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  1. Considering it's a boss fight right in the middle of winter, make sure to bring items that can warm you up as well as a campfire. Bring healing items in case you take damage. A key to winning against any of the bosses is learning how much hits you can hit them before they attack you. Learning when to move back is key.
  2. Personally, I rather have Hamlet stay being DS only as I don't feel like a most of the mechanics would fit well with DST. Creating new content would benefit the game a lot more.
  3. Welp, for some reason i can't post or comment on anything.


    Not sure what's causing it.

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      Forum Maintenance.

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      Ah, i have the big dumb.

  4. Last thing you'll see after breaking one of the rules.
  5. Ah manure, here we go again. Can we please just stop making this, JoeW has already gave us a warning. Best to stop before this get shut down again like last time.
  6. You have somehow created a more terrifying profile pic.
  7. I doubt they will, the rewards are for players who don't want to Twitch streams. Although that can change.
  8. Walani, more like poop.

  9. Try a reminder to those who were disappointed with this roadmap, Klei might release another one this year like last time. Where they talk about RoT, and the two characters, Wormwood and Warly.
  10. As someone sele have mentioned, it does seem like it's going to be Wendy, due to the flower design on the house. And at least 100 people begging for her rework all the time. I kinda was thinking it was Waxwell, due to the picnic. Something wholesome between him and Charlie.
  11. HYPE! Thank you Klei for the amazing work you have done to the community. I'll be sure to keep playing for the upcoming years.