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  1. hello friend, welcome to the forums! After placing the three altars in the fissures it's not possible to remove them, only if you kill the celestial champion again
  2. Sony handles very rigidly and complicated when it comes to marketable items within games, this transition between platforms as simple as it seems to be, it's not...
  3. I've been actively following the game on PlayStation since the beta, and I can say with absolute certainty that klei has invested a lot in consoles, but there are things that unfortunately don't just depend on them, and as Nome said, this affects many companies that develop for multiple platforms.
  4. with me on PS5 almost every time I don't have the skin animation showing, it just goes into my inventory, but I get it normally
  5. this steam code redemption method worked a long time ago, some very old players must have the skin for having redeemed at the time, unfortunately Sony does not inform Klei which games the player has, making it difficult to deliver the rewards on the console.
  6. guys, unfortunately it will happen to everyone, the build we have today on the console is broken, until they fix it we will not be able to kill the celestial champion
  7. If the character is not with the sanity above 85% the crown does not appear, even when equipped.
  8. I killed him for the second time with only one friend ... if you are well prepared, you can do it in two easily
  9. OMG the waves when the storm starts are incredible, it was really cool
  10. if it was sent for certification it shouldn't take long, Sony itself has already confirmed that certifications don't take that long, I don't even know what else to think ... I just don't think it's fair... all updates that go through a beta phase usually take a long time to arrive for us, we saw this several times, turn of tides took months to appear for the consoles, maybe the fact that the latest updates are coming together has given me too much hope
  11. the worst is the silence, I marked the moderator, he visualized and simply said nothing
  12. @JoeW we are in the middle of the week.... anything new? we are anxious
  13. don't forget that for PS4 to receive wortox, it took a month
  14. Hello everyone! My world, Robot Saga Brazil, reached 12,000 days !!! I made this video showing a little of the world, and talking a little about it, the comments are in Brazilian Portuguese, because I am still improving my English, but soon I hope to be able to speak in English too, I hope you like it, and if you have any questions , or suggestion can leave here in the comments that I will be very happy! Remembering that I play Don't starve together on PlayStation 5, where we don't have mods, access to commands and until now we don't have the "the eye of the storm" update either ...
  15. I really had hope of the update today, I believe that the delay was not only due to the time of the cert
  16. imagine who is a fan, very fan, waits for the entire beta period without being able to have new content, and when it comes to the eve of the launch day you receive it, it is very sad ... I hope you know that