make

    it is the BFB's legs thank you!! yeah while i was making this i was super tired and i didn't want to shape up wilsons hair so i decided to do my own thing, im glad you still find it recognizable though! living logs freak me out lol, thank you! 1. thank you! this was incredibly fun to make too. it does kinda look like gomez looking at it. 2. heres roblox sammy, wortox, merm, and maxwell sketches
  7. silly drawings i make

    the hardest part of mermification might be trying to hold onto your mind while transforming, the pain can make it really hard to concentrate. im sure pipton has it all figured out though. (spoilered for body horror and mild blood) and fun fact: before drawing this i sketched a bunch of different poses and picked out my favorite one because i wanted it to look as uncomfortable as i possibly could. this was the one i went with
  8. silly drawings i make

    living logs scream when they are burned
  9. silly drawings i make

    dying from low sanity (spoilered for blood and heavy-handed horror elements)
  10. silly drawings i make

    sammy? you good? need to refresh your memory? (speech bubbles are numbered by what is said first and last)
  11. silly drawings i make

    wilson phucking Dies
  12. silly drawings i make

    bros its... WHEELER
  13. silly drawings i make

    toadstool is nasty and you shouldn't fight for a really long time with him or u might get sick and get a fungal infection and thats gonna suck
  14. silly drawings i make

    ohhh i love that animation whenever something good happens to wilson it has to be immediately followed by something bad happening ohh those look cool, interesting. thank you!!! it's so fun making stuff like this.