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  1. Yeah i really have no idea why. Can we get make to our lad Warly please, or else he won't make any food for you and watch you starve.
  2. I was wondering what you guys will think he's arrive to DST will bring to the table. I'm hoping food he cooks can give some form of bonus, like maybe they can give small buffs to certain things. Not sure what his downsides should be.
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    When she takes the kids.
  4. L O R E Tbh, i really have no idea how to revamp him. Maybe items we trade in can be turned into points which can be spent on a store he owns, which items refresh every few days. Edit: Now that sounds dumb, we have spools. Lol.
  5. Can crock pots explode?

    You know, this is actually something i now want. What if instead of gloop, the crockpot explodes, or mixing weird stuff together.
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Demand you to give me your best Jojo memes into my profile by tomorrow or i shall have you executed.
  7. Sounds like a certain type of shadow creature, like what if when you go bit insane. The enemy will disguise themselves to look like any type of object of the world. Like what if you see stone, try to mine it then it'll slash at you then disappear. Or what if they could be those skeletons that you find in the world, and when you go grab a item it'll then slash you. Grab all the items then leave, you'll get nothing out of it but less HP and broken equipment. There's no way to avoid the damage, so the play will actually be scared of it popping out.
  8. Not sure why i always find a lot of people who think that DD skins would be cool for DST. Not that i'm complaining, me and my friends would also like to find out. They just happen to be friends, as their businesses were close at the time. I think Red Hook moved though. Might add more to FreyaMaluk's comment. Maxwell could be Occultist. Wendy could be Grave Robber, both of them relate to a family member dying. Wilson seems more fitting to be a PlagueDoctor, considering PD is willing to cut someone up for science.
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  11. wilson rework?

    What if Wilson can plant his hands and feet into the ground, with his back pointing towards it and use his beard as a catapult?
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I'm afraid and curious on who this Default guy is.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    The biggest meme about this is Wes speaking.
  14. wilson rework?

    People seem to mention him having a healing role in the group, but we already have Wortox for that. As others had mention, he should have some perks that help new players, while providing something to the group. Maybe he can craft stuff using his beard hairs?