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  1. Welp, for some reason i can't post or comment on anything.


    Not sure what's causing it.

    1. Auth


      Forum Maintenance.

    2. RogueGamer12


      Ah, i have the big dumb.

  2. Last thing you'll see after breaking one of the rules.
  3. Ah manure, here we go again. Can we please just stop making this, JoeW has already gave us a warning. Best to stop before this get shut down again like last time.
  4. You have somehow created a more terrifying profile pic.
  5. I doubt they will, the rewards are for players who don't want to Twitch streams. Although that can change.
  6. Walani, more like poop.

  7. Why do people keep pushing JoeW's buttons as if he hasn't closed down this thread before?
  8. I'll be taking that, thank you. Someone put down a flag!